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    28 Things For Lazy People Who Want To Look More Put Together

    You CAN have it all. *winks*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cooling, caffeinated eye roller (P.S. Garnier's has a sheer tint) to soothe the heck out of puffy undereyes, actively treat unwelcome dark circles, and give your peepers a much-needed wake-up call.

    2. A crazy comfy T-shirt dress you could sleep in, roll out of bed in, and run out the door in — yes, yes, I know there's a ~gradient~ of obstacles that makes getting to class on time very hard, but your professor doesn't agree with me.

    3. A pair of canvas slip-ons for comfort that you can quite literally slip in and out of!! Whenever you please! No shoelaces! And they're breathable enough that you don't need to bother with socks!

    4. Or, if you'd rather go the sneakers route, colorful or metallic stompers that instantly elevate a casual outfit and give people something to stare at — not to mention, they're ridiculously comfy too, so you might not actually mind being on your feet all day.

    5. A five-minute priming sheet mask that condenses your entire morning skincare routine into one step. How, you ask? It's infused with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin B3 to minimize the appearance of pores, brighten skin, and prep your face for crazy smooth makeup application — or, just leave your face be for that FRESH GLOW.

    6. An space-saving over-the-door closet rod so you can easily plan out your outfits the night before instead of dumping out your entire closet in a late-induced frenzy.

    7. Redness-masking, dark-spot, and skin-tone-evening BB cream with SPF — which is all you could really ask for if you're looking for a one-step-and-done sorta makeup deal — full beat, who?

    8. An in-shower styler to maximize your morning showers and style gorgeous beachy waves while you brush your teeth and shave — because we're only half awake anyways and might as well multitask when we can!

    9. A cutecutecute floral dress with pockets (duh) you can literally throw on at a moment's notice for a look that says "I'm put together, never mind the fact that I just woke up five minutes ago." Just like your awakeness level, your style is also ~blooming~.

    10. A multitasking eye, lip, and cheek stick, so you can swipe just one product along wherever you need a boost of color, and you're done!

    11. An all-purpose concealer that erases any and all signs of late nights cramming for exams, marathoning The Office, and generally any skin concerns (pimples and discoloration, GOODBYE).

    12. Or an one-step color correcting primer that can be worn on its own and targets just about every skin concern you could think of, even an unfortunate full-face sunburn.

    13. Or mirrored sunnies for an even easier method of hiding your sleep deprivation — plus, who DOESN'T look 🔥 super fierce 🔥 with a mean pair rested on their face?

    14. A wrinkle-resistant linen wrap dress that's the definition of low-maintenance, but doesn't look like it one bit — you classy lady, you!

    15. Insanely fresh-smelling dry shampoo for non-greasy, touchable, and clean hair in a snap, when a time-consuming shower is simply not in your morning's forecast — plus, it's great for post-gym grooming and it's way less messy than a powder.

    16. A donut-like ballerina bun maker when you really just need your hair out of the way but still want to look polished, whether you're a hardcore student or a busy, busy mom. Also maybe when you haven't washed your hair in a week — just sayin'.

    17. A staple bomber jacket that instantly dresses up a simple tee and jean combo, while also keeping you warm during temperamental seasonal changes and inside freezing offices — we love an utilitarian piece, yes we do!

    18. A faux leather backpack or bucket bag to very stylishly hide the fact that you've literally stuffed all your crap inside it — like a person very late for class or a work meeting. Just as an example.

    19. A basically indestructible (and stylish) stainless steel water bottle so you can appear to be a Real Adult who definitely drinks enough water each day — and chances are, if you have water on you, you'll *gasp* actually drink it! Who just earned 100 adulthood points? You!

    20. Nontoxic stain remover so you can still wear that cute blouse with the unfortunate wine and/or salsa spilling accident you found lying on your bedroom floor, like, today. And of course you'll give it a proper wash later...right?

    21. Or, depending on the situation, super effective wrinkle releaser to help make rumpled clothing look new and fresh — on the quick and cheap, because who has the time or $$ for the dry cleaners?

    22. An one-step hair dryer and volumizer brush, aka perhaps the closest thing to a good hair day miracle maker, because only motivated fools DRY and BRUSH separately. "Oh yes, I squeezed in a blowout this morning," you'll say to all of your peers.

    23. A wide-brimmed hat that catches glances in a crowd and instantly pulls together an outfit — and it hides an oily scalp, if you so need the assistance.

    24. A statement accessory of your choice — might we suggest red-hot drop earrings or a crystal floral necklace — to elevate an otherwise ~plain~ outfit just a tad. Feelin' fancy, feelin' fine.

    25. Super targeted hydrocolloid-infused acne patches that magically treat and deflate breakouts overnight — or within a few hours, if you'd rather wear 'em during the day.

    26. An extremely nourishing watermelon sleeping mask that does all the skin-repairing work for you overnight, so all you have to do is celebrate your hydrated, bouncy, and clear complexion upon waking up. 🎉

    27. Dreamy pressed flower petals that only require a few seconds and a dab of balm to adhere, but attract a whole day's worth of compliments. Who needs Coachella, TBH?

    28. And finally, a cushy back pillow for your office chair, so you'll finally stop slouching and appear ten times more productive and professional — trust me, it makes a big difference!

    Pretty much you:

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