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    Nov 4, 2019

    25 Wonho Moments That Prove He’s Too Good For This World


    You probably know by now that Wonho has sadly left Monsta X.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    While we get a grasp on what the heck is going on, I'm taking a moment to appreciate some of Wonho's cutest/funniest/sexiest moments:

    1. Basically every time he expressed his love for Monbebe:

    1theK / Via

    The cutest!!

    2. When he probably made a fan's heart skip a beat on VLive:

    Vlive / Via

    3. When he teared up while thanking Monbebe:

    starting w wonho thanking mbbs #원호사랑해 #원호탈퇴반대 #welovewonho

    @lovtalk / Via Twitter: @lovtaIk

    "Thank you so much for making me a singer."

    4. When he said this beautiful statement...where are the tissues?

    Viki / Via

    You can watch the entire, very touching interview here.

    5. When he got down and played with a bunch of little kiddos and melted all of our hearts:

    JTBC / Via vlive.tv몬스타엑스레이---5화, JTBC / Vlive / Via vlive.tv몬스타엑스레이---5화

    He said, "I thought I needed to play with them so that they don't feel a distance."

    6. When he made an iconic cameo on We Bare Bears with the rest of the gang and it was cuteness overload:

    Cartoon Network Asia / Via, Cartoon Network Asia / Via

    The members agreed that Wonho looks most like Grizzly Bear.

    7. When he had a very tender moment with this lil' pupper:

    BuzzFeed / Via

    8. When he purposefully ~showed off~ on camera while changing and no one, I repeat no one, was mad about it:

    Viki / Via

    You can watch the full Fan Heart Attack Idol TV episode on Viki here.

    9. When Monsta X played the whisper game on Fan Heart Attack Idol TV and Wonho totally thought that the message was "Why are you delicious?" instead of "Why are you touching me?"

    Viki / Via

    10. And couldn't handle the tissue paper and plastic film "kissing" game, like at all:

    Viki / Via, Viki / Via

    11. When he tried to launch a grenade attack on his fellow members and they definitely didn't give him the reaction he was hoping for:

    Mnet / Via

    12. When he beautifully played the violin with a ruler (???) in this K-drama-esque scene and stole I.M's character's heart:

    1theK / Via

    13. And when the script was switched and he looked beautiful as a girl:

    1theK / Via

    14. When he started off as the chaser but ended up as the one being chased *and* popped his own balloon out of stress:

    1theK / Via

    15. When his ~aeygo~ demonstration went from a G to PG-13 rating:

    MBC / Via

    Again, not mad.

    16. When the Idol Room hosts measured Wonho's bicep for the benefit of society:

    JTBC / Via

    17. When he revealed who the most narcissistic Monsta X member is with literally no hesitation:

    Amigo TV / Via

    Kihyun took it in good stride though.

    18. And when he watched a Monbebe's video edit with gummy bears (!!!) representing Monbebe singing "If Only:"


    @kwihun_ / Via Twitter: @kwihun_

    Be sure to watch the original gummy video for a closer/better look.

    19. And when he played his own version of "If Only" on Vlive:

    wonho showing mbbs his version of if only🥺his voice is so pretty #원호사랑해 #원호탈퇴반대 #welovewonho

    @lovtalks / Via Twitter: @lovtaIk

    20. When he pretended this QT Gudetama plushie was a Monbebe at a fan signing:

    @wonholoops / Via Twitter: @wonhoioops

    21. When he sang this verse of "SexyBack:"

    Mnet / Starship / Via


    22. When BTS's Jin literally fanboyed over him backstage at the MAMA awards:

    bts' seokjin being in love w wonho #원호사랑해 #원호탈퇴반대 #welovewonho

    @lovtalk / Via Twitter: @lovtaIk

    Kings recognizing kings, we love to see it!

    23. When he started "Jealousy" off with his dreamy vocals and hooked us all:

    View this video on YouTube

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    24. This "Fighter" MV moment that'll go down in history:

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    25. And finally...when he appeared in Monsta X's latest music video, "Follow Me," and it was simply a blessing:

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    We love you, Wonho!

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, so let us know what your favorite Wonho moments are in the comments below!