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    These Under-$30 Bluetooth Earbuds Deliver The Best Sound (Without Breaking The Bank)

    They fit great, deliver clear sound quality, and have a short wrap-around cord and magnetic ends — and they're under $30!!

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    Do you listen to music? Of course you do! Well, I'm here to tell you that I've found the best, perfectly affordable, and short-wired earbuds on Amazon: The Soundpeat Q30 Plus Bluetooth Earphones ($27.99).

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    I've had mine for a month and counting, and I'll never ever go back to traditional wired earbuds again! And aren't they so cute in pink?

    Yeah, they're not $8, but think about it: How many cheap earbuds have you 1) not cared about losing, 2) have then actually lost, and 3) bought replacements for? Probably...a lot.

    Lorne Michaels Productions

    "Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by a mediocre pair of earbuds due to the allure of a dirt-cheap price."

    And, not to mention, they have MUCH better sound quality than any cheap earbuds I've ever owned!

    BBC Studios / Via

    It's generally very, very nice to never have to crank the volume all the way up just to hear your songs, but for anyone who lives in a city and has to take public transit all the time (Like me! Hi, high-speed subway tunnels!), I can keep the volume at a safe level and protect my ears from unnecessary damage, while still hearing my music crystal-clear and all.

    BTW, each charge gives ya ~eight hours~ of talk/music time, and they only take an hour or so to charge!

    These buds fit super snugly while still giving you the security that a wire does (meaning, if your buds do somehow pop out, they won't drop onto the floor — yuck!), but it's super short so it doesn't get in the way of things and simply wraps around your neck.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    And the magnetic ends are not only super cool (I'm easily impressed, ok), but ensure there is NO MORE DETANGLING!!! 🙌🙌🙌

    But don't just take ~my~ word for it! Listen to the raving words of the 2,822+ five-star reviews!

    Note: A lot of the one-star reviews have to do with the sweat-resistant claim, which reviewers who have used them for workouts say they don't hold up too great, so that's something important to keep in mind! (Apparently most of them also got a new pair from Soundpeats after leaving a bad review.) I rarely work out (lol), so I can't offer anything on this front.

    Seriously, I'm not only the one in love with the GR8 VALUE of these Soundpeats buds!!,

    "Dude. Want some bang for your buck? At $20-$30 cheaper than your basic wireless Sonys, you can’t beat this. I dare say these sound better than the Sony ones! I’m a serious audiophile. I don’t mess around with bad sound. These are every bit worth the price. Sound quality is excellent. I tested it on some bass heavy tracks and noticed the high end was still very well defined. If your considering buying those, don’t doubt yourself. You will be well satisfied. Zero remorse." —Amazon Customer

    "I have an extensive music collection, a custom whole house audio system, and am very picky about the quality of the music I listen to. I also edit and remix music and have DJ'ed for many years. These earbuds are everything I had hoped they would be. They sound great, with the help of the variety of ear pieces that came with them. The bass is strong, which is important to me, especially when listening to dance music. The overall frequency response is excellent and I have yet to find the need to use my equalizer. I love the fact that there is audible notification that they are powered on or off, and paired. Pairing is a breeze. So far battery life is great. Bluetooth reception is as good as any other product I have used. I was using them within minutes of opening the package. I use them to work in my yard and at the gym. They are easy to use and are very secure in my ears, which for me has been a problem in the past. I couldn't be happier. The fact that they were less than $25 was an added bonus." —Michael J. Cole

    Along with a USB charger and small carrying case, the buds also come with 10 interchangeable ear tips and six different ear fins/supports, so make sure to test them all out for your ~perfect~ fit and *chef's kiss* sound quality!


    Though they're not advertised as noise-cancelling — when they're fit properly — they actually do a pretty good job at blocking noise! I've taken plenty of calls with these outside in NYC, and I can hear the other person **so much better** than just holding the phone to my ear (which has always been a big struggle). And now to hear from other reviewers:

    "I really like these earbuds, primarily because of the fit and the lack of weight. When I first tried them I was underwhelmed, but I noticed that if I used my fingers to slightly push them into my ears, the sound was awesome. So I took a few minutes and unpacked all of the rubber ear tips and ear supports and experimented. There are five pairs of different ear tips and three pairs of different ear supports. After about five minutes of trying different tips and supports, I found the combination that was just like the sound I heard when I held them with my fingers. The music from my phone sounded better than it had in years. It was worth the five minutes I spent. The other bonus is that these are really light and the magnetic clasp works. I can quickly remove them from my ears when needed and have them hang securely around my neck. I will never go back to earbuds with cords. I was originally looking for noise-cancelling headphones and tried several pairs, including the Bose QC25, but all of them were a disappointment. But with these ear pieces properly adjusted, they block a lot of ambient noise, so much so that I often wear them without playing any music just to block out noise. I hope they hold up. I plan to buy more." —WestieFan

    "I have never experienced a comfort level this superb from in-ear headphones before, and the comfort lasts as long as you wear them. What also lasts is the battery. I can have these in all day listening to music and making a few phone calls, and the battery usually doesn't die until the following day. The magnetic backing makes these perfect to wear around your neck if you don't want them in your pocket/purse, and these are compact enough to run with them like this. The controls allow for volume control, next/previous song, answer/reject call, and activating Siri/Google. Noise cancellation is maybe about 2/3's, as much as wearing a pair of earplugs — perfect for phone calls on a crowded bus. If you are ready for an upgrade in Bluetooth headphones without overspending your hard-earned dollars you will not be sorry with these." —C-Blitz

    So what are you waiting for? Get them from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in five colors).

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    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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