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    Updated on Oct 31, 2019. Posted on Oct 31, 2019

    NIKI Told Us About The Best, "Super Tumblr 2014" Piece Of Advice She's Gotten

    "Chill. Be nice. Don't f*ck it up."

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    NIKI, vocalist on the ~rise~ (get it, 'cause she's part of 88rising) and overall Cool Girl, stopped by BuzzFeed to answer 30 questions in three minutes, and she DID THE THING, no sweat.

    JJ Reddington / BuzzFeed

    Ok, maybe a little sweat.

    And here are some of the interesting tidbits we learned about her:

    If she wasn't in the music industry, she'd be a therapist:


    Her comfort food is pho, because duh:


    I think this is her signature face, and I love it.

    She'd love to collab with Kacey Musgraves:


    *patiently waits*

    She'd love to meet Mason Ramsey, yodeling icon:


    *patiently waits for another collab*

    And as for someone *not* alive, Confucius, because why the heck not:


    Yeah, get that dinner's worth of philsophy's lessons! Which is honestly enough for a lifetime.

    The best piece of advice she's gotten recently is a bit of a mouthful, but nonetheless something to take to heart:


    NIKI: "Be yourself. Don't try to be anyone else, because everyone else is taken. It's super cliché and super Tumblr 2014 we go."

    She'd get the ✨ sparkle emoji ✨ as her next (and seventh!) tattoo:


    It's also her most-used emoji, so that's fitting.

    And her favorite song that she's released thus far is "La La Lost You:"


    "Hope New York holds you / Hope it holds you like I do" 💔💔💔

    *pretends to have a lost, long-distance love*

    Watch the full video for ~all the deets~:

    View this video on YouTube

    BuzzFeed / Via

    And check out 88rising's Head in the Clouds II, which includes four of NIKI's bops!

    JJ Reddington / BuzzFeed / Via

    "Strange Land," "Shouldn't Couldn't Wouldn't," "Indigo," and "La La Lost You."