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    31 Things That'll Help You Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

    "That's why her hair is so big. It's healthy and full of nourishment."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A collagen- and protein-packed Elizavecca hair treatment that'll spin your damaged, hay-like hair into golden locks ready for their own luxurious, slow-mo commercial. The health! The body! The silkiness! All of it can be yours in five to 20 minutes (depending on your preference).

    Rebecca O'Connell / Via

    Promising review: "My hair used to be really soft, and then I discovered hot tools and hair dye. While my hair looks good I really missed the soft texture. This works so well. There are no instructions on the box but I washed my hair with my usual shampoo, towel dried it, worked about two quarter-sized dollops through my hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinsed out. I went to bed with wet hair which usually results in my hair being kind of tangled and rough looking but I woke up and my hair was as soft and silky as it was before I started coloring it. I'm totally in love with this product, I have long fine hair but this doesn't leave it greasy or weigh it down. I'll definitely buy again." —Ellie

    Get it from Amazon for $7.50.

    Read our full review of Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment (#1) for more deets!

    2. A classic Wet Brush with flexible bristles to oh-so-gently tackle knots in the shower, out of the shower, and on dry hair — basically any time your hair gets tangled, you can solve it easily, quickly, and without shedding a single tear due to pain.

    @thewetbrush / Via

    Promising review: "Okay, I was skeptical. I've used all sorts of brushes on my hair all my life, but they have never made any big difference on my easily-tangled hair. I still don't understand what the difference is with this brush, but it just glides so effortlessly through my wet, tangled hair — it's like magic! After so many years of struggling with my hair and using conditioning sprays to help speed the process, it's crazy that this brush just goes right through!" —L. H. Christenson

    Get one from Amazon for $7.49 (available in various colors; also available in mini sizes).

    Check out our full writeup of the Wet Brush for more deets!

    3. An affordable, raved-about Hot Tools curler for a perfect amount of oomph when your regular hair is looking a little flat or blah — and it heats up super quickly, maintains its temperature, and has a long cool grip so you can hold the other end without hurting yourself., @hottoolspro / Via

    Promising review: "I’ve been through a dozen curling irons, and this is The One. I literally get stopped by passersby to ask how I get my hair to look the way it does. Heats quickly, curls last all day, and no damage." —Kida Avani

    Get an one-inch curler from Amazon for $34.99 (available in a variety of sizes).

    4. A luxuriously soft silk pillowcase to treat your hair like the royal crown that it is — and ya' know, prevent friction-created frizz, tangling, and that other thing commonly known as bedhead. Plus, it feels so cooling and nice!


    Promising review: "At first, I did not notice a big difference in my hair. It wasn't until after I stopped using it that I started noticing my hair texture change. It began to look dry and frizzy again. With that being said, I truly believe this silk pillowcase will benefit the health and texture of your hair. I recommend giving it a shot. It's super soft and it will also make your bed look more classy." —AC

    Get a queen-sized, white pillowcase from Amazon for $22.90 (available in a variety of colors and sizes).

    Check out our full writeup of the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase for more deets!

    5. A pack of flexible, no-heat curling rods for customizable curls that adhere to your desired dimensions — and without any damage and/or frizz incurred from heated tools!


    Promising review: "The rollers are the perfect size and gave me the same results as my expensive digital perms. I've been getting digital perms for the last year to the tune of $200 every three to four months, so these rollers (at $12 a pack) are a steal. I only needed seven for my whole head even though I have a lot of hair." —HoyaBlue

    Get a 30-pack of assorted sizes from Amazon for $7.99 or a 42-pack for $10.11.

    6. A fan-favorite anti-residue Neutrogena shampoo — *points to 4.6 Amazon rating and 1.5k+ five-star reviews* — to bulldoze through and remove excess, dulling buildup from styling products, which in turn boosts volume and shine. Hello, much-needed hair reset!

    @neutrogena / Via

    Promising review: "I buy this every year — it really works! I have very thick, very long hair (24 inches!) and out of necessity use a number of hair products on a daily basis. This results in some grossness that builds up in my hair, but this shampoo takes care of that! You can actually feel the 'squeaky clean' in your hair right after you use this. A little bit goes a long way, so this also lasts a very long time." —Garie

    Get it from Amazon for $5.19.

