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    $6 Is All You Need To Spend For Perfect Brows Every Day

    NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, you have my heart.

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    You don't need me to tell you that nice brows are like a golden ticket when it comes to ~feeling~ put together. They frame your peepers, as well as your entire face β€” if my eyes are the window to my soul, then my brows are the window into my entire existence.

    Hayley Kiyoko / Via

    (Just go along with it, ok!!!)

    To bridge the gap between my brows and existence, I use NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, a super handy lil' kit that comes in six shades and never gets lost in my jumble of makeup products, because it's not just another pencil.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed, AJL / Via

    It comes with two shades. That's right: two (I use Dark Brown/Brown). It's great for me, because some days I'll use an eyebrow pencil and I think the shade is too harsh, and other days, I'm think it's perfect. 😌In other words, I like having ~options~.

    It also kinda depends on what the rest of my makeup looks like. I have this preference where I don't want the inner part of my brows (near the center of my face) to be too filled in or dark, so I use the lighter shade for the inner, more sparse hairs and the darker shade (which is closer to my actually black brows β€” but I like to go a shade lighter) for everything else, especially the ends. And sometimes I mix both colors together for an in-between brown!

    I'm no pro at doing my eyebrows, but wow, this kit makes it so easy β€” and by it, I mean making my brows appear fuller and accentuating their natural shape, but not making them look ~too done~ or clearly drawn on. The first photo is a fuller brow look, while the second photo is a softer look (one brow is filled in and the other isn't to show the before and after).

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    It's like a one-minute tranformation from I-feel-utterly-dead to "WOW LOOK AT MY CUTE FACE READY FOR A FULL DAY OF PRODUCTIVITY." (Btw, I took the photos in two different places β€” a bathroom and cafΓ© β€” so that's why the lightning doesn't match. And yes, I added makeup.)

    OK, on to more of the actual review:

    1. I usually discard whatever brush comes included with a makeup product, but the teeny brush actually works quite fine for my Low Maintenance Non-Perfectionist needs. It's thin enough to mimic my hairs pretty naturally, outline my arch, and extend the ends of my brows just a tad (this part is my favorite and makes all the difference, lol). A lot of reviewers think the brush is crap and prefer using their own angled brush (Ecotools sells a nice brush/spoolie set for people who don't want to break the bank *raises hand*), so hey, totally up to you. The spoolie's fine too β€” idk how picky you can really get about those, lol. It's particularly useful for blending out/undoing some particularly harsh strokes.

    2. I don't experience any fallout, but I'm also super gentle when it comes to application. Everything's clean and simple from pan to brow, though some powder has apparently spilled into the wax.

    3. I haven't actually used the wax because I find that I don't even need it β€” I'm also just don't care that much if they happen to fade or smudge, which they haven't β€” but other reviewers say it helps keep everything in place and gives a nice, ever-so-slightly-slick finish.

    4. I'll probably have this powder for a lifetime before I finish using it. I bought mine in January, and as you can see, I've barely made a dent. Life partners aren't always human. πŸ’–

    Did I mention it's only $6? For the same price as an extremely overpriced mocha (don't @ me), you too can have brows like these fine ladies:

    Adriana / Via, Patty / Via

    Here are two glowing customer reviews to back me up:

    "When I was younger, I fell off a swing and busted my head open. It left me with a scar by one of my eyebrows that does not grow hair, so my eyebrows never look even. I also HATE the harsh 'clearly my eyebrows are drawn on' look, so I have been on the market for an eyebrow product for quite some time. This is the best one that I have come across. I use the shade on the top and it takes a few quick strokes of the brush on my brow, and it's over. It is also very forgiving, so if you put too much product you can just brush it, and it blends out. Love it. It just makes me look much more put together." β€”Mariam

    "Best value eyebrow powder product. I use this powder every day β€” it never runs, smudges, and looks very natural. I have a MAC brush I use to apply, but I'm sure the one in the package is fine. If you are thinking about using an eyebrow powder, you can't go wrong with this for the money β€” I had been using another eyebrow power that was three times the cost of NYX, and this is equivalent quality. The color match was perfect too." β€”Quynh Nguyen

    No matter what color your brows (or hair) are, you'll find a shade that suits you, and the versatility of having two shades at your disposal equals *chef kiss emoji*.

    Kimberly J. / Via, Jamie and Eric / Via

    Even MORE reviews:

    "I have never used any products on my eyebrows before β€” my grandmother is a very harsh/severe-looking pencil user, and since we shared the same red hair, I was leery of what they would do to my face. That said, I am always told defined brows do wonders to accentuate, so I gave this kit a try. You can't beat it for the money, and the color matches perfectly, especially the light ashy-blonde shade. The darker shade could be the tiniest bit more red, but I think that would make it less usable for dyed hair, so they picked a more universal tone." β€”BB

    "This by far is the best eyebrow powder I've found. I'm a fair skinned redhead, and without any makeup, my eyebrows (and lashes) are very blonde and nearly invisible. MOST other eyebrow kits are either too dark, or the shade is all wrong. Even the 'red/auburn' kits are way too orange and look like cheese puffs dust. Even some 'blonde; kits are too orange. On the other hand, the Taupe/Ash NYX shade is perfect! Even my sensitive skin has never had difficulty with this product." β€”TaviaS

    NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, 'til death do us part! πŸ’

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Get the dark brown/brown shade from Amazon for $6 (also available in black/gray, brunette, blonde, and auburn/red).

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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