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    31 Products That'll Make You Sing, "Oh My My My, I've Waited All My Life"

    "You got me high so fast." —you singing to these products

    1. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, a beloved SPF celebrated by POCs everywhere for its ~invisible~ jelly formula that doesn't leave a white cast or leave skin looking ashy — because finding sun protection that works shouldn't be this hard!!

    2. A zipper puller designed to clasp onto any zipper and act as an extension, so you can pull your dresses all the way up yourself *and* avoid straining and twisting your arm, thank you very much!

    3. A Wet Brush, a near-magic detangling brush that, contrary to its name, works great on both wet and dry hair and uses ~IntelliFlex bristles~ to soften and take care of those pesky knots without tugging on your hair and causing breakage. No more tears to be shed, folks!

    4. A bracelet holder because it's too dang hard to fasten bracelets together with just one hand, and it's about time we got help! No more precious minutes wasted by the other end of the bracelet slipping away!

    5. A pair of anti-chafing thigh bands that'll let you bop, dance, and walk around the whole damn city without feeling an ounce of discomfort from your thighs rubbing each other raw — you know, a basic human right.

    6. A PopWallet+, a hybrid of the beloved PopGrip and PopWallet, so you can double up the benefits of having your cards handy *and* easier phone dexterity/viewing. Dreams do come true!

    7. Trunk Club – it's technically a service, but it's pretty life-changing: a dedicated stylist picks out pieces specifically tailored to your style and you only pay for what you keep, so you're totally in control! But omg, the pieces they choose are so chic that you'll probably want to keep the whole Trunk.

    8. An OXO Good Grips produce box with an enhanced carbon filter to keep your precious fruits and veggies from spoiling and wilting within a few days, and the elevated colander promotes airflow/prevents rotting *and* makes it super easy to lift out and wash your goods.

    9. A high-racerback sports bra that'll actually fit, support, and lift big boobs for everyday chillin', running errands, and workouts. You know what they won't do? They *won't* dig into your shoulders or ribs, give you underboob rashes, or just generally feel uncomfortable to wear all friggin' day long!

    10. And a Harper Wilde The Base bra for the feels-like-nothing bra you've been searching for your whole life (Oh, just me?). Its microfiber fabric is buttery soft, super breathable, and creates a seamless look, the straps are FRONT-adjustable (so you can fix slipping straps without even taking the bra off!), the back is racerback-convertible, and there's an "X-bridge" design in between the cups for easy folding/packing! They've thought of it all.

    11. A 100% natural soy wax candle to mask and neutralize lingering pet-related smells, so you enjoy snuggling with your cuddlemuffins (and their general presence, lol) without having to breathe in the aftereffects of a major poop. And they come in such lovely scents, like Mango Peach, so it's a win all around!

    12. A massive pack of silicone earring backings, so you don't have to leave your gorgeous earrings behind in jewelry purgatory every time you lose the backs they came with! They're easy to slip on, have a tight grip, and are safe for sensitive skin. Wins all around!

    13. Sexy Hair Hot Flash Me 450° Quick Blow Dry Spray to slash blow dry time by up to 50%, so your delicate strands stay strong and less tainted by heat damage (up to 450°F!). Quicker blow dry = no more arm soreness either!

    14. Waterproof screen repair tape for mending torn screens in a snap — yes, you can definitely tell the tape is ~there~, but it beats having to go out and buy a whole new screen, especially when the risks involve flies and mosquito bites!

    15. An Aquis hair towel, because microfiber dries your hair faster and with less damage (No rubbing! No excessive frizz!) than regular cotton — and this keeps your hair in place and outta sight, so you don't have to be bogged down by damp strands.

    16. Nearly invisible hydrocolloid HanHoo Blemish Patches to speed up the healing process of inflamed pimples, defeat those suckers, and protect them from both outside bacteria and yourself (no picking!!!) — they're truly a STEAL, ladies and gents!

