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22 New Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

Springing the season's freshest favs from brands like Glossier, Kiehl's, Fresh Beauty, Winky Lux, Tatcha, and Pat McGrath.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Glossier Lidstar really needs no introduction after it was seen on Greta Gerwig, Taraji P. Henson, Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish, Maya Rudolph, and Tracee Ellis Ross (and more!) on the Oscars red carpet — excuse me while I ~fawn~ over these pearly, silky pigments that sit politely and unchanged on the lids all day.

Fawn? Get it? Because that's one of the shade names? HEH.

No tools required (that is, if you want — do what you want)! Just swipe on one or more layers with the angled doe foot applicator and blend out with your fingertips! Lidstar contains shade-customized ultrafine reflective pearls and ~softlock technology~ for 12 hours of no-creasing, no-fading, and no-smudging wear. 🙌

Promising review: "I love any makeup with orangey warm tones, so when I saw Cub, I knew it was the one for me. I also ordered Moon because it looked like a good inner corner highlight. I was right about both. Cub is to die for: it's a super gorgeous coppery color and it looks amazing on my skin. I have super oily eyelids, and any eyeshadow that claims to last or even double as a primer (i.e. MAC Paint Pots) never actually lasts on me. They always crease and wear off in the middle of the day. I thought I would have that problem with Lidstar too, but nope!! These lasted all day without creasing or getting oily; they stayed dry the whole time." —Kittymeeoow

Get one from Glossier for $18 or two for $30 (available in six shades).

2. Beeca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder is a game-changer if we ever saw one! It's formulated with 50% water and glycerin, which goes on seemingly wet feeling and creates a cooling mist-like sensation but dries down to a soft powder that keeps your makeup looking pristine all fucking day.

@beccacosmetics / Via

Promising review: "I am blown away by this powder. First of all, the packaging is beautiful and functional, as it keeps everything mess-free. I applied this powder with my damp beauty blender as I usually do, and couldn’t help but notice how flawless my face looked. I have now had this product on my face for about six hours and it still looks flawless. I have pretty dry skin around the winter months, so I was intrigued by the '50% water' claim. It hasn’t caked up or settled into lines at all. I also took pictures on my camera to test the flashback and did not have any issues — my skin just glows on camera. When applying, it feels cooling, almost as if I were rubbing water into my face. Yet it’s not wet and clearly 'dries' to a powder. I have absolutely no idea how they did it, but I am so glad they did. I may be returning the brand new Laura Mercier powder I just stocked up on and switching to this indefinitely" —taylorfano21

Get it from Sephora for $38.


3. Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner delivers elegant precision with a flexible, skinny Flexi-Art tip and an insane 24-hour waterproof formula's Pat McGrath, duh. Nothing but the best., @patmcgrathreal / Via

If this can't help me achieve a perfect wing, nothing else will. That's how much I trust this makeup legend.

Get it from Sephora for $28.

4. Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection packs a sparkly punch while running across your face in soft, feathery strokes until every bit of makeup is perfectly blended.

@realtechniques / Via

Promising review (for the blush brush): "I love making my highlight blinding, so I use this as my highlight brush instead of blush. I get a glow for the gods and it's great at blending out for something more subtle too, if the look requires it. Easy to clean, soft, and SUPER adorable." —Ali Q.

Get the collection from Ulta for $9.99+ (available in diamond sponge and shadow, powder, fan, blush, foundation, contour, and kabuki brushes).

5. VERB Sea Texture Spray creates the illusion of soft, free-flowing beachy waves, even when you're hundred of miles away from any shore. Plus, seaweed extract and kelp (rids of excess oils and hydrates), quinoa protein (repairs damage and strengthens), and sunflower seed (provides natural UV protection)? SOLD.

@verbproducts / Via,

Promising review: "This actually makes your hair feel like you were just at the beach. It adds quick texture and windswept waves without the crunch!! Plus, it smells amazing." —Cavia

Get it from Sephora for $16.

6. Good Chemistry Queen Bee Perfume holds true to its "vibrant and bold with a touch of sass" description with a sweet scent that doesn't smell cheap and cloying — plus, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate- and paraben-free formulas all around!

@lovegoodchemistry / Via

Promising review: "First of all, I never used to wear perfume. But I actually remember to put this stuff on — it's so yummy that I actually feel regret when I walk out of the house without it! I feel so uplifted when I spritz this on my body. It isn't trying too hard to be sexy or noticed; it's just got this natural attractiveness about it. Plus as a mom, I feel really good about wearing this around my toddler and while pregnant, knowing it's made up of good ingredients!" —ashley625

Get the perfume bottle from Target for $24.99 and the rollerball for $12.99.