    7. A beloved Olaplex bonding treatment with a patented, professional-grade formula to rebuild broken bonds within your hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage — so in short, it's an actual lifesaver for color-treated or bleached hair., @sephora / Via

    Promising review: "MAGIC!! I was doubtful, given that I have tried the gamut of hair conditioning treatments (yes, yes, I know this is NOT a conditioner, but a bonder), and all I have to say is 'WOWZA!' After some really harsh processing (from dark brown to very blonde, and then funky colors like pink), my hair more closely resembled hay than it did actual hair — and as the weeks went on, the breakage started getting worse. I tried this as my last feeble attempt to salvage my locks, and I am BLOWN AWAY by the results! It really does work. I won't lie and tell you my hair is back to its normal state, but it has SIGNIFICANTLY improved. It is smoother, softer, and even has some of its weight back! This was just after one application too — I left it in for an hour, as the website suggested for my level of damage. I am definitely sold." —Maria Ghobrial

    Get it from Amazon for $28. You can also buy Olaplex's No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, and No.6 Bond Smoother for $28 each.

    Check out our full review of Olaplex No.3 for more deets!

    8. A L’Oréal color-reviving deep conditioner that'll restore brittle, color-treated hair in need of some extra TLC by hydrating and smoothing out parched, frizzed hair — so it looks visibly calmed down post-shower. And did I mention you only need to leave it in for a minute? Time-crunched and/or impatient people, rejoice!

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I have highlighted hair that is pretty dry, and I’ve neglected to cut it for quite a while. My hair is really fine, so I always worry about weight of hair products when trying new ones. This conditioner is really great for the ends of my hair and makes such a difference when I use it. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair, smells great, and helps hydrate my really dry ends. I really recommend this product, especially on color-treated hair." —Tiffany M.

    Get it from Amazon for $4.97 (also available in Damaged Hair and Dry Hair varieties).

    And check out my full review of the L’Oréal Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner for more deets (#4)! I typically leave it in for an extra couple of minutes because I have nothing better to do, but you get the gist.

    9. A clear Carol's Daughter edge smoother that'll take only a few moments to lay your edges, so they *stay* sleek and under control all day long — and it doesn't flake or leave residue like a gel might., @carolsdaughter / Via

    Promising review: "This stuff is the bomb. I just comb a little through my hair with my fingers and concentrate on the areas by my face. Suddenly I have a sleek ponytail for the first time in my life. No more baby hairs/regrowth floating around my face or sticking straight up. I've also noticed my buns and ponytails seem to hold better and don't become loose throughout the day like they used to. I have really thick and heavy hair, so this is pretty amazing." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $5.19.

    10. A three-minute (!!!) Pantene conditioning mask to transform your lackluster and frizzy locks into the airbrushed results of a luscious, salon-quality blowout in the time it takes for you to dance in the shower to your favorite song. And at just $5, it basically pays for itself!

    Elizabeth Lilly

    Promising review: "It really does deeply condition my hair each and every single time. I have very tangled hair and after I comb this through my hair the tangles are gone. It also has a really lovely smell and leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone with thick, frizzy, tangled, dry or damaged hair, it has been a godsend." —cupsofxoxo

    Get it from Walmart for $4.97 or Target for $4.99.

    Check out our full review of Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner for more deets (the only slight difference is that her product was labeled as a "deep conditioner," instead of a "daily conditioner").

    11. A super soft Aquis microfier hair towel to quickly and easily wrap around your whole head to *quickly and more efficiently* absorb moisture from wet hair, so you don't have to resort to using heat and subjecting your hair to extra damage — and it's *way* gentler than a traditional towel, so there's less frizz involved. Good hair days, indeed.

    Natalie Brown / Buzzfee

    You can go right to sleep in this and wake up with dry hair, or *significantly* reduce your blow dry time after this towel's done most of the heavy-lifting drying.

    Promising review: "This is the coolest towel! It is just like the ones they use in the salons after they wash your hair. It saves me so much time because it is super absorbent compared to a regular towel, and my hair is very nearly dry by the time I take it off. Plus, it is much more gentle — I have noticed that my hair is less frizzy when I use this towel as opposed to my cotton/terry bath towels." —summersky51

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in eight colors/patterns).

    Check out our full review of the Aquis Hair Towel for all the deets!