    17. A cloud-like cooling mattress topper filled with alternative down fill (aka no poking or prodding from goose/duck feathers!) to allow better, increased air flow and give hot sleepers some sweet, sweet relief this summer. And did we mention it's machine-washable? Rejoice in its convenience!

    18. Magnetic screws that'll fit into any light switch cover and keep your keys (or anything up to three pounds!) right next to the door, so you never leave them behind — no extra rack or assembly required.

    19. A pair of Allbirds Tree Breezers constructed from sustainably harvested eucalyptus tree fiber for snug but ~extra breathable~ flats that move with you, keep your feet from shifting around, and provide ample cushioning (hello, caster bean oil!). Go ahead, run around town! These bbs gotchu.

    20. A wine stain remover that'll magically erase all kinds of fresh and dried spills, including but not limited to red wine, coffee, blood, ink, and sauces. Klutzes, breathe a deep sigh of relief!! It also smells like citrus, which is a great added bonus.

    21. E.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer, a velvety, glides-over-skin primer to help smooth out pores achieve an ~airbrushed~ look — and it's infused with Squalane to help grip makeup for all-day wear and help protect skin from moisture loss. Skincare *and* makeup benefits? Now that's what we're all about.

    22. A BPA-free, dishwasher-safe microwave ramen cooker so you can satiate your craving for good ol' midnight ramen in a few minutes flat without having to watch and wait for a pot of water to boil. It's truly the small things in life. *sheds a tear*

    23. A cushy memory foam chair cushion for anyone who's been searching for something to help soothe their back pain and relieve tailbone pressure (Hello, long-distance driving!) and/or work on their posture. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, relief is just a few clicks away! *adds to cart immediately*

    24. A pack of bottle stands, so you can easily flip all your condiments, syrup, shampoos, and lotions upside-down to use every last ounce without doing it manually every time and waiting for the goods to sloooowly drip down, balancing them on their small caps, or banging bottles on your counter.

    25. A shoe stretcher to help break in your shoes (bye, pain!) or expand otherwise too-tight shoes (everything except for boots!) in just 24 hours without the hassle of buying a new pair! This is what we call a ~lifehack~.

    26. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream if every other solution you've ever tried to make your heels happy, soft, and crack-free just hasn't worked — this bb creates a protective, glycerin-heavy layer that'll boost moisture levels, penetrate rougher surface skin, and prevent future moisture loss, so your skin can actually ~heel~ (heal).

    27. A nickel-free sterling silver magnet converter to free you from all the inevitable time you've spent trying to connect your minuscule lobster clasps — just attach the two ends to the magnets' loops and voila, you're necklaced-up!

    28. An Xtava diffuser for the baddest, bounciest, and most defined curls of your life — oh, and that includes minimal frizz, plenty of volume, and enhanced shine! 360 degree airflow means heat is evenly distributed to dry each strand faster and to perfection (again, no frizz). The "fingers" feature drying vents too, so you get simultaneous air flow at both the root and tips.

    29. A stylish Modern Picnic lunch tote designed with vegan leather and a roomy insulated interior to keep your lunch and snacks totally fresh until they're ready to be devoured. And since it looks spot-on like a classic purse, you'll definitely be motivated to bring your own lunch to work way more!

    30. A pack of durable reusable organic bamboo pads to lessen your impact on the environment while ~effectively~ getting rid of every bit of stubborn, long-lasting eye makeup — we're not letting waterproof mascara win. Just toss 'em in the washer (in their little mesh bag!) and they're good as new.

    31. A cordless Braun Silk-épil 5 epilator that'll make you swear off waxing and shaving possibly forever because its MicroGrip tweezers can remove hair as short as 0.5mm (so you never have to wait for your hair to grow between waxing appointments or book costly appointments, period!) and keep it short for longer, reduce redness/bumps/ingrown hairs, and there's no mess to clean up! Since it's waterproof, you can also ease the pain by epilating in the bath or shower — with regular use in water, it becomes virtually painless!

    Sing it with meeeee:

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