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SF9 Is Shaking Up The K-Pop Scene With Their Multifaceted Sound And Performances

You could say their music is K-pop ~fantasy~ level.

Sarah Han • 4 days ago

¿Qué integrante de NCT 127 eres?

♫ Oh baby, it's you! ♫

Sarah Han • 11 days ago

31 Products From Walmart That Every Adult Should Own

Buckle up, this is a one-stop train ride to adulthood. Ok, not really, but these will definitely propel you much closer to the target!

Sarah Han • 12 days ago
Sarah Han • 14 days ago

23 Products That'll Help Bring Dead Hair Back To Life

Time to flip your mane from D: to :D.

Sarah Han • 17 days ago

Gold House's A100 List Highlights 100 People Who Define Asian Excellence, And We're So Here For It

"My differences actually make me powerful and give me a unique perspective that needs to be heard."

Sarah Han • 19 days ago

Throw Away Your Worn-Out Undies, Because Aerie Is Practically Giving Undies Away

10 for $25 on *clearance* undies with our special code! Just for you snaccs. 🍑

Sarah Han • 22 days ago

28 Versatile Products That'll Make You Say, "What CAN'T This Do?"

Time to be ah-mazed. Over and over again.

Sarah Han • 25 days ago

Epik High, Iconic Korean Hip-Hop Group, Used Sleeplessness To Fuel Their Latest, Mesmerizing Album

They've been making powerful, empathetic music since 2003, but 2019 is in some ways a new beginning for them.

Sarah Han • 26 days ago

Tell Us Your Fan Questions For K-Pop Group TXT!

♫ When I met you, I became a puppy ♫ —"Cat and Dog" foreshadowing this interview

Sarah Han • 29 days ago

Which NCT 127 Member Are You?

♫ Oh baby, it's you! ♫

Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • One month ago

39 Gentle Skincare Products People Swear By For Clear And Happy Skin

"Your royal highness, I present to you these products for your approval." —me talking to my easily irritated skin

Sarah Han • One month ago

53 Life-Changing Tips For A Better Beauty Routine

Straight from the experts and beauty hackers, aka our readers!

Sarah Han • One month ago

What Gentle Skincare Products Do You Swear By?

No tomato-red skin days, please!

Sarah Han • One month ago

K-Pop Star Hyuna's Latest Instagram Post Might Be Hinting At A Long-Awaited Comeback

Here's to Hyuna thriving under her new label, started by viral K-pop legend Psy.

Sarah Han • One month ago

Three K-Pop Groups Are Nominated For The 2019 BBMAs, And BTS Scores A New Category

*waits for ARMYs, EXO-Ls, and iGOT7s to collectively break the Internet*

Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • One month ago

7 Amazing Beauty Products I Basically Can't Live Without

My current obsessions ft. Drunk Elephant, Fenty Beauty, Smith & Cult, Peach & Lily, and more!

Sarah Han • One month ago