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    33 Things That Just Might Put A Smile On Your Face

    These products are akin to Buddy the Elf — "I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Frida Kahlo or Elizabeth Taylor pocket book filled with their wise words about life, love, fame, activism, beauty, confidence, and more — so you can carry a little bit of inspiration everywhere you go.

    2. A four-pack of phone charger chompers that'll keep your cables from bending and fraying, while reminding you that there's a cute version for basically every "useful" product out there.

    3. Cutie pie book stickers to stick onto your planner whenever you finish a good read, so you can give yourself a pat on the back for being one step closer to accomplishing your yearly reading goal.

    4. A plump lucky cat planter that'll cuddle your greens in the fortune (that's what the Chinese character written on the pot means) your home should have! *welcomes home like Marie Kondo*

    5. A tiger-inspired sheet mask to add a bit of spunk and fierceness to your skincare routine. And um, how photogenic is this mask? You have your next IG post in one handy, hydrating pouch.

    6. An adorable sloth-themed to-do notepad because, while tasks gotta get done, it doesn't mean that they can't done at a ~slower~ pace.

    7. A six-inch-tall, slow-rising panda squishy toy to brighten up your desk situation and satisfy any bouts of stress, so you stay happy and cheesin' even when times are rough.

    8. Heart-shaped Truly Organic hydrocolloid acne patches, because even your pimple handlers — which absorb pus and other fluids to shrink/flatten those boogers down in a matter of hours — should look cute as heck too.

    9. A pair of delightfully plush bear slippers for lounging and meandering around your apartment on days where the most activity or drama you'll be witnessing will be on your TV screen — pure bliss, folks!

    10. Tonymoly bunny lip glosses that'll have you hopping with joy every time your lips dip into the dry spectrum — not because of the lack of moisture, but because you get to pull out one of these expressive bbs and put them to good use!

    11. Coco-inspired perfume and cologne to make wonderful memories while wearing it, namely getting compliments on good you smell!

    12. A pair of friendly sloth and llama earrings that'll give all of your outfits a cute factor — because dressing like an adult doesn't means playing it safe or always wearing neutrals.

    13. A Pikachu cake pan for sweet creations that are equal in taste and cuteness. *squeal*

    14. A unicorn portable charger that'll fill up your phone's juice before you can say, "But how will I be able to share my brunch with all of my fans???"

    15. A Nessie bookmark to make reading even more fun than it already is, because now you have a friend accompanying you through every story, and Nessie here keeps the corners neat and flat!

    16. A 12-ounce "wine enthusiast" glass with an enlarged stem to hold a more generous portion of wine, because you were gonna have multiple glasses anyways and you're saving yourself the trouble of refilling.

    17. A heart-shaped Kaja blush stamp that'll quite literally represent your feelings about makeup — aka, how much you love and adore it. Plus, the cushion formula means that it's so easily buildable.

    18. A penguin thermos with vacuum seal technology so your coffee/tea/soup doesn't feel like the Arctic Circle in about 30 minutes.

    19. A Quidditch hoop jewelry organizer to display your jewelry with a touch of magic and whimsy, as treasures ought to be, and have them front and center when you're primping every day.

    20. A complimentary tufted bath mat that'll take an oath to tell the truth — and only the truth.

    21. And a notebook to further that promise — shout it from the rooftops!!

    22. A neon rainbow LED light for a colorful touch to any room — and who ever feels sad looking at a rainbow? Now you just need a neon pot of gold to go along with it.

    23. Or a whimsical elephant lamp that'll ~light~ up your room, life, face, etc. — and it's perfect for your coveted wind-down time before bed.

    24. Reusable hedgehog dryer balls to actually, just maybe, make you excited for laundry day when you think about how wonderfully soft and fluffy your clothes will feel in your hands and on your bod.

    25. A delicate "woman" wrap-aroung ring, so you can wear jewelry that's not just pretty to look, but contains a strong and proud message that'll give you the confidence to chase what you want.

    26. A mantra-emblazoned mug to remind you to stay on your own path and continue to do what brings you joy, no matter what factors or people might sway you otherwise.

    27. A huggable pepperoni pizza pillow (that comes in a very lifelike pizza box!) humans and flurry best friends will both be very excited about and comforted by — I mean, it's pizza, how could you not?? It's the perfect inspiration for a night in with — you guessed it — delivery pizza (of the edible variety).

    28. A bright red cropped Peanuts-themed sweatshirt that'll remind you to keep your loved ones close and maybe even stare at some beautiful things together.

    29. A corgi butt coin purse to carry a few extra coins or dollars for street/subway performers that put a smile on your face during a brutal commute.

    30. A Hedwig bluetooth speaker for playing tunes that'll make you ~hoot~ and dance like no one's watching.

    31. A cute Tonymoly octopus peel-off mask that'll make the unglamorous task of suctioning out dirt, debris, and blackheads a little bit more fun — just squeeze some product out ("You made me ink!") and let charcoal and mineral-rich marine plant extracts hug your skin and do its unclogging, sebum-absorbing, and purifying job.

    32. A furry velvet sheep ottoman to instantly brighten up any room and make you consider sticking a pair of ears or horns on every furniture piece you have.

    33. A personalized city print to commemorate where you met, celebrate your first home, or memorialize any other special occasion as ~art~.

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