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This Squishy Makeup Removing Ball Is The Coolest Thing You've Seen All Week

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

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JUST KIDDING!!! It's even better than a toy because it cleans your face! That's right — let me introduce you to Boscia's latest creation, the Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser.

Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

The activated black bamboo charcoal is supposed to deep-clean and get all the junk out of your pores. Hinoki oil minimizes the appearance of said pores and tamarindus indica seed gum calms and hydrates your face. #science

It comes with a plastic pin so you can poke through the thin, balloon-like casing to FREE THE JELLY BALL. Poking it proved to be a little difficult at first.

Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

It's a slippery surface, ok? And even though the pin is just plastic I didn't want to stab my own hand, so I was being extra careful.


And it's not gimmicky. Trust me, I had my doubts. It feels really cool and soothing on the skin and incredibly lightweight — you almost don't feel it at all. And there's absolutely no tightness afterwards.

Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

It didn't really lather, but I suspect if you rub in between your hands and apply it that way, it will. For me, it doesn't really matter — as long as my face, you know, actually feels clean and refreshed after the fact.

I don't ~hate~ washing my face, but I don't love it either. Since I have to do it every day, if there's any way to make that process more fun, I'm so 😍 here 😍 for 😍 it 😍.

Tbh, going forward, I'll be using it as a second-step cleanser (after I've removed my makeup with an oil-based product), but it does in fact remove makeup really well. Evidence: my gross foundation residue.

So get it from Sephora for $20 if you truly love yourself.


Ok, only (mostly) kidding here. But real talk: if you're the type that sleeps in your makeup because you hate washing your face THAT MUCH, give this lil' bouncy ball a shot.

Or if you like washing your face, try it too!