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21 Things That Will Make Cooking And Prepping Vegetables So Much Easier

Get your greens in.

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1. A handy double steamer so you can cook different veggies and dishes in their own compartments.

Picky eaters who hate their foods touching, this one's for you.

Get it from Amazon for $36.57.

Recipe inspiration: vegetable dumplings (The Woks of Life), steamed veggies with quinoa & sesame ginger dressing (Vegan Yack attack), and steamed vegetable manchurian in gravy (Saffron Trail)

2. A salad spinner that would actually be offended if you ~only~ use it to dry your lettuce and spring greens.

Examples of other uses: remove excess moisture from grated potatoes or other vegetables (like broccoli florets and leeks), defrost frozen shrimp, and drain/dry pasta. (And not food-related, but it's also an awesome way to wash your bras.)

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

3. Storage pods that can prolong the life of your herbs and veggies for up to three weeks.

There's a small, refillable water well at the bottom of the container to keep the stems fresh.

Get a set of three for $28.99.

You can also try tossing these BluApples into your produce drawers to preserve freshness, which absorbs the ethylene gas that's responsible for rotting.


14. A simple leaf-shaped utensil that seamlessly strips kale, collards, and herb leaves from their stems so you can get a head start on your dinner prep.

Get it from Amazon for $7.77.

Recipe inspiration: kale guac (Healthy Recipe Ecstasy), kale & black bean brownies (Tiffany Haugen), and sun-dried tomato cheezy kale chips (Oh She Glows)


18. A multifunctional bowl that makes prepping, draining, and eating salads a breeze.

Less dishes, less problems. To future quicken the process, these chopping salad tongs could also be of use.

Get it from Amazon for $16.06.

Recipe inspiration: autumn bliss salad with stuffing croutons, creamy tahini chopped salad, and kale, miso, and soft egg salad (A Beautiful Mess)


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