Lipstick is red / Lipstick is also blue / Makeup is sweet / And so is more makeup.

Sarah Han • One day ago

::squeals into 2019::

Sarah Han • 2 days ago

*taps shoes together* "Is it working yet??" —you whenever you're not at home

Sarah Han • 2 days ago

As a Taiwan transplant in NYC studying jazz and a Korean artist who completed the longest U.S. tour ever for a Korean act, it's safe to say 9M88 and Cifika, respectively, have their music career sights set on the entire world.

Sarah Han • 5 days ago

They'll do the practically impossible task of parting with your hard-earned money so much easier! BYE, PAYCHECK. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF FABRIC!

Sarah Han • 7 days ago

We know your hair is filled with secrets...tell us how you maintain your mane on the cheap!

Sarah Han • 9 days ago

*debates saving yourself the hassle of wrapping all of these presents and just writing "From me, to me" on all of them*

Sarah Han • 9 days ago

Dressing up your home on a budget? No problemo.

Sarah Han • 10 days ago

The best time to try something that costs $$$? When you can get it at a discount.

Sarah Han • 11 days ago

I know you say this basically every year, but 2019 IS THE YEAR YOU REALLY GET ORGANIZED.

Sarah Han • 11 days ago

They're smol, affordable, and will make them say, "THIS IS WHAT MY FACE AND BODY NEEDED."

Sarah Han • 15 days ago

Improving your life for $25 or less? What is this, a joke? It's not. Get shopping.

Sarah Han • 15 days ago

Just a bunch of things that anyone would love to get this holiday season.

Daniela Cadena • 7 days ago

Love may or may not be forever — but these gifts come pretty damn close.

Sarah Han • 16 days ago

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed writers and editors!

Sarah Han • 17 days ago

Glowing skin? Flawless makeup? Undying appreciating for you? Yep, your friends and family will have all of these.

Sarah Han • 17 days ago

Your skincare goals are in reach and cheaper than ever.

Sarah Han • 22 days ago

Take these little test tubes of eye magic for a spin!

Sarah Han • 23 days ago

It's called treating yourself — look it up!

Sarah Han • 23 days ago

Skincare hero products delivered straight to my door, along with my usual order of TP and copious amounts of instant ramen? YES PLEASE.

Sarah Han • 24 days ago