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17 Totes That Understand You Completely

We all have those days... might as well make 'em known to everyone who passes you by.

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1. For someone who identifies with a feline more than any other human being.

2. For people who need to dance out their feelings.

3. For those who want a *slightly less aggressive* message.

4. For people who like lying on floors when things get rough.

5. For those who wish Snoopy was their dog.

6. For when you want to punch everyone in the face.

7. For when you couldn't care less about being late.

8. For Daria lovers everywhere.

9. For when you'd really rather NOT hear about your coworker's lame weekend.

10. For when you can't take everyone's shit.

11. For those with empty souls like Wednesday Addams.

12. For people who need an excuse to skip any and all plans.

13. For when you need to drown your problems in highly concentrated amounts of alcohol.

14. For when your brain DGAF and shuts down.

15. For when you literally turn into a sloth.

16. For rare instances when you can actually relate to Kim Kardashian.

17. For fans of Pawnee's most passionate government worker.