    12. A nifty, palm-sized massage brush for not only a relaxing shower, but also to help stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, relieve itchiness/flakiness and dandruff, and exfoliate any product buildup or skin residue away in a flash — hello, satisfaction!, Amazon

    Promising review: "A little over a year ago I stopped chemically straightening my hair and am now fully natural. I love my coils and curls, but I'm still getting used to its thickness and how fast it's been growing. It's harder to get to my scalp when shampooing, leaving me with itchy buildup. I decided to give this one a chance due to its design with longer, more spaced-out bristles/teeth. All I can say is, 'Whoa!' It reached my scalp easily with its longer bristles. While the bristles seem soft, they're still tough enough to massage the scalp and get rid of buildup. I highly recommend it for those with thicker, curly or wavy hair." —Leigh

    Get it from Amazon for $5.95 (available in three colors).

    13. A cult fave It's a 10 leave-in treatment that'll eliminate frizz, restores shine, and enhance the ~natural body~ of your hair — listen, your strands will feel so silky smooth, that you'll find yourself becoming a customer for life.

    @itsa10haircare / Via

    Promising review: "I fell in love with this product after my hairstylist used it after highlighting my hair. Even after highlights, when my hair is extra dry, this product will make it soft, smooth, and easy to comb. I won't go anywhere without it and even have the travel size." —Chantel G.

    Get a 10 oz. bottle from Amazon for $22.50. Also available in Plus Keratin and Lite (formulated for thin, short hair) versions.

    14. If heat is a must, an effective and long-lasting Conair hair dryer with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button — all powered by tourmaline technology and a powerful motor to cut down drying time and prevent frizz. Sometimes ya' gotta stick to what you know, especially if what you know does it best!


    Promising review: "I don’t normally write reviews, but this is a great hairdryer. I originally bought this model in 2011. I got seven good years out of it before the wire frayed at the base. Why five stars, then? Because it worked consistently and I use it three to four times a week to blow out my thick, curly hair, but the hair dryer is never too hot and I rarely get split ends. Even my hair stylist is amazed at how healthy my hair is, even though I blow it out so often. Anyway, I was so happy to find out that they still make this hair dryer. Here’s to another seven years!" —Laurie L.

    Get it from Amazon for $26.87+ (available in two colors).

    15. A restorative, moringa-infused Verb hair oil to smooth away frizz and tackle any flyaways you might have from root to tip — it's basically the equivalent of a daily vitamin for your hair!, @verbproducts / Via

    Promising review: "This stuff has changed my hair game. I have excessively bleached hair. But this stuff is so great to my hair it has returned it to a soft, healthy, silky feeling. I run two to three pumps of this oil through my damp hair (I have long, thick hair), and work it into the bleached parts. I also add more before curling my hair to protect it from heat damage. The amount you get for the price is astonishing, considering most hair oils give you less product for like twice as much. Buy it: works great, smells great, and feels great." —Eva

    Get it from Amazon for $16.

    16. A body-building Living Proof hairspray with a ~customizable nozzle~ for adjusting the particle size and spray rate to your desired settings (!!!), which results in ample airiness and movement to your hair — and it offers heat protection up to 450 degrees.

    @livingproofinc / Via

    Promising review: "Okay, this is pricey and the smell is interesting, but it DELIVERS. I have baby fine hair and this stuff fluffs it up like nothing I've every tried. Does not make your hair crunchy or sticky, but it can make it feel pretty dry if you go overboard. Best dry volume product I have ever used, and I've tried a lot of stuff." —Amanda

    Get it from Amazon for $15 (2.8 oz.) or $29 (7.3 oz).

    Of course, we can't forget about their cult-status Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, which was reviewed by a BuzzFeeder in this review roundup (#8).

    17. Cute telephone cord-like hair ties, so your hair ties don't leave a single dent in your hair — or worse, actually pull out some strands — plus, who doesn't love the nostalgia factor?

    @invisibobble / Via, @invisibobble / Via

    Promising review: "It sounds like hyperbole to say that these hair ties changed my life, but it's true. I sleep with my hair in a messy top knot using these elastics every night. In the morning, I just take my hair down, run a brush through it, and that's it. My hair is done, and more voluminous than ever before. I do have pretty low-maintenance hair in general (long, naturally straight) but I never thought it could be THIS EASY. One note: I still use normal elastics when I work out because these don't always hold tight enough when I'm running." —Rachel P.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $5.90+ (available in five colors).

    Check out my full review of Invisibobbles for more deets (#6)!

    18. A snail mucin–infused La'dor hair essence fortified with extra goodies like, keratin, moringa seed oil, and collagen to help reverse damage from chemical treatments, heat, or's many obstacles. It'll magically absorb and disappear into your hair (don't let the texture fool ya!), while boosting shine and controlling frizz for blowout-like results — so, whether your hair is colored or naturally frazzled, you can achieve silky strands.