7. Abercrombie & Fitch Conditioning Beard Oil nourishes your scruff with botanical oils like grapeseed and jojoba and Moisturizing Shave Balm envelopes and soothes skin with shea butter and rosehip seed oil for a smooth post-shave finish.,

Get them from Abercrombie & Fitch: the Conditioning Beard Oil for $18 and the Moisturizing Shave Balm for $18.

8. Kombucha, anyone? Not to drink, but for your skincare! Fresh Beauty Black Tea Kombucha Essence coats the skin with potent layers of antioxidant and anti-pollution protection, while mandarin peel extract and kigelia africana fruit extract help promote an even, smooth complexion.

@freshbeauty / Via

Promising review: "I have been using Tatcha’s essence forever and never found anything quite as good until this came along. It’s so hydrating and makes my skin feel and look amazing! I am a fan of Fresh’s Black Tea Corset Cream, as well as the Black Tea Instant and Overnight Masks. It instantly makes my skin feel hydrated and has worked so much better at reducing the redness from my rosacea. While I still love Tatcha's essence for hydrating, it never helped clear up redness, and I didn’t feel like the hydration lasted as long. My skin definitely feels plumper and more hydrated all day with this essence. This is the only new product I’ve added, so I feel confident attributing the results to this product." —mwalshennis

Get it from Nordstrom or Sephora for $68.

9. Winky Lux Coffee Palette makes eyes perk up just as much as actual coffee does for your whole internal system — hello, nine delectable and hella wearable coffee-scented shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes to rev your makeup (and you as a person) up for the day ahead!

Promising review: "These blew me away: they have tons of pigment, are super blendable, and smell so good! Best neutral eyeshadow palette I've used. Price is AMAZING." —Beats By Lizzie

Get it from Winky Lux for $25.

Shop the new Coffee Bronzer too (available in two shades).

10. Kiehl's Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Overnight Mask's velvety smooth texture will make your skin feel so damn pampered. Hibiscus, whose flower is known to close during the night to preserve its nectar, has the same effect for your skin — along with ginger leaf, it helps you wake up to smooth, baby soft skin.

Promising review: "I usually don't expect much from firming masks, but this one delivers. The smell is amazing, very floral but not powdery or old-lady-like. The texture is very creamy and smooth and applies easily. I see better results using less and rubbing it in, which means you definitely get your money's worth. By morning, my skin is softer and tighter — in a good way. Like it erases five to ten years from your face. I will definitely keep this on hand. Just a warning, applying too much or layering over too many serums can cause the product to ball up and rub off your face once it dries." —Kiehl's Customer

Get it from Kiehl's for $54.


11. Farmacy Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm primes your pout for lip color, since its 100% natural formula filled with honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and cupuaçu oil leaves lips pillowy soft and free of fine lines.

Promising review: "Couldn't recommend it more. I have eczema and my lips often crack in the winter. This moisturizes and protects my lips without giving them the thick, goopy sheen that comes with the ointments that I usually resort to. My lips were noticeably softer and healing after a day or two of use, but they also felt better as soon as I put it on." —Lks1989

Get it from Sephora for $10.

12. Tatcha The Silk Canvas is a velvety balm made out of three types of pressed silk for a multitasking maven of a product: it smooths over unevenness and makes makeup glide on better and last longer, BUT keeps it out of your pores (bye breakouts!).

@tatcha / Via, @tatcha / Via

Staying true to Tatcha's tradition of modernizing geisha beauty rituals, The Silk Canvas is modeled after the geisha's final skincare routine (prior to makeup), which consisted of pressing a thin layer of melted Japanese wax called Bintsuke into her skin. P.S. The coin in the second photo is for portioning out the product: just glide the coin across the primer until you reached the etched line, as shown.

Promising review: "Great for oily skin! I ALWAYS have an issue with my foundation separating and basically disappearing off of my nose. I love this primer!! My makeup lasts all day! (I usually have my makeup on for eight to 10 hours.) The first day I tried this, as I was just about to wash my face at the end of the day, I was in disbelief at how great my foundation still looked. No separation, and my foundation was still on my nose! And I didn’t look oily — my skin looked healthy but not dewy, if that makes sense. In my opinion, worth every penny!" —esmeq

Get it from Sephora for $52.

13. Eyeko Brow Game Strong does exactly what the name implies: its nifty double-ended layout includes a flexible angled brush and a lil' pot of color for easy on-the-go touchups. Not that you'll actually need them, since the pigment stays on all day!

I've personally used this and it's so good. The brush picks up pigment super easily (I feared it would be too dry!) and it's the perfect amount of you-can-see-it-but-its-hard-to-go-overboard when applied. Easy, natural-looking strokes.

