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What Weird Korean Beauty Products Have You Tried That Actually Worked?

Tell us how you get your K-beauty on. The weirder the products, the better.

Ok, so if we're being completely honest, Korean beauty products can be a little ~out there~ sometimes.

And a bit unconventional in their methods (like this peel-off lip tint).

Or these tiny finger cocoons.

But maybe a product that made you go "WTF??" initially became your new holy grail makeup/skincare product.

A product that's gotten you one step closer to becoming a badass K-Pop star like CL?

Or a product that's helped you achieve nearly ***flawless skin?

Share your K-Beauty wisdom and leave us a comment below on the weirdest but surprisingly amazing Korean product you've tried!

We'll feature the best suggestions in a future BuzzFeed article! Woohoo!