    Soko Glam

    Squeeze no more than a dime-sized amount and tap it through your hair, like you would with an essence for your face! Focus on extra damaged areas, like your ends.

    Promising review: "Five enthusiastic stars! I have thick, fine hair, and I went through a high-risk twin pregnancy that made me very sick. Post-pregnancy, my hormones went wacko and I never slept. The result was dry, brittle hair with a lot of split ends, breakage, and frizz. I have been babying my hair since with natural oils and butters, which have helped tremendously. But this is another level. After the first use, I slept on it wet. I woke up with more defined, weightless, and shiny waves. I blew my hair dry and styled it. My brush glided through my hair in a way I’ve never experienced — my hair is soft and manageable and I have no frizz, which is usually my main concern. It looks like I had a salon blowout, which is a look I normally cannot achieve at home. I am also very picky about products that have any sort of residue or heavy feeling. I don’t even use any hairspray because I don’t like the heaviness. But this product disappears into your hair." —Marie

    Get it from Soko Glam for $29.

    19. A simple headband with a detachable bow that'll ~tie~ your look together *and* keep your hair out of your face at the same time, 'cause no one — and I repeat, no one — has the time for unruly bangs getting in the way of their hustle.,

    Promising review: "I work at a bakery/cafe and at first bought these because my baby hairs tend to fly about by the end of the day, while I'm in the back baking. These keep those little flyaways tucked out of sight. I started to wear them in the cafe where I work occasionally, and every time I wear them I receive so many compliments from customers who love the way I style my hair with them." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $9.89+ (available in solid and patterned packs of six or eight each).

    20. Luxe Slip silk hair ties to keep your hair out of the way, and more importantly, happy and crease-less. Because we're over rough hair ties that hurt our hair and tear out a load of strands every time we pull 'em out. And these look extremely cute! So what's not to love?

    @slipsilkpillowcase / Via

    If, like me, you like the idea of big scrunchies in theory but not so much in practice, these are the perfect option! I personally swear by these and use these on a daily basis because I like having my hair up when I need to focus, but they don't look like an eyesore in the least — in fact, they make me feel just a lil' fancy, which is always a great feeling.

    Promising review: I have long, fine hair and find most ties slide out and leave a crimp, and break my hair. These ties stay put, are gentle on my baby-fine hair, and don’t leave creases! Amazing product! Highly recommend!" —amycsails

    Get a six-pack from Nordstrom for $39.

    21. A L'oreal semi-permanent hair dye kit for a super easy and non-intimidating way to achieve the pastel color of your dreams, even for just a little bit — mostly so you can move on to your next color adventure, because it gets addicting really quickly.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / Via,

    Promising review (for the second photo): "Arrived early, the day after I ordered it, packaged well and $4 cheaper than any of my local stores. The color was a little dark the last time I used it so this time I mixed with conditioner (about three parts conditioner to one part color) and it came out a perfect pastel pink. Usually lasts about a month and doesn't stain my bleached blonde hair like a lot of semi permanents do. I'll definitely buy again — my favorite is the light pink and the peach, which is a perfect rose gold." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.95+ (available in nine colors).

    Check out our full review of L'Oréal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color for more deets!

    22. A divine-smelling, shea butter–infused Cantu curling cream that'll moisturize even the driest of curls, add body and definition, and minimize frizz — all while being free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone. Hello, soft hair for daaaaays. Literally.

    @cantubeauty / Via

    Promising review: "I am a 4C natural and my hair loves this — it's very moisturizing and makes my hair so soft, and it lasts for days so I don't have to reapply until about four days later, which is a huge deal for my very dry hair. The smell is amazing too, and it penetrates through my hair very well. I don't really need to put extra oils in my hair or even leave-in conditioner. I recommend this to majority of the natural hair community." —Mycrownglory

    Get it from Target or Walmart for $5.99.

    23. Color Wow root cover up to help extend the time between in-salon touchups — plus, the powder application is super smooth (no crunch like with a spray), and there's no dreaded pillow transfer to boot.

    @colorwowhair / Via,

    Promising review: "The only product that covers my grays and doesn't rub off on me or anything else! My only tip is that if your hair is really clean, this will not stick. It works best on second day or later hair. If your hair is freshly washed, hit your roots with some hairspray before you apply this and you will not be disappointed!" —Shoeaholic

    Get it from Amazon for $24.15 (available in eight shades).

