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    17 Travel Bags That Aren't A Pain In The Butt To Carry

    We're talking super lightweight, easy-to-use, and spacious suitcases, bags/totes, and backpacks, 'cause annoying luggage is the last thing you need to worry about!

    1. A super stylish Delsey carry-on equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock, fully lined interior, a zippered mesh divider, adjustable tie-down straps to minimize movement and shifting, and a brake system for the front two wheels — because your bag looks too good to fall over, ever.

    2. A self-insulating neoprene Dagne Dover carryall duffel bag with ~plenty~ of room and pockets to keep every little thing organized and easily accessible (no more "Where is my DANG boarding pass??" fumbling!) — it's also incredibly lightweight and passes the strictest of carry-on policies (lookin' at you, Spirit).

    3. A Travelon wheeled carry-on bag that's designed to fit under your seat, so you don't have to use a single muscle to compete for overhead space. Stylish, compact, AND full of organizer compartments?!

    4. An extra roomy and sturdy canvas Baggu weekend tote with shoulder *and* hand straps for carrying ease. Besides that, it does away with complicated features so it can provide as much space as possible for all of your necessities — and even when you're done, you'll still have plenty of space for spur-of-the-moment purchases!

    5. A expandable Rockland carry-on that's made out of incredibly lightweight material, but (and a very big but!) is still super easy to carry up and down stairs and hoist onto overhead racks/bins even when it's stuffed full — and did we mention it costs under $50?

    6. A water-resistant nylon Shacke duffel with a separate shoe pouch and the right amount of pockets on the inside *and* outside that'll keep all of your items squared away (because why even bother with extra, unnecessary features?).

    7. An Away carry-on that's a sliver bigger than their regular carry-on and has a special nylon front pocket for accessibility to and more space to fit your most-used items — and of course, it has Away's signature (but optional) ejectable battery that charges any phone up to five times! No more searching frantically for an open outlet, folks!

    8. A polycarbonate Chester suitcase with a super lightweight, water-resistant, and near-unbreakable shell that's extremely efficient with space and lets you pack more without overstuffing and keep everything organized and clean/dirty clothes separate.

    9. Everlane The Mover Pack looks super chic, can be carried three ways (from the top/bottom, as a duffel, or worn as a backpack), and has a ton of pockets to store every single one of your essentials (including multiple pairs of shoes!). Say farewell to ruined luggage wheels with this bb!

    10. An Olympia rolling duffel bag that has a super spacious main compartment, as well as ample pockets so you can give everything a dedicated home, and *two* handles (the retractable handle even has a zipper pocket to conceal it when not in use!) — this is the definition of ~no fuss~.

    11. A chic Madewell canvas overnight bag with top handles and a removable shoulder strap, so you can carry it as you like — plus a bunch of divided compartments and pockets to store anything from shoes and a laptop to water bottles and chargers!

    12. A Kenneth Cole Reaction spinner case with a spacious interior to pack ALL the things without putting a strain on your muscles — hello, smooth wheels, sturdy zippers, and lightweight construction!

    13. A classic Paravel duffel outfitted with water- and spill-resistant cotton canvas and leather trim and handles for the most picturesque Instagrams — but more importantly, it really carries everything you need, so you can keep all of your important stuff by your side (because it's no secret airlines lose track of luggage all the time, y'all).

    14. An Osprey backpack equipped with internal StraightJacket compression straps to stabilize the load, no matter how much you pack in (or how fast you're dashing through the airport) and padded straps/handles for extra comfort.

    15. A sleek Calpak hard shell carry-on that travels smoothly, packs a TON, and keeps everything organized (hello, pockets!!) and secure (hello, tie-down strap!), so you don't even break a sweat of worry.

    16. A Lo & Sons tote designed with a lot of frequent traveler needs in mind, like pre-washed canvas material (which is lighter and softer, but just as durable as regular canvas), a suitcase handle sleeve, separate bottom pocket for shoes, a messenger strap for secure carrying, and a key leash — all while being compact enough to fit underneath an airplane seat.

    17. A Rockland two-piece set designed with heavy duty 600 denier fabric that has your back if you want something simple and reliable that you can toss around with abandon (ok, well, a little care would be great).

    Now you're all set for a quick vacay, gogogo:

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