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    64 Songs That Made People Fall In Love With K-Pop

    Y'all have TASTE.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which song made them fall in love with K-pop and these are the numerous, numerous bops for your listening (and nostalgia!) pleasure:

    1. "Mirotic" by TVXQ

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "I'd never seen anything like it, nor heard music like it. Since that song (2008), I've been a K-pop fan and have even lived in Seoul." —susannah49f102bf6

    "I’d never seen dancing like that before." —blaiseb98

    2. I Am The Best” by 2NE1

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "My friend introduced me to it ages ago and it’s still an absolute bop. I’d never heard the genre before and I was blown away." —amlysl

    3. "Ring Ding Dong" by SHINee

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "Iconic. I listened to it back in late 2014/early 2015, been a fan of K-pop ever since. :)" —jasmined44b879b99

    4. "Gee" by Girls' Generation

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "It was the first K-pop song I ever heard. I saw the music video on YouTube and I was hooked. I had never seen anything like it." —madisene

    "In 2010, I found it on my friend's iPod Nano and immediately fell in love, but it took me a few years to transfer from alt/metal rock to K-pop." —lusers

    "Hard to remember, but I'm pretty sure it was 'Gee.' I was definitely drawn in by the dancing more than anything else, as I love watching large groups dance (and they're always so in sync!), and I can definitely remember me and a friend trying to learn this dance when we were 15. Made it even better that we were still going through our 'emo phase,' so our outfits definitely didn't match the music!" —aylienator

    5. "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by BTS

    Big Hit / Via

    "'Cause I mean...who wouldn't fall in love with the song AND the group after seeing that music video?!" —jpowell617

    "A friend showed it to me and I was super skeptical, especially about the scene with Jin kissing the statue, but it was stuck in my head for days and that was it...I was hooked. It’s now been thousands of hours of footage and four concerts later. #army" —nadaas

    "There's just so much going on there, like the *cough* jacket accident *cough*. And if you're not won over by the music video (with its sublime interlude), the dance practice will surely drag you down into that sweet, sweet K-pop wormhole." —alicee40631410d

    "The set and the choreo in the MV was amazing and those five seconds where the camera stayed just on Jin’s face killed me." —13768

    6. "Kill this Love" by Blackpink

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "I heard it on a Spotify ad and just fell in love with the badassery of the song and music video. I had thought all K-pop songs had that cutesy feel and I wasn't really into that, but Blackpink proved me wrong. Badass girl groups are kinda my jam, and I haven't stopped listening yet." —coralinelondon

    "I actually discovered it through Just Dance (the video game) and was curious enough to explore. I had been really cynical of K-Pop before, but something about these girls changed my view of things. They were so badass and the MV's visuals were amazing. It opened a rabbit hole which I have yet to come out of, and I'm so happy it did!—femkat

    "It was the first K-pop song I listened to in its entirety, and I haven't looked back since." —catmarais

    7. "Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "I had listened to K-pop before, but the song that made me fall in love with it and still be into it seven years later was Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby.' This was back in 2012 way before the whole Burning Sun mess." —kimmjimenez1705

    "I couldn't get Breaking Benjamin's 'Dance With the Devil' out of my head so a friend linked me to Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. Not only did it replace the previous earworm, it introduced me to Korean music and the horrors of bias wrecking." —certainuncertainty11

    8. "Bad Boy" by Red Velvet

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "The 'Who that, who that, who that boy?' line got me HOOKED on girl groups. Previously, I had no idea about the masterpiece that is R&B K-pop. Also, Seulgi and Irene were gorgeous in that MV, and I stan." —lanamarii

    9. "Love Like This" by SS501

    DSP Media / Via

    "Mostly listened to them for Kim Hyun Joong (from Boys Over Flowers), but listened to much more K-pop because of them!" —allyr464e26f20

    "EVERY SONG FROM SS501!!! I fell in love with them when I was about seven years old and their songs 'Love Like This' and 'Deja Vu' were my absolute favorites. They also had OSTs for Boys Over Flowers and it was a fave drama of mine as well!" —jaquelinereyes

