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    30 New Beauty Products That Are Too Gorgeous For Words

    Get ready, cause there's lots of new goodies from Urban Decay, Fenty Beauty, Laneige, Glow Recipe, Shiseido, Beautyblender, Summer Fridays, Sunday Riley, and more coming your way!

    1. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paints (in Uncuffed, Unveil, Unbutton, and Uninvited) are the long-lasting, matte lipsticks you've come to love in the past year, but now in more colors! BRB, this might be my first black lippie ever. In the name of Rihanna!

    2. Laneige Water Bank Dual Layer Face Oil delivers fast-absorbing (but long-lasting) moisture with passion flower seed oil in the form of ~crystal droplets~ — oh yes, you fancy huh!

    3. Marc Jacobs Glam Glitter Gel Highliners give you the luxe feel of gel eyeliner without the difficulty that sometimes comes with using a brush and gel pot — its malleable formula means you can achieve precise lines or a smoky smudge in a snap, but once it sets, it's 12 hours of waterproof wear for ya!

    4. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette comes soon after the news of the original Naked Palette's discontinuation (💔) to reassure Naked fans that the line is still very much alive and poppin' with beautiful peaches, mauves, and burgundy to ~spice things up~ for the changing seasons.

    5. Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser is the revamped version of the K-beauty powerhouse's original offering and can be used as both a makeup remover/cleanser or a five-minute clarifying mask — and did we mention it contains AHAs for gentle exfoliation?

    6. Beautyblender Power Pocket Puff is the first two-in-one powder applicator ever: The plush pink side has special fibers that grab and deposit the perfect amount of powder each time, while the tan suede side gently re-blends makeup for an extra smooth and seamless finish!

    7. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Contour Pro doesn't just fill in your brows — it cleans up the edges and highlights as well! Basically, your brows have never looked better or sharper!

    8. Peach & Lily Lazy Day's All-In-One Moisture Pad lets you cut back on your skincare routine without compromising on the health of your skin. As a toner, essence, and moisturizer in one, these pads deliver all the benefits hyaluronic acid, ceramides, spinach, broccoli, carrots, pomegranate, and bamboo extracts have to offer.

    9. Summer Fridays Overtime Mask smells like a fall harvest in a tube and it'll make your skin ~glow~ from the exfoliating power of pumpkin, apricot seed powder, and beta carotene — hello, gourd-geous!

    10. Let's get ~science-y~: Private Doctor Minus Serum comes straight from the innovative dermatology frontier of South Korea and combines ID.SCULPT Technology and a blend of micro-tingling spicules and a patented sodium deoxycholate complex, which means you feels the tiniest pokes in your skin as you rub the product in, so it absorbs deep into the skin and improves firmness and elasticity all over.

    11. Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Full Coverage Concealer Fluid has the brand's signature pure argan oil, complemented by elderberry flower, blueberry extract, and raspberry seed oil to brighten skin appearance and soothe/depuff the under eye area — so yes, it's clean and unlike any other concealer you have.

    12. Farsáli Skintune Blur Perfecting Primer Serum cuts down your pre-makeup routine with an antioxidant-rich primer-serum formula that softly blurs the appearance of pores, spots, and uneven texture — it's basically a Facetune filter in a bottle!

    13. Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub unclogs and removes itch-causing buildup from your scalp, skin, and hair using a blend of exfoliating sugar crystals, a probiotic blend, and coconut oil — so your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatments, and lotions actually work and absorb ~better~.

    14. Hot Sexy Hair Flash Me Quickly Blow Dry Spray slashes your dry time in half and protects your delicate strands up to 450-degree heat, so your hair stays looking soft and ~sexy~.

    15. Winky Lux Purrfect Pout Lipsticks take the cake for this year's "Most Paw-sitively Meow-nificent Design" award because these sheer and totally kissable colors have an adorable kitty popping out from the center.

    16. Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser comes at ya newly formulated and repackaged with French green clay, bentonite, and white clay, along with hydrating rice and olive oil esters for perfectly clean and balanced skin — effective in removing makeup, SPF, oil, and dirt, but soft enough to clean a baby with. And! You now get *more* product at a *lower* price — YES, Sunday Riley!

    17. Patchology Breakout Box 3-in-1 Acne Treatment Kit comes armed with everything you need to defeat, deflate, and prevent breakouts — salicylic acid dots to shrink pimples, hydrocolloid acid dots to suck the life outta those whiteheads, and five charcoal pore strips to get rid of pesky blackheads where they most love to hide out.

    18. Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil, like its name suggests, is makeup's worst enemy. It contains a natural concoction of coffee seed oil, grapeseed oil, and pore-unclogging BHA acid swiftly to remove any traces of makeup and dirt, emulsify into a milky liquid once in contact with water, and leave your skin feeling fresh as can be.

    19. Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blushes apply in actual heart shapes (!!!) in a sheer, super buildable cream formula that you blend out with your fingers or a sponge — or not, cause tbh, it's a darn cute look (just...try not to smudge).

    20. Origins Hello, Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil de-stresses your skin from the inside out, thanks to its relaxing scent and gentle, non-intoxicating formula — after you tissue the mask off, feel free to give yourself a lil' massage!

    21. Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette features 14 fall-ready shades that span day to night, pastels to deep plums, and minimal product to maximum payoff.

    22. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Detangler is an in-shower version of their cult fave brush — with a handle for an easier grip, and all that wonderful no-tugging, no-snagging goodness you always expect.

    23. Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush has an addictive mousse-like texture that settles into a featherweight powder on your face, thanks to a thing called ~AirFushion Technology~ — it helps you achieve the most gentle, gorgeous, and natural flush (or bronzer, if you're using the tan shades) you've ever experienced.

    24. Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream drenches and cuddles your skin in a blanket of rich hydration — that, mind you, doesn't actually *feel* heavy and wears lovely under makeup* — made up from omega fatty acids, the brand's signature squalane, ceramides, and acai berry sterols. There's no dryness or irritation this cream can't undo!

    25. Onomie AHA Perfecting Setting Powder sets your makeup flawlessly, but it also contains a healthy dose of lactic acid for gentle exfoliation, and time-released Vitamin C to block free radicals and even skintone — so it really goes beyond just makeup.

    26. Dr. Jart Mask Heroes Face Savers outright spoils you with a range of sheet masks that will fight dehydration and tired-looking skin (SOML). You gotta try their beloved rubber sheet masks — no dripping product in sight!

    27. IGK Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment is the answer to your dry scalp and flaking woes. How? Well, it has hydrogel time-release technology, which ensures that hyaluronic acid moisturizes the scalp instantly *and* over time, while apple cider vinegar rebalances and yuzu lemon extract nourishes.

    28. Charlotte Tilbury Bar Of Gold Highlighting Palette might be the closest to ~real treasure~ you'll come by — and it ~pays off~ in three gorgeous pressed powder highlighters that simply emphasize the dazzling light you already possess.

    29. Amorepacific Dual Nourishing Lip Serum preps your lips for the harsh winter ahead with a unique dual-layered texture consisting of green tea seed oil and fermented vintage green tea essence, so you know your lips will be ~totally soothed~, look plumper, and stay hydrated no matter what.

    30. Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush takes the worry out of properly washing your face with just one button, one mode, and 60 seconds — the brush rotates in gentle circles, so all you do is guide it around your face and it'll break down all makeup, smooth out uneven texture, and reduce the appearance of pores.

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