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10 Reasons Why I'm Definitely Sort Of An Adult

Kind of. Maybe.

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1. I can make my own phone calls.

Doctors appointments? Check. Ordering Chinese food? Check. I get nervous and can barely speak English when I do it, BUT I DO IT.

2. I clean without being asked.

But I bought a robot vacuum cleaner so I wouldn't have to ACTUALLY do this. *evil laugh*

3. I floss my teeth sometimes.

If you're my dentist and you're reading this, I actually floss like every single day. Sometimes multiple times a day.

4. I give people gifts. I even wrap them.

I am not good at wrapping...I think that's a skill that only moms have.

5. I know how to make food.

No one is gonna marry me for my cooking skills, to be honest, but it still counts.

6. I own "professional" clothing.

It makes me look like an idiot since I still look 12 years old. I hate it so much.

7. I know stuff about politics.

Like I know some names and topics but I don't want to talk to you about any of them.

8. I can keep things alive.

Plants AND animals. BOOM!

9. I make monies and use them to buy serious stuff.

I mostly buy food. I loooove food.

10. I can manage my alcohol.

Lol jk I still haven't learned how to do that. Better luck next year.

Lol jk I still haven't learned how to do that. Better luck next year.

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