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    Here's How Twitter Is Remembering K-Pop Star And Actor Sulli

    "A brave and strong woman who lived her authentic life in a judgmental society."

    Earlier today, SM Entertainment confirmed that Choi Jin-ri, the K-pop star, actor, and former f(x) member better known as Sulli, has died at the age of 25. In light of this tragic event, here are some outpourings of love and positivity from her fans and admirers:


    will always remember you (March 29, 1994 – October 14, 2019) #Sulli 💖

    @CtNorAisha / Via Twitter: @CtNorAisha

    Sulli was an ambassador for Estée Lauder, and in December 2018 she held a pop-up shop in collaboration with the brand, showcasing a personal photo album titled "SULLI - Love, Myself" and much more.


    I will never forget the way she fought for our equality and openly talked about feminism even with the continuous hate she got from it. Love you Sulli 💓 #Sulli

    @butitwasdepress1 / Via Twitter: @butiwasdepress1

    Despite the critique and cyberbullying she often encountered, Sulli frequently posted photos without a bra on and voiced her opinions about the no-bra movement. She also openly talked about her struggles at length on variety shows like Night of Hate Comments, as well as her own show, Jinri Market, and co-penned a song about dissociative disorder called "Goblin" this past June, which was also her long-awaited solo debut.


    a brave and strong woman who lived her authentic life in a judgmental society. there were many cries for help and most fell on deaf ears. mental health is a serious issue and it’s heartbreaking that she couldn’t fight her demons. rest well and find peace Sulli

    @SUPERGZB2 / Via Twitter: @supergzb2


    This is what Sulli stood up for. This is what she used her voice for! So thank you for being you Sulli. We love you so much! ♥️ Rest in power beautiful soul. We’ll miss you but we know you’re at peace now.

    @9divine9 / Via Twitter: @9divine9


    “Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a bad person” you did nothing wrong. you are definitely not a bad person .My deep condolence to these angel 🕊 #Sulli

    @rkivesuga / Via Twitter: @rkivesuga


    please remember that idols are just like the rest of us, hateful words we say can can hurt them. thank you for everything Sulli, you were a beautiful soul. the world was cruel to you when all you did was bring light. thank you angel. #Sulli

    @btswonagrammy / Via Twitter: @btswonagrammy


    You always had a smile on your face & your laugh was infectious. You will be missed and never forgotten. Rest In Heaven🕯 My Beautiful girl 👼 #Sulli (Choi Jinri) 🕊

    @AshHugh2 / Via Twitter: @AshHugh2


    y'all feel free to use these if you like Sulli was always bright and outspoken. I don't like mourning in darkness so I decided the brightest white and a peach would do.

    @offvocalver / Via Twitter: @offvocalver


    I grew up with watching Sulli’s drama “To The Beautiful You”, and I was so in love with it and cried endlessly. Now she’s gone at such a young age, and I never fee so devastated to know the passing of an idol who has taken up such a huge burden on her back. RIP, Sulli 😔💔

    @Heybae97 / Via Twitter: @Heybae97

    You can watch the 2012 drama on Viki.


    We never know that this will be her last 💔 #Sulli

    @markvcronquillo / Via Twitter: @markvcronquillo

    Her last onscreen role before her passing was on Hotel Del Luna, which is a drama about a fantastical hotel that serves wandering ghosts who have unfinished business with their previous lives and helps them cross over into the afterlife.


    May you rest in peace. #Sulli I hope Hotel del Luna was a genuine place for souls to rest.

    @_horimari / Via Twitter: @_horimari

    She was in talks to star in the next installment of Netflix's Persona, following fellow K-pop starlet IU — who is pictured on the left and played the lead in Hotel Del Luna.


    #진리야네곁에있어 On The Moon 🌙 : #Sulli "Go up on the moon Why do you look so blue Baby you, can you hear me Only two Galaxy expressway de district I want to continue now My happy girl Your happy girl"

    @noonin95 / Via Twitter: @noonin95

    In 2005, she debuted as a child actor and joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, and eventually debuted as a singer in f(x) in 2009.


    #Sulli 's heartfelt letter to fans resurfaces following her death.

    @ashexxii / Via Twitter: @ashexxii

    Sulli originally posted the letter on her Instagram on September 5, 2019 — the 14th anniversary of her debut.


    (You’ve worked hard #Sulli Rest in Peace❤️ )

    @kghynggu / Via Twitter: @kghynggu

    Echoing the same sentiments — you worked hard, Sulli. (This photo was taken from a concert/fanmeeting in June and posted to her Instagram.)


    Shined on the stage for more than 10 years Now as stars in the sky #Sulli

    @Jiminshibi / Via Twitter: @Jiminshibi

    SM Entertainment labelmate Kim Jong-hyun (better known as Jonghyun), pictured on the right, passed away December 2017.

    Many K-pop stars — including her former groupmate Amber Liu and labelmate Super Junior — and labels alike have postponed or put their releases, teasers, recordings, and events on hold in light of the news.

    If you are thinking about suicide or just need to talk to someone, you can speak to someone by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and or by texting HOME to 741741, the Crisis Text Line. And here are suicide helplines outside the US.