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    26 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Pet Feel Like Royalty

    Move over, Archie!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A travel pet carrier that'll let your furry friend experience all of your adventures up-close and by your side — because they won't settle for staying at your friend's or parents' house while you jet off!

    2. Or an expandable carrier (!!) to give them even more space so they can stretch as they please and settle in juuust the right spot for the trip ahead — and btw, it fits dogs and cats up to 20 pounds!

    3. A soft-grooming slicker brush that'll be suuuuper gentle on your likewise gentle giant doggo, while effectively removing surface mats and tangles — it has both straight and bent bristles to follow your pet's natural contours, so they'll feel like they're getting a pampering massage session *and* their coat will look brand new!

    4. A vintage-inspired pet bed (from Drew Barrymore's Flower home line!) to let your furry highness lounge in utter style and comfort — seriously, where are the human versions?

    5. A plush 4" orthopedic memory foam dog bed – it'll cushion your lovebug's aging, achy joints and give them deep rest at a comfortable sleeping temperature (Hello, open cell technology!) — it also comes with a 100% waterproof cover to protect against accidents and other things that don't belong on their bed.

    6. A deluxe Gen7Pets stroller perfectly sized for your royal pup so they don't have to ruin their pristine paws walking on commoners' grounds.

    7. A dual-point massage roller to treat your dog or cat to a well-deserved pampering session that'll relieve muscle tension, calm nerves/reduce stress, and reach all of those hard-to-get sore spots. Two massage balls = double the comfort and tail wagging!

    8. A Waterpik shower attachment that'll make your pup actually — wait for it — happy for their bath!! The water stream feels super soothing on their bodies, but also penetrates fur quickly so you don't have to spend half an hour trying to wash away every bit of shampoo.

    9. A container of Musher's Secret Paw Protection Balm infused with a boatload of Vitamin E to moisturize paw pads (so they're soft and ~glistening~), heal wounds from harsh conditions/walks, act as a barrier against snow/ice/heat, prevent blisters, and the list goes on — TL;DR with this protective balm, your pet can keep prancing around like they own the place.

    10. An elegant glass bowl feeder probably fancier and nicer-looking than your human meal setup, TBH — your cat (or tiny dog) deserves the best presentation, after all!

    11. A chic cat scratcher and lounger that'll not only look great with the rest of your decor, but it'll also provide hours and hours of healthy/natural scratching (also *not* on your delicate furniture!), exercise, play, and stress relief for your favorite kitty!

    12. Or (if you want to go all out), a beautiful cat tree so they can climb, play, rest, and hide in their own leafy terrain — well, they'll *try* to hide while you poke through the leaves and take your 1000th photo because they look so darn cute!

    13. A set of linen-covered foam stairs, so you can give your senior or tiny-legged pup the ability of climbing up to the couch, bed, or window sill with ease — nothing's gonna slow them down on your watch!

    14. A PetCube Bites camera and treat dispenser to give your pet all the love, attention, and treats they deserve, even when you're not physically there.

    15. An easy-to-clean hammock seat cover that'll help put your prized pupper at ease during trips and seat them closer to you, while giving them a larger area to rest and sleep.

    16. A bubble dome backpack outfitted with ventilation holes and soft, ventilating material all throughout, so your lucky cat can explore the outdoors along with you without having to use any ~precious~ mileage of their own.

    17. A splash pool for your playful prince(ss) so they work out their energy and have the best, carefree summer of their lives.

    18. Or a cute float that'll let them hang ten with you in the human pool.

    19. An organic grass growing kit so your small pets can chew on the very best, fiber-rich grass — instead of random houseplants —that might aid with digestion and forming hairballs.

    20. A pineapple-themed Haiwaiian shirt so your pup will rightfully claim their "best dressed" status at the dog park, pool party, picnic — wherever they grace their presence!

    21. A cozy pineapple bed for ~extra sweet~ dreams when they take their fifth snooze of the day — must be nice to have no responsibilities!

    22. A cute, Ellen DeGeneres–created dog toy set (with its own storage bin!) your pup will love to pieces, because who wouldn't want to play with a striped tee–wearing gopher?

    23. A lil' mesh pack for your majestic doggo so they stay cool and easily spottable while exploring. All you have to do is keep up!

    24. A pack of human-grade, one-ingredient, and vegan Ollie Pets dehydrated sweet potato slices for a treat that'll encourage them to be on their ~sweet~ behavior — but you'll probably end up giving it to them because they just look too cute with their begging eyes.

    25. Three Dog Bakery Lick'n Crunch treats even the pickiest of pups will love and demand on a daily basis — and get them, they will! Anything for your furry highness.

    26. A fancy lil' wooden house complete with its own ladder and porch, so they can survey their land (everything the light touches) with regalness.

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