Promising review: "I’m not very good at applying makeup and been a bit hesitant towards eyebrow makeup in particular, as I already have quite dark brows — but with this one there is no going back; it's so easy to apply and the effect is just awesome. The consistency of the product is almost like wax, so it feels like it makes the brows thicker, which is great for hiding a few gaps." —Eva

Get it from Free People or Eyeko for $25 (available in two shades).

14. Lime Crime Venus XL Palette is the latest addition to Lime Crime's crazy popular Venus lineup — because who doesn't want to channel some Venus goddess power? — and offers up 18 no-fallout shades from fiery rustic reds to dreamy golden roses.

@limecrimemakeup / Via, @limecrimemakeup / Via

Promising review: "Zero fallout with this palette. All shades are very pigmented and true to color. I have Venus 1 and 2, and I can definitely tell they stepped up their game when it comes to the formula. Very impressed at the staying power as well. Price is a little steep but you get what you pay for. I cannot wait for their next one." —Flav

Get it from Revolve or Bloomingdale's for $56 (also available in Venus I and II for $38 each).


15. Milk Gold Foil Face Gloss takes your face from every day to party ready with its dewy clear (but non-sticky) formula and light-catching gold flakes that totally says, "Hello, I am the sparkle queen. Bow down."

Promising review: "The flakes are actually quite subtle and sort of resemble freckles. The gloss has a great consistency and is easy to apply." —ememe

Get it from Sephora for $20.

16. Boka prides itself on using natural alternatives in its formulas to deliver optimal oral care, which includes activated charcoal bristles and nano-hydroxyapatite, a mineral that makes up the primary foundation of teeth and bones.,

Promising review (for the toothpaste): "First off, just learning about the crazy science behind the nano-hydroxyaption ingredient got me hooked. It makes you ask why big-brand toothpaste doesn't offer this kind of fluoride replacement. Unlike the crazy, punch-you-in-the-face minty flavor you get from the run-of-the-mill toothpaste, the toothpaste has a pleasantly nice mint taste combined with a great gel consistency. It's is now a staple in my bathroom." —Jay_Bird

Get the Electric Toothbrush from Birchbox for $75 and Ela Mint Toothpaste for $10.

17. Cover FX Power Play Foundation leaves your skin with a softly blurred matte finish that erases all signs of pores, smile/laugh lines, and shine (thanks to a trio of ultra-fine powders) — and it's sweat-proof, waterproof, and transfer-proof!

Yeah, so it checks ALL the boxes. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free!

Promising review: "I have never written anything about a product before today. This product deserves it. I take Accutane and my skin has gone from oily to dry very quickly. I have acne scars, pimples, and redness, but this foundation hides everything. Coverage is flexible and finish is very light on the skin. In addition, I have predominant smile lines, and after nearly 8 hours to wear it, they are almost absent." —laurenceledoux

Get it from Sephora for $44 (available in 40 shades).

18. Though it lies on the opposite end of the country from the Italian countryside we see in Call Me By Your Name, & Other Stories Sicilian Sunrise Body Scrub surely inspires smells of simple, sweet luxury and life's small pleasures. And your next vacation.


19. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer looks almost undetectable on skin after it's been blended, because it's just that good — its fancy ~Skin Fusion Technology~ results in 12 hours of transfer-, sweat-, humidity-, and water-resistant wear.

Promising review: "This concealer is amazing! I have such a hard time finding concealers that are pale enough for my skin — but not white — and aren't cakey and don't settle into fine lines. This concealer is all that and more! It also stays literally all day even without setting it. And the finish is amazing and looks natural! Looks better and lasts longer than my NARS Concealer and doesn't crease." —sryan12

Get it from Nordstrom for $28 (available in 12 shades).

20. Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil has a featherweight formula infused with six (SIX!!!!!) key vitamins (A through F) for an instant hydration and glow boost at any time of the day — plus, you can mix it in with your foundations, creams, and even powder blushes to create ~cream~ ones.

@muradskincare / Via

Promising review: "A few weeks after I started using this product daily, people I have known forever are asking me how my skin looks so amazing! This product drenches your skin in moisture and seriously makes you radiant and glowy and just al around look way younger!" —cyndib81

Get it from Murad for $72.

21. Drybar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask brings overworked hair back to life and nourishes it to peak condition: argan oil, yuzu oil, and golden root extract all work together to hydrate, up the shine, and prevent breakage.

22. Marc Jacobs Enamored With Coconut: Complexion and Gloss Set gives you the best of both highgloss and coconut water worlds from the start of your makeup routine to finish. Each product (besides the lip gloss) contains five types of coconut for maximum hydration and skin-loving vitamins and antioxidants, yay!

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The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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