    10. "Growl" by EXO

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "It did it for me. I was just scrolling through YouTube back in 2014 and the MV popped up on the recently uploaded tab, and I proceeded to watch it 13 times in a row — one for all of them and one for each member. A week or so later BTS’s 'War of Hormone' popped up on the 'You Might Like' tab and gosh, I was even more hooked!!"—minnieapp98

    11. "Abracadabra" by Brown Eyed Girls

    Nega Network / Via

    12. "Wedding Dress" by Taeyang

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "I knew about K-pop back when Super Junior's 'Sorry Sorry' and Beast's 'Fiction' came out, but that one song that pushed me down hard is definitely Taeyang's 'Wedding Dress.' Kinda glad I fell down the hole, and I've got no intention of getting out."—haninurnia

    "It hit me in the feels so hard! I was like maybe 12 or 13. I just experienced my first 'heartbreak' with a boy I really liked and I was going through YouTube and listening to sappy, sad music. I stumbled upon it, listened to it for hours, and the rest is history!" —neziahemma

    13. "Cheer Up" by TWICE

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "My friends were all really into K-pop, but I couldn’t quite understand them. So I went on YouTube to check a couple of MVs out, and I just fell in love with TWICE’s 'Cheer Up.' Especially Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Momo's part, where they walk with those pistols. Definitely catered to my gay heart." —havregraad

    14. "Save Me" by BTS

    Big Hit Entertainment / Via

    "That song is iconic. The choreo, the beat, the lyrics, everything. Still one my favorite K-Pop songs to date." —murphygraham2796

    "BTS's 'Run' was the first K-pop song I listened to, but 'Save Me' was what REALLY got me hooked. The vibe and sincerity they portrayed in the song and the fact that the music video was a one shot was just amazing, and I haven't looked back since." —kilamenapie

    "It is beautifully soft, but also really powerful. The music video is so stunning and the choreography remains one of my favorites of all time, due to how well it fits with the song. One word: AESTHETIC." —cuzcat

    15. "Nobody" by Wonder Girls

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "Circa 2007, I was in elementary school and was introduced to the world of K-pop. A instant classic and catchy song!!" —averys4c3039ec9

    "At the time, I had no idea it was K-Pop because it was introduced to me by my Taiwanese and Japanese friends. Years later, I'd come across and get addicted to 'Keep Your Head Down' by TVXQ, 'I Got A Boy' by Girl's Generation, and 'Growl' by EXO from three different directions, all around the same time. There was no escaping it at that point. The rest is history!" —crimalimayimyam

    16. "Say My Name" by ATEEZ

    KQ Entertainment / Via

    "I saw the video when it was released and instantly became a fan." —tescudero0902

    17. "Muzik" by 4Minute

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "Came across this while looking for J-pop songs in like 2009. That was my gateway into groups like 2NE1 and other groups. It’s just so upbeat and fun and the music video is so colorful. I still jam out to that song today." —katrinal4aca50dee

    18. "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "It was the first K-pop song I watched on MTV. The catchy tune and memorable dance introduced me to the K-pop world." —adindasyafri

    "My friends introduced me to this song and it brought us all together throughout high school. Even though I don’t stan SuJu as much as I used to (Donghae is still my boy though), 'Sorry Sorry' holds a special place in my heart." —aselaleek

    19. "Twit" by Hwasa

    RBW / Via

    "It really convinced me to listen to K-pop seriously because it was just stuck in my head all the time! What a queen." —tashbf

    20. "A.D.T.O.Y" by 2PM

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    'I'd listened to very few K-Pop songs before this one — none of them were memorable, and this did it for me. Came across this song through YouTube's recommendations, and I was hooked! The song has this catchy hook right off the bat, followed by bars by the gorgeous rap line (hello, Taecyeon!), a seamless melodic verse, an understated hip dance in the chorus, and Jun.K's runs towards the end (which is a rarity in male K-pop vocalists). I mean, what you can do but fall for the song?" —ditamaulidau

    21. "I Got a Boy" by Girls' Generation

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "Fully prepared me for the 'SM sound,' lol."—nandojackie

