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    NCT 127 Revealed Who's The Most Good-Looking Member, And So Much More

    "I am potato."

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    Hi, hello, what's up? The ~superhuman~ members of NCT 127 stopped by the BuzzFeed offices to play a game of "Who's Who?" with us and, y'all, it was a real treat!


    They answered a bunch of fun questions liiiike...

    1. ...who's the best dancer?


    Taeil: "The seating is too tight."

    Haechan even demonstrated Taeil's signature dancing-prep exercise, "Taeil's butterfly."


    Does NCT 127 love a good trolling or what?

    2. ...who's the most good-looking member?



    When asked how he felt about that title, he said, "I don't know. I'm shy," to which Jungwoo said, "You agree."

    (Definite Mean Girls vibes here. "So you agree? You think you're really good-looking?")

    3. ...who's the most fashionable?



    Johnny: "I don't try."

    Mark: "Effortless."

    4. ...who can sing the highest note?


    Jaehyun! (Johnny admitted defeat.)

    5. ...who has the most aegyo?



    And when he was asked if he was happy with that title, this gem happened:

    Jungwoo: "I am potato."

    Everyone else: *dies*

    Someone help him please, lol.

    You'll just have to watch the whole video to find out the rest of the answers (and funny tidbits)!

    View this video on YouTube

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    And be sure to listen to their latest mini album, We Are Superhuman" out now!


    What Haechan said.

    (I'm Mark in the back laughing.)

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