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Updated on Dec 22, 2019. Posted on Dec 21, 2019

There Are 115 EXO Songs, And I Bet You Can't Even Name 15

There's almost eight years of music — good luck.

Hey, EXO fans! Whether or not you call yourself an EXO-L, the question remains: Do you think you know at least 15 EXO songs from memory?

SM Entertainment

Yeah, you could say this quiz is a little ~arrogant~ (as Kai described X-EXO). But maybe so are you — maybe you know wayyyy more than 15. Do you dare to consider yourself an EXO song expert?

Just a few guidelines before ya start:

1. Each song is only listed once, so any remixes and Chinese versions (since they have the same names as the Korean versions) don't count.

2. Japanese songs (for the full EXO group) count.

3. No need to include Korean characters in any titles.

4. Subunit and solo songs don't count (there's already so much to work with!).

Ok, go forth and impress!

Let us know what your favorite EXO song is in the comments below, or tweet at us @BuzzFeedDaebak!