    "At first it was BIGBANG's 'Haru Haru' that my cousins played all the time. Then I really fell down the hole with Girls' Generation's 'I Got A Boy.'" —senad

    22. "Don’t Wanna Cry" by Seventeen

    Pledis Entertainment / Via

    "The music, lyrics, and music video — it’s all so good. I remember thinking, 'Wow who else am I missing out on?' And now I go to KCON every year." —alexandriac4c3ff20bc

    23. "I Don't Care" by 2NE1

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "It was definitely a new experience for me, I loved the song almost immediately and that was about 10, 11 years ago — and now I'm planning to walk down the aisle to 'I Am The Best' because...well, I don't really know why, I just like the song. #Kombae" ❤️ —jsisikefu92

    24. "Ice Cream Cake" by Red Velvet

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "Baring Psy and HyunA who were playing on western TV, 'Ice Cream Cake.' It was so different and a bit more intense than western pop. I was sold." —perrislyfield

    25. "La la la" by SE7EN

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "My friend back in high school let me borrow her collection of CDs so I could burn them." —milkandhoneyx

    26. "Dream Girls" by I.O.I

    Stone Music Entertainment / Via

    "I fell in love with both the positive message the song has — you can do anything as long as you keep dreaming, believing in yourself, and stay who you are — as well as the bubbly music. Three years later, and I’m still listening to K-pop!" —veerxhenk

    27. "Haru Haru" by BIGBANG

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "It's what got me into K-pop! It's still my favorite song, and I'm actually listening to it right now!" —nicholsmk24

    28. "Cherry Bomb" by NCT 127

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "My best friend has been obsessed with K-pop for years (she’s an ahgase), but I was never really into it. One day she showed me this video and I was like, 'Oh, this is pretty good' and then fell down the rabbit hole. (Sorry NCT, ATEEZ has now taken over as my bias group.)" —indianaj3

    29. "Good Night" by Dreamcatcher

    Happyface Entertainment / Via

    "I was told to watch the music video and instantly loved their sound! Introduced me to the genre, and there is no going back!" —shannikol

    30. "DNA" by BTS

    Big Hit Entertainment / Via

    "I was actually bored and decided to watch a reaction video about K-Pop. I never expected to like it, but I did! I immediately listened to all their songs and I just fell in love! I was just so impressed by all the MVs. Less than a week later, I bought my first piece of merch. BTS has completely changed my life." —xxmanonxx

    "I had been introduced before, but randomly one day I decided to watch some of their music videos. Jimin’s hair might have been the little push into the black hole of K-pop." —egcompt

    "It was the first K-pop song I came across, and from there I was hooked. Within two weeks I had gone through their entire discography, their YouTube diaries, and all of the Run BTS! episodes. Because of BTS I also started watching Korean award shows where I got into Mamamoo with 'Wind Flower' and then later Epik High when Yoongi talked so highly of them." —bethp0

    "Didn't know much about K-pop but when I saw their performance on TV, I was mesmerized. I fell in love with the catchy song and amazing choreo." —fallarmy61313

    31. "Rain" by Taeyeon

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "A beautiful ballad that made me feel a lot of emotions without understanding the lyrics, but I understood the emotion. Taeyeon’s vocals are amazing and she is my all-time favorite K-pop solo artist. That song is the first one I ever heard from her and will always be my favorite." —themightymushroom

    32. "Candy" by H.O.T.

    MBC / Via

    "Old school here." —rinat4c960bb46

    33. "Just Right" by GOT7

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "My friend had been trying to convince me to get into K-pop for a long while, but I was perfectly content with my western music. It wasn’t until I saw this music video that I got the hype. Youngjae’s smile won me over completely, and I’ve been a fan ever since!" —cameronr449647ed2

    "It was the first one that showed up when I searched for 'K-pop' on YouTube and I just kinda fell in love with how cute it was, and how it was so different from the western music I was listening to. I’m happy it got me to listen to K-pop, which is a big part of my life today." —jennii044

    "I first found ZE:A's "Breathe" after watching one of Park Hyungsik’s dramas and found out he was in a group. After discovering they hadn’t released anything new in a while, I fell into the rabbit hole of K-pop vines and found my true loves, GOT7. The first music video I fell in love with GOT7’s was probably 'Just Right.' The song is so upbeat and gives me so much joy whenever I listen to it, ever since I haven’t stopped stanning and supporting them." —evegoshko

    34. "It's Raining" by Rain

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "I feel into it when I heard this song by the king of K-pop, Rain." —sitin2

    35. "Hot Summer" by f(x)

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "Such a good bop. I listened to it on repeat for years. My favorite girl group. They made some amazing music." —yvannahg

    36. "Boy With Luv" by BTS ft. Halsey

    Big Hit Entertainment / Via

    "My journey into the K-pop world didn't start until April of this year but that one song has lead to at least six months of binging older songs & discovering new groups. I don't regret my decision!" —riggersjudy

    "I discovered it by complete accident on YouTube and have been a ARMY ever since!" —silverstyle45

    "I adore Halsey & now I adore BTS! Seriously! I've never been so obsessed!" —steph121882

    "I’d secretly watch the video waking home from school and two months later I was a stan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯." —liam883

    37. "Dramarama" by Monsta X

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    38. Like Ooh Ahh” by TWICE

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "The voices, the music, the choreo, the video. It’s everything!" —allibelanger

    39. Call Me Baby” by EXO

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "My friend made me watch it. Still iconic, and Baekhyun has remained my ultimate bias since." —hagfish48

    40. "Pour Up" by Dean ft. Zico

    Universal Music Korea / Via

    41. "So Hot" by Wonder Girls

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "The sound and look! Coming from a J-pop-girl-group-loving background, this song hit the spot for my first step into K-pop. For years they were the only K-pop group I was really into, but I eventually learned to love more." —mmmdraco

    42. "Heartbreaker" by G-Dragon

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "I heard it back in 2012 for the first time and GD is still my fave today." —tamingthefox

    43. "As If It's Your Last" by Blackpink

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "I kept hearing about Blackpink everywhere, so I looked them up. I didn’t like the first few songs, but I kept listening. Eventually I got to 'As If It’s Your Last' and I just fell in love with it! I listened to more of their songs and all of them totally grew on me!" —sawyernevins

    44. "Shine" by Pentagon

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "My friend had shown me (YEARS AGO) 'Ice Cream' by HyunA and 'Gee' by Girls' Generation and I *liked* them, but when she showed me 'Shine' by Pentagon, I fell IN LOVE. Now Pentagon is my favorite K-pop group and I even flew two states over to see them perform. I love them so much. I love their aesthetic, lyrics, and those HIGH NOTES Jinho can amazingly reach." —fallingstarsatnight

    45. "Color Ring" by Winner

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "Uhhh, this is hard since I've been a casual fan since 'Love Love Love' by FTIsland, but I guess what really got me hooked is 'Color Ring.' Honestly, Winner's debut album is everything." —theos_

    46. "Hellevator" by Stray Kids

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "I just love their energy. As soon as I watched the vid, I couldn't take my eyes off of them, and thus began my journey to the world of K-Pop." —whispersofthewretched

    47. "Don’t Recall" by K.A.R.D

    DSP Media / Via

    "Love the beat and love that they are a coed group." —vckypaz

    48. "Red Flavor" by Red Velvet

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "This song is quirky, fun, and super colorful. It kinda connected to what I thought K-pop was (i.e. 'Gangnam Style') because of its weirdness, but it was also super pure and cute. A weird dating interview with fruit? Count me in any day." —cuzcat

    49. "Wake Me Up" by B.A.P

    TS Entertainment / Via

    "The music video is powerful and shows racial diversity. It was the first time I saw the issue of mental health being addressed in K-pop, and the lyrics speak of inner awakening. Vocals are amazing, and Yongguk and Zelo's raps are just bomb." —leena181297

    50. Lucifer” by SHINee

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "Iconic looks, a killer dance, and it’s a forever bop." —notylil237

    "Hands down, followed very closely by Beast's 'Shock.'" —m43c3e80d7

    51. "Troublemaker" by Troublemaker

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    52. "Hide and Seek" by Astro

    Fantagio Entertainment / Via

    "Uwu. Their appearance on KSTYLE TV's The Immigration appeared in my recommendations on YouTube one day, and that literally spiraled my world into K-pop." —ahrinnie

    53. "Very Good" by Block B

    Seven Seasons / Via

    54. "You Are" by GOT7

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "I heard it in a video about two years ago and I don’t know what it was, maybe the key it’s in or the music video aesthetics? I really don’t know what it was that drew me to it, but I’m so glad it did. GOT7 is my ult group and I’ve seen them live twice during this year's 'Keep Spinning' tour and last years' 'Eyes On You' tour. If you haven’t heard the song, PLEASE go listen to it! It really gives off great vibes that always makes me feel warm inside." —emmadeppsparrow1

    55. "Mamacita" by Super Junior

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "It may not be a very popular one but from the moment I heard it I was hooked. I've been obsessed with K-pop ever since." —danikamichellej

    56. Bubble Pop” by Hyuna

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    57. Adore U” by Seventeen

    Pledis Entertainment / Via

    "I remember when they first debuted, my best friend made me listen to them. I was hesitant to listen to K-pop, but this song was just so different. The music video is iconic, and I just couldn’t get over how happy the song made me." —annahensley12444

    58. "Overdose" by EXO

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "The Fine Brothers did a video in which YouTubers reacted to K-pop music videos, and it was the first video featured in said video. It was super catchy, even Lilly Singh was moving her head along with the beginning beat in such a funny way, and it stuck. A friend of mine was actually really into EXO at the time, so she helped me learn all twelve initial members and showed me a lot of their songs. This was around 2014-2015 when I found out about them — another friend really liked Wolf — but I didn’t get 'into them' until I had seen 'Overdose' in full. Both versions, of course. I went down the rabbit hole from there." —curlygirly6

    "I found out about K-pop before and secretly jammed to "I Like That" by Glam. But around three years later I listened to Overdose and I kid you not, my life changed after that. The choreograph is amazing, vocals are mind-blowing, rapping is incredible, and their overall presence is stunning." —s49fc8310c

    59. "Heartbeat" by 2PM

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "It was the first K-pop song I ever heard years ago! It definitely got me intrigued and started my obsession." —ossasarah1989

    60. "To Be Continued" by Click-B

    DSP Meida / Via

    "It's the first song I remember seeing back into the early 2000s on this random Korean music video show on I Channel that first got me interested in K-Pop." —d4a034634e

    61. "Love Song" by BIGBANG

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "TOP's voice was so deep and something I had not expected to hear in a K-pop song. I thought K-pop was just bubblegum-sounding music, so when I started watching the MVs for 'Fantastic Baby,' 'Wedding Dress,' 'I Need A Girl,' and other songs, I was hooked! Now I listen to all sorts of groups like EXO, Winner, and Mamamoo, but BIGBANG will forever be my ultimate bias." —christinamaze92

    62. "One Of These Nights" by Red Velvet

    SM Entertainment / Via

    "It made me fall in love with the vocalists in K-pop." —sarahhammett2003

    63. "Beautiful Target" by B1A4

    WM Entertainment / Via

    "I had only listened to and watched Linkin Park music videos. Going from something that always gave off a dark vibe to something that was so bright, fluffy, and unabashedly cute was a huge culture shock. I fell in love with the colors, the concept, and the men — especially CNU." —revati

    64. "Remember" by 9MUSES

    Star Empire Entertainment / Via

    "I actually got into K-Pop thanks to a BuzzFeed quiz that gave you a random K-Pop song to get started on, and mine was 'Remember' by 9MUSES. The energy and lyrics were so different to the usual, generic pop or 80s music I listened to, and that won me over. They are now one of my favorite bands and I haven't left K-Pop since." —nbuttigieg15

    When a BuzzFeed quiz low-key changes your life:

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    And here's a playlist of all of the songs (that are available on Spotify) in the order listed:

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    Submissions may have been edited for length or clarity.