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    31 Things That'll Help You Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

    "That's why her hair is so big. It's healthy and full of nourishment."

    1. A collagen- and protein-packed Elizavecca hair treatment that'll spin your damaged, hay-like hair into golden locks ready for their own luxurious, slow-mo commercial. The health! The body! The silkiness! All of it can be yours in five to 20 minutes (depending on your preference).

    2. A classic Wet Brush with flexible bristles to oh-so-gently tackle knots in the shower, out of the shower, and on dry hair — basically any time your hair gets tangled, you can solve it easily, quickly, and without shedding a single tear due to pain.

    3. An affordable, raved-about Hot Tools curler for a perfect amount of oomph when your regular hair is looking a little flat or blah — and it heats up super quickly, maintains its temperature, and has a long cool grip so you can hold the other end without hurting yourself.

    4. A luxuriously soft silk pillowcase to treat your hair like the royal crown that it is — and ya' know, prevent friction-created frizz, tangling, and that other thing commonly known as bedhead. Plus, it feels so cooling and nice!

    5. A pack of flexible, no-heat curling rods for customizable curls that adhere to your desired dimensions — and without any damage and/or frizz incurred from heated tools!

    6. A fan-favorite anti-residue Neutrogena shampoo — *points to 4.6 Amazon rating and 1.5k+ five-star reviews* — to bulldoze through and remove excess, dulling buildup from styling products, which in turn boosts volume and shine. Hello, much-needed hair reset!

    7. A beloved Olaplex bonding treatment with a patented, professional-grade formula to rebuild broken bonds within your hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage — so in short, it's an actual lifesaver for color-treated or bleached hair.

    8. A L’Oréal color-reviving deep conditioner that'll restore brittle, color-treated hair in need of some extra TLC by hydrating and smoothing out parched, frizzed hair — so it looks visibly calmed down post-shower. And did I mention you only need to leave it in for a minute? Time-crunched and/or impatient people, rejoice!

    9. A clear Carol's Daughter edge smoother that'll take only a few moments to lay your edges, so they *stay* sleek and under control all day long — and it doesn't flake or leave residue like a gel might.

    10. A three-minute (!!!) Pantene conditioning mask to transform your lackluster and frizzy locks into the airbrushed results of a luscious, salon-quality blowout in the time it takes for you to dance in the shower to your favorite song. And at just $5, it basically pays for itself!

    11. A super soft Aquis microfier hair towel to quickly and easily wrap around your whole head to *quickly and more efficiently* absorb moisture from wet hair, so you don't have to resort to using heat and subjecting your hair to extra damage — and it's *way* gentler than a traditional towel, so there's less frizz involved. Good hair days, indeed.

    12. A nifty, palm-sized massage brush for not only a relaxing shower, but also to help stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, relieve itchiness/flakiness and dandruff, and exfoliate any product buildup or skin residue away in a flash — hello, satisfaction!

    13. A cult fave It's a 10 leave-in treatment that'll eliminate frizz, restores shine, and enhance the ~natural body~ of your hair — listen, your strands will feel so silky smooth, that you'll find yourself becoming a customer for life.

    14. If heat is a must, an effective and long-lasting Conair hair dryer with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button — all powered by tourmaline technology and a powerful motor to cut down drying time and prevent frizz. Sometimes ya' gotta stick to what you know, especially if what you know does it best!

    15. A restorative, moringa-infused Verb hair oil to smooth away frizz and tackle any flyaways you might have from root to tip — it's basically the equivalent of a daily vitamin for your hair!

    16. A body-building Living Proof hairspray with a ~customizable nozzle~ for adjusting the particle size and spray rate to your desired settings (!!!), which results in ample airiness and movement to your hair — and it offers heat protection up to 450 degrees.

    17. Cute telephone cord-like hair ties, so your hair ties don't leave a single dent in your hair — or worse, actually pull out some strands — plus, who doesn't love the nostalgia factor?

    18. A snail mucin–infused La'dor hair essence fortified with extra goodies like, keratin, moringa seed oil, and collagen to help reverse damage from chemical treatments, heat, or's many obstacles. It'll magically absorb and disappear into your hair (don't let the texture fool ya!), while boosting shine and controlling frizz for blowout-like results — so, whether your hair is colored or naturally frazzled, you can achieve silky strands.

    19. A simple headband with a detachable bow that'll ~tie~ your look together *and* keep your hair out of your face at the same time, 'cause no one — and I repeat, no one — has the time for unruly bangs getting in the way of their hustle.

    20. Luxe Slip silk hair ties to keep your hair out of the way, and more importantly, happy and crease-less. Because we're over rough hair ties that hurt our hair and tear out a load of strands every time we pull 'em out. And these look extremely cute! So what's not to love?

    21. A L'oreal semi-permanent hair dye kit for a super easy and non-intimidating way to achieve the pastel color of your dreams, even for just a little bit — mostly so you can move on to your next color adventure, because it gets addicting really quickly.

    22. A divine-smelling, shea butter–infused Cantu curling cream that'll moisturize even the driest of curls, add body and definition, and minimize frizz — all while being free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone. Hello, soft hair for daaaaays. Literally.

    23. Color Wow root cover up to help extend the time between in-salon touchups — plus, the powder application is super smooth (no crunch like with a spray), and there's no dreaded pillow transfer to boot.

    24. A Joico leave-in treatment that'll shield your hair against blow drying, heat styling, pollution, and UV damage — so your mane stays lookin' sleeker, softer, shinier all day long, and free of broken hairs hogging the spotlight.

    25. A John Freida Hot Air Brush that'll dry and style your hair to utter, frizz-free perfection, so you can boast shiny, fresh hair all day long. Call it a luxe salon blowout in the comfort of your own home, and minus the big bucks you'd usually have to spend!

    26. A yuzu-infused and -scented shampoo and conditioner set to detangle and smoothe over frizzy hair, while also reinvigorating dry hair with quinoa, oil blends, and argan stem cells.

    27. A vegan color-depositing Overtone system with daily conditioners and weekly deep treatments to hydrate and fortify your hair, while adding or maintaining your fab color — without the heavy price tag of a salon touch-up or having to drench your hair in cold water to preserve the color (bless, because I love my warm showers).

    28. A refreshing Kristin Ess hair mist to keep your tresses lookin' soft and frizz-free long after the initial wash — its mist is ~superfine~ and contains the tiniest bit of castor oil to hydrate and smooth over your hair without weighing it down, ever.

    29. A two-step Rita Hazan conditioner replacement that'll treat your hair cuticles to the VIP treatment they deserve. Let's break it down: Step 1 opens up the hair cuticle for optimal penetration of conditioners and oils, and Step 2 seals the cuticles while locking in nutrition for deep, lasting hydration, while rice proteins strengthen and protect your color.

    30. A cooling, fizzing (hello, micro-bubbles!), and detoxifying Bumble and Bumble scalp foam for a good ol' reset on your hair: it uses micellar water, salicylic acid, and a nourishing blend of caffeine and vitamins to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells from your scalp — all without drying out or stripping it.

    31. A nourishing coconut and fig Coco & Eve hair mask so you can finally emerge as the winner in the never-ending fight against vicious humidity and deeply difficult, tangled hair — it also comes with a detangling brush to ensure that the product spreads out evenly and coats every last inch!

    32. A sea salt texturing spray to scrunch into your hair and boost otherwise flat hair with loose, natural waves, without any feelings of stickiness, stiffness, or heaviness.

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