    24. A Joico leave-in treatment that'll shield your hair against blow drying, heat styling, pollution, and UV damage — so your mane stays lookin' sleeker, softer, shinier all day long, and free of broken hairs hogging the spotlight.

    Joico / Via

    Promising review: "I have fine, thin hair and it was breaking due to my curling iron. I got this stuff and I love it! All I need is a tiny amount, about the size of a grain of rice. I rub it between my hands and distribute through hair, and my hair is instantly sleeker, softer, and shinier. And I think it's protecting my hair. When I don't use it for a while I notice broken hairs standing up on my scalp." —Wgirl

    Get it from Ulta for $20.99 (also available in travel size).

    25. A John Freida Hot Air Brush that'll dry and style your hair to utter, frizz-free perfection, so you can boast shiny, fresh hair all day long. Call it a luxe salon blowout in the comfort of your own home, and minus the big bucks you'd usually have to spend!

    There are two heat settings, along with a cold setting, for your convenience and the titanium ceramic barrel helps distribute heat evenly, leading to less damage!

    Promising review: "I cannot explain how happy I am after buying this product. I have extremely dry, brittle, bleached hair. I also have curly long hair, which already craves moisture, and then I bleach my hair, so all I've ever known is frizz. I don't have the patience or the skill to do a professional blowout at home — it always comes out a hot, frizzy mess UNTIL this amazing air brush. No joke I have spent thousands and I wish I was exaggerating but all my life I've tried everything including straightening treatments, but nothing would last. This air brush gives me soft, voluminous hair with no frizz, and makes my hair look healthy and normal, not dry or over-processed. Best investment I've ever made." —Valessia

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two sizes).

    Check out our full review of the John Freida Hot Air Brush to find out why they're obsessed with this product!

    26. A yuzu-infused and -scented shampoo and conditioner set to detangle and smoothe over frizzy hair, while also reinvigorating dry hair with quinoa, oil blends, and argan stem cells.

    @naturelabtokyo / Via

    I'm a big fan of NatureLab Tokyo's clean ingredients and no harsh chemicals philosophy, and since dryness and frizz are my main hair concerns, I fell in love with NatureLab Tokyo's Perfect Smooth line right away. There are a lot of oils in the formula, which I love, but it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky during application nor heavy after rinsing, and I love that so many ingredients I find in my skincare routine, like yuzu and quinoa, are in these products — no wonder my hair feels as nourished as my face normally does. Plus, it has no sulfates, so it's safe to use on my color-treated hair.

    Promising review: "Love the bottle design and it looks nice in my shower, but more importantly, this stuff makes my hair incredibly soft. I have medium-thick hair that is naturally wavy (not in a nice way, a way that needs taming) and this shampoo/conditioner has made a big difference the the quality/texture of my hair. I also love that it doesn't have harmful ingredients and it's cruelty-free (I'm always on the lookout for cruelty-free alternatives and I stumbled on this brand). I do wish the scent was a little stronger, but it smells pleasant enough." —Sierra R. Fournier

    Get them from Amazon as a shampoo and conditioner set for $28, or the products individually for $14 each: shampoo and conditioner.

    27. A vegan color-depositing Overtone system with daily conditioners and weekly deep treatments to hydrate and fortify your hair, while adding or maintaining your fab color — without the heavy price tag of a salon touch-up or having to drench your hair in cold water to preserve the color (bless, because I love my warm showers).

    @overtonecolor / Via, @overtonecolor / Via

    I've used both the daily conditioners and deep treatments in purple and rose gold to maintain my various color jobs after an in-salon visit, because color washes out of my hair literally instantly (shed a tear for me). Also, if it's easy enough for me to use, it's easy enough for anyone to use. Just be sure to use disposable gloves to avoid staining your hair (eek!).

    Get daily conditioners from Overtone for $17–$18, deep treatments for $28–29, and complete sets for $45–$47 (available in 10 colors in extreme, vibrant, and pastel collections — note: there are two rose gold versions, one original and one specifically intended for darker/brown hair). You can also shop custom color sets, which means pairing two different colors together.

    28. A refreshing Kristin Ess hair mist to keep your tresses lookin' soft and frizz-free long after the initial wash — its mist is ~superfine~ and contains the tiniest bit of castor oil to hydrate and smooth over your hair without weighing it down, ever.

