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24 Things People From New Jersey Will Appreciate

Race ya to the shore.

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2. A bamboo cutting board so you can be reminded of Mom's amazing, home-cooked meals while you make a "meal" out of bread, cheese, and wine.

Which, to be clear, is still a totally acceptable meal.

Get it from AHeirloom on Etsy for $48+, depending on whether or not you want customized details.


10. A killer record clock with the legend himself, confident smize included.

"Show a little faith there's magic in the night / You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright / Oh and that's alright with me"

Get it from High5Design on Etsy for $50.


17. An adorably vintage Atlantic City souvenir plate that will transport you back to summer days spent along the boardwalk.

But not the 1950s (unfortunately).

Get it from TTLGFurnishings on Etsy for $10.50.

If that one's sold out/you want an actually-usable plate/you're really clumsy, here's a plastic plate option.

18. An elegant coffee table to persistently remind your guests which state your heart really belongs to, in case they dare to forget.

*semi-aggressively sets drinks on top of state-themed coasters (ahem, #23) and on state-themed coffee table*

Get it from TheodoreGallery on Etsy for $155.


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