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19 Struggles Only '90s Pokémon Trainers Will Understand

You were told that you could catch 'em all. They lied.

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7. You had to buy a Nintendo 64, Pokémon Stadium, and all the necessary accessories in order to be able to play this one mini game:

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The only other way was to use your Gameshark and hack Pikachu's moveset.


12. Not being able to play as a female character.

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It wasn't until Pokémon Crystal in 2001, with the addition of Kris, that someone could play as a girl.


13. Not having enough space in your bag.


Sure you could fit a bike and 100 pokeballs, but if you have too many specific items it would be "full." You would either have to use up some of your items, toss them out, or deposit them in your PC box. To make matters worse, you couldn't delete certain key items, such as the S.S. Ticket, even though it was no longer useful.

14. The PC system in general.

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Using the PC system was always a big hassle. You couldn't deposit more than 20 Pokémon into a box. You had to save your game every time you wanted to switch boxes. You had to deposit a Pokémon to even see which Pokémon were in each box, and you couldn't rename them. SIGH

16. Having to use this glitch to obtain Mew:

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Mew was coded into the original games, just not hidden under that random truck. Since most of us couldn't get one through an official Nintendo event, we resorted to using this cheat.

17. The monotony of life after beating the Elite Four.

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After doing that, there was completing your Pokedex. However, it was much easier to do as long as you had a friend with the other version. Without online features, most of us ended up restarting the game every time.

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