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28 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Because you fully deserve it.

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3. A Birchbox beauty box filled with five amazing product samples that fit your specific beauty needs and preferences.

Subscribe for $10 per month (with free shipping). It'll automatically renew for the next month if you don't cancel beforehand.

There's also a Birchbox Man subscription box for $20 per month that includes four grooming product samples and a lifestyle item.


11. A refreshing facial mist that you can spray throughout the day like a star whose million-dollar mug needs to be hydrated every hour on the dot.

Get a 4-ounce bottle as an add-on item on Amazon for $7 or an 8-ounce bottle with Amazon Prime for $12.


20. Elegant, sweet-smelling bath bombs filled with dried roses, lavender, and orange peel that'll soak away all your troubles.

For every tough, long-ass day, there's a bath bomb waiting for you at the end of it.

Get them from BareNakedBath on Etsy for $4.25 each.


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