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39 Awesome Things To Buy At Forever 21 Right Now

Featuring a raccoon onesie, a semi-petty baseball cap, and sushi socks.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A cozy raccoon print onesie that will help you achieve true Netflix-marathoning glory.

Tiny raccoons on a giant raccoon. Raccoon-inception, if you will.

Price: $24.90

2. A simple but stylish navy wool-blend coat that provides ankle-length warmth and goes with basically everything you own.

Price: $59.90

Plus-size options here and here.

3. Hand cream that smells like COOKIES, aka what else could you ask for in life?

*sticks hands in people's faces* SMELL THEM.

Price: $14.50

4. A fabulous, sequin-packed bomber jacket that might blind some people in the process.

Sparkles are always the answer.

Price: $32.90

If you want a similar jacket without the sequins, there's this satin bomber. Plus-size version here.

5. An adorable print tee speckled with little pieces of sushi and sashimi.

I love fresh fish, oh yes I do. 🍣

Price: $8.90

6. And a five-pack of punny ankle socks for some extra sushi (and miso soup) love.

You are truly my soymate.

Price: $5.90

7. Polished faux leather ankle booties that may very well become your go-to pair.

8. A faux fur hooded parka with a collection of patches that make it look super lived-in and personalized.

Bonus points: stitch your name onto the "hello" name tag. Bam, now your jacket is *truly* one-of-a-kind.

Price: $54.90

9. A pint-sized velvet backpack for just your barest essentials.

Keep it light, folks.

Price: $19.90

Or if you need a normal-sized backpack, this one (with a holographic pocket!) is an option.

10. A sexy knit mini dress featuring a scalloped V-neckline and crochet for days.


Price: $58

11. A denim baseball cap with a sophisticated insult that doubles as a reminder never to use *that* font.

We all need a break from "trash" and "dumpster fire" once in a while.

Price: $28

12. A burgundy maxi dress with sexy shoulder cutouts and a matching choker.

Boss lady status.

Price: $27.90

13. A starry mesh top that adds a whimsical touch when thrown on top of a black dress or romper.

14. Faux suede over-the-knee boots that keep the cold out, where it belongs.

Also great for transitioning short skirts into the fall and winter / showing a lil' peek of skin. 😉

Price: $39.90

If you want some extra heel action, this pair's for you.

15. A palette of pastel hair chalk that lets you test out crazy colors without the commitment.

Not just for sidewalks anymore.

Price: $8.90

16. A stunning satin crop top with some serious open-sleeve action.

No thorns here. 🌹

Price: $68

There's also a romper available in the same print here.

17. Rainbow pouches that contain your life's treasures (makeup).

After all, you can't wear a pot of gold on your face.

Price: $7.90 (left) and $6.90 (right)

18. Or a zipper pouch that shows off your intense ambition (with a few crucial accommodations).

19. A hooded poncho that's basically a stylish way of wrapping yourself in a giant blanket.

Price: $25.99

If you're feeling extra ~lux~, spring for a faux fur-collar poncho.

20. A marled sweater that highlights the key points of your personality.

😚 , 😝 , 😚. Repeat.

Price: $17.90

21. A detoxifying mask that contains bentonite clay and strawberry extract to get all the gunk out of your pores.

Cute packaging, check.

Price: $14

22. A ruffled floral blouse that can be either sweet-as-a-button or subtly sexy, depending on how it's worn.

Price: $19.90

Plus-size options here and here.

23. A ~shimmer goddess~ makeup set that includes a bottle of liquid glitter, an eyeshadow stick, and a dual mascara wand.

Glow up.

Price: $21

24. A killer NYC bomber jacket with a dazed, watercolor-like landscape.

🎵 "It's autumn in New York / It's good to live it again" 🎵

Price: $27.90

25. A trio of delightful pins that proves three is the perfect number (when it comes to tacos).

26. A fluffy knee-length cardigan that has pockets deep enough to actually fit stuff inside.

Price: $27.90

Plus-size version here.

27. A dusty pink satin choker that's already neatly tied in a bow for you.

How considerate!

Price: $5.90

28. A mesh baseball jersey featuring one chipper Mickey Mouse.

29. A flirty off-the-shoulder dress with an unexpected olive/taupe color scheme.

Ideal for hiding food babies.

Price: $38

30. Lovely pom-pom drop earrings that float around like dreamy pink clouds.

31. A versatile, sheer dotted top that's the perfect for a romantic dinner or night out.

32. Fluffy unicorn slippers with tiny pom poms as tails.

Price: $12.90

Super cute pig and penguin (with earmuffs!!) slippers also available.

33. An attention-grabbing halter romper that's perfect for any dress-up occasion.

Price: $58 (also available in black)

34. A quaint shower cap that's been overrun by a gang of sharks.

Price: $1.90

Dinosaur version here.

35. A luscious forest green scarf that probably feels like wrapping yourself in fluff heaven.

Price: $19.90

If a scarf's not enough, check out this faux fur jacket.

36. Cropped athletic leggings that will keep you warm on your morning jogs.

Price: $14.90

Matching low-impact and mid-impact sports bras also available.

Plus-size options here (leggings) and here (bra).

37. A fierce AF velvet kimono featuring a tiger who does NOT mess around.

Price: $98

There's also a jacket with a similar tiger design if you want a slightly more outdoors-appropriate option.

38. A pretty pleated floral skirt perfect for twirling to your heart's content.

Price: $24.90

Plus-size option here.

39. Sleepy face mittens that are probably a spitting image of you at work or in class (or anywhere, let's be honest).

Price: $9.90

Kitten and bear mittens also available.

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