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21 Cats Who Should Be Your Valentine

Who needs people when there are cats instead?

1. This cutie pie:

2. This drummer:

3. The king of the jungle:

4. Your new cuddle buddy:

5. This kitty who will help you dig out of the snow:

6. Or if you want to play in the snow instead, this kitty has your back:

7. This cat who will be your new Jenga partner:

8. This cat who will bring you a blanket when you're cold:

9. And this cat who will sort your recycling:

10. Skateboarding cat:

11. This broccoli enthusiast:

12. This pancake-loving kitty:

13. This cat who will protect you from dinosaurs:

14. Your new alarm clock:

15. This concert pianist:

16. The cat who, like all of us, loves ice cream:

17. The feline who will do all of your chores:

18. The one who would walk your dog for you:

19. The cat who will give you beauty tips:

20. This one who will keep your blog up-to-date:

21. And finally, your other half: