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    29 Ways To Have The Best Bath Of Your Life

    Bathe with these products and emerge a completely new (more moisturized) person.

    1. Lean against a padded foam pillow so you never subject your back to the cruel coldness of the tub wall ever again.

    2. Make use of a life-changing overflow drain cover so you can lovingly force your tub to fill up with more water.

    3. Experience the full spectrum of relaxation with a loaded bath tray that holds your tablet, phone, snacks, drinks, soap, and whatever else you damn please.

    4. Always have a glass of wine (or beer can!) handy with a suction cupholder so you can happily booze while you bathe.

    5. Prevent water from leaking away with a silicon stopper.

    6. Stock up on sheet masks because bath time is prime time for putting one on and totally zoning out.

    7. Or if clay masks are your jam, slather up in one that targets your specific skin issues.

    8. Decompress achy body parts with cold/hot therapy using a reusable gel-beaded eye mask or neck and shoulder wrap.

    9. Stick a waterproof snail buddy on the wall or around your tub for cute company and relaxing tunes.

    10. Lather your entire body in bubble baths that come in irresistibly delicious flavors.

    11. Massage and depuff your face with a cooling jade or spiked facial roller.

    12. Dabble some lemon-scented bath oil into your bath or onto damp post-bath skin for extra nourishment and hydration.

    13. Indulge your senses with calming bath salts or pearls that'll make your bathtub the only place you'll ever want to be.

    14. Show your nails and cuticles some love in between manicures with individual nail treatments.

    15. Or tackle the entire hand and slip on heatable gloves infused with paraffin wax and essential oils to help ease joint pain and moisturize dry skin.

    16. Entertain little ones with adorable bath sponges that will also leave them squeaky clean.

    17. Light up a geranium-scented soy candle to fill the room with a lovely, just-strong-enough scent that's sure to melt away your stress.

    18. Plop an aromatherapy bath bomb into warm waters for fizziness and ~increased vitality~.

    19. Use your soaking time to apply a deep-conditioning hair mask and throw it up in a shower cap while you wait for it to work its magic.

    20. Decorate your bath with gorgeous soap petals and envelop the entire bathroom in floral scents.

    21. Clear your sinuses and headaches with a few sniffs from a herbal jar.

    22. Banish rough skin with terracotta foot scrubbers that look super cute even when they're not being used.

    23. Scrub down every single hard-to-reach spot with a long boar bristle brush.

    24. Keep all of your bath necessities right by your side in a basket or rolling cart.

    25. Remove dead skin cells with a gentle body scrub formulated with organic sugar, rice milk, and cherry blossom.

    26. Fiddle around with some therapy putty (color-coded based on resistance level) to give your always-hunched-over-a-keyboard hands a much-needed exercise.

    27. When you're finally done with your bath (and no doubt quite pruny), step out of the tub and straight into a plush terry robe.

    28. Or burrito yourself into a luxuriously soft towel because you deserve the best.

    29. And don't forget to dry your feet on a cute winking cloud mat! It adds to the whole experience, trust me.

    Ok, I think you're ready now. Go forth and bathe away!