    @kristin_ess / Via

    It's perfect for refreshing dried-out hair without having to go through a full-on wash! Since I have colored hair, I definitely stretch out the time in between my washes, so the fact that this is so light and can be used on dry hair is the cherry on top! And I love the smell!

    Promising review: "I have products from Kerastase to Ouai, but I keep coming back to this haircare line. I have long, thin, color-treated hair, and this water adds life back into my hair. It makes it more manageable, adds moisture/shine, and I feel it does add some texture — which my hair desperately needs! Some say the smell is too much, but I love it. It fades after a while, so it just leaves a subtle fragrance." —Debs

    Get it from Target for $10.

    29. A two-step Rita Hazan conditioner replacement that'll treat your hair cuticles to the VIP treatment they deserve. Let's break it down: Step 1 opens up the hair cuticle for optimal penetration of conditioners and oils, and Step 2 seals the cuticles while locking in nutrition for deep, lasting hydration, while rice proteins strengthen and protect your color.


    It's especially designed for color-damaged hair, so you can repair your hair from the inside out, but it's safe for all hair types, including keratin-treated hair! It's sulfate-, sodium chloride-, and paraben-free!

    Promising review: "WOW. I colored my hair two months ago and was recently feeling like it was very dry and brittle, even though I deep condition and only use Olaplex. I bought this on a whim after seeing someone post about it on Insta (not an ad). It worked wonders! My keratin-treated hair is now back to its normal, soft, bouncy self. This made my hair super soft and it looks fabulous." —JL

    Get it from Amazon for $42.

    30. A cooling, fizzing (hello, micro-bubbles!), and detoxifying Bumble and Bumble scalp foam for a good ol' reset on your hair: it uses micellar water, salicylic acid, and a nourishing blend of caffeine and vitamins to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells from your scalp — all without drying out or stripping it.


    P.S. You apply this onto your dry scalp, work it in, and massage for a few minutes, and then rinse it off and follow up with your usual products!

    Promising review: "If you wash your hair infrequently, have an oily scalp, or just need a deep cleanse for your hair, THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT! You only need to use a little bit on the roots, and it really cleans up any buildup and doesn’t make my hair feel dry. It’s definitely OK to use on color-treated hair, as I color mine black and am naturally blonde. I only wash my hair once a week, and this is my favorite product when washing now! I can really extend my hairstyle, and I'm also able to get all the product buildup out without having to shampoo twice anymore. Definitely a must-have!" —bambidoll

    Get it from Sephora for $34.

    31. A nourishing coconut and fig Coco & Eve hair mask so you can finally emerge as the winner in the never-ending fight against vicious humidity and deeply difficult, tangled hair — it also comes with a detangling brush to ensure that the product spreads out evenly and coats every last inch!

    Maitland Quitmeyer

    Promising review: "After many years living in central-air-conditioned homes and forgetting what it's like to deal with my curly hair in high humidity, I have moved to a house with only window units and a bathroom that gets very stuffy. Coco and Eve's Like a Virgin is my latest attempt to tame the frizz. I used it for 10 minutes in the shower, and my hair felt instantly transformed. Now I'm letting the mask sit for a couple of hours prior to showering, which I think will infuse my curls with more moisture." —Shannon Rogers

    Check out our full review of the Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque for more deets (#2)!

    Get it from Amazon for $49.90.

    For cheaper options that work just as well, try Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask or Professional Series Hydrating Argan Oil Mask.

    32. A sea salt texturing spray to scrunch into your hair and boost otherwise flat hair with loose, natural waves, without any feelings of stickiness, stiffness, or heaviness.


    Promising review: "I have thin, mostly straight hair and have to alternate between several shampoos, or it gets wayward. It can look nice, but it makes you really work for it. Since I wash it every morning, curlers stopped being an option after a while. And then a friend of mine showed me this — and it saved my hair and my nervous system from any further damage. I've tried many sea salt sprays since I discovered them, including Aquage and Not Your Mother's, but nothing beats this one. It doesn't make my hair feel heavy and unkempt like the others, and you don't need a lot to make it work. I usually blow dry my hair a little after showering while twisting locks around my finger until it's damp, and then I spray this stuff lightly and let it dry naturally the rest of the way. This allows me to get easy waves with lots of texture. Just use it sparingly!" —JJ

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    Your newfound sass when it comes to showing off your fabulous hair:

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    Need more for your mane? We’ve got products to give you the silkiest hair ever, solutions for dry or damaged hair, and incredible products for short hair. Or check out all of our beauty content for even more great stuff for your hair, skin, and more.

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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