Milk Makeup Is Releasing A CBD Oil-Infused Mascara On 4/20, Because Obviously

    Take a hit...of bold lashes!

    Milk Makeup — home to ever-so-trendy products like matcha toners, tattoo stamps, and gold foil face gloss — is making this 4/20 one to remember.

    Enter Kush Mascara, a ~dope~ 100% vegan mascara infused with CBD-rich cannabis oil, which is supposed to condition lashes for thickness without fallout, thanks to its unique heart-shaped fibers.

    Firstly, no, it won't get your eyeballs high. Sorry. There's no THC in the formula, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana.

    I tried it out for myself and I'm pretty head over heels for it. Y'all, I haven't encountered such a true, intense black in maybe forever.

    I also made my dear friend/coworker Christina take photos of her lashes pre- and post-Kush. What a stunna!

    As well as my other friend/coworker, Ignacia, who rocks bold lashes like it's her JOB.

    So celebrate 4/20 by buying Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup or Sephora for $24!