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GOATS Are The Best Animals Ever

Goats > sloths. Just saying.

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Goats are the greatest.

They may not always be the smartest...

They may not always be the sweetest...

They may not always play well with others...

In fact, they can be pretty rude.

Like, they can be serious jerks.

But they CAN be super smart.

And they CAN be super sweet!

And sometimes they ARE wonderful friends!

Plus, goats are so silly!

They're loyal!

They're innovative!

They're athletic!

And they're just SO cute! / Via

Click on the gif above to watch a video of Frostie the Snow Goat.

PS: It will make you cry.



Oh wait, this IS me.

I love baby goats and I cannot lie.

I love baby goats and I cannot lie.

If this isn't your dream, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

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