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    10 Little Things To Help You Feel More Confident This Month

    BuzzFeeders share the products, tips, and little hacks for feeling ~on top of the damn world~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    In the wise words of vocal kween Demi Lovato, what's wrong with being confident? Absolutely nothing. But some days, we're not feeling 100%...and that's ok. Here are some things we BuzzFeeders do or own that lift us up, and we hope they might do the same for you!

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    That being said, let us know in the comments what makes you feel fierce and confident! There are millions of possibilities, and one tip doesn't work for everyone!

    1. Michelle KILLED it at her first 10K even though she hated running just three months prior — proving that anyone can push their body towards new achievements and ~do the damn thing~.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    Three months ago, I hated running. But just this past weekend, I ran my first 10K and I can't stop thinking about the fact that I 👏 DID 👏 THAT 👏. It was painful, yes, and I doubted the fact that I'd even finish it until the moment I beat my personal record and crossed the finish line, but I am a living testament that affirmations work (and also neck gaiters are super helpful when you're running in 30°F weather).

    My favorite part about having done this is that physical achievements are highly measurable and un-second-guess-able. So in the future, when I'm feeling defeated, anxious, or just really bloated and sick from binging on too much cheesy pizza the night before, I can precisely recall the time I ran a 10K, and know my body is capable of so much more than whatever down mood I'm in at the moment. —Michelle No, Goodful writer

    Get a neck gaiter from Backcountry for $11.21+ (available in seven designs). For more running gear suggestions, check out 27 Products That Will Make Running Infinitely Better and 11 Products That Will Make Winter Running So Much Easier!

    2. Treye has been making the switch over to organic and all-nature skincare products and feels way more empowered knowing *exactly* what goes into them — because there's only enough tolerance (aka, zero) for harmful, hidden chemicals no one can pronounce or figure out., Treye Green / BuzzFeed

    Over the last few months, I have been slowly phasing out a lot of my longtime skincare faves for all-natural and organic alternatives. There is A LOT of junk in some skincare products on the market. So it has been an exciting process researching ingredients and discovering new products that will give me the results I want without a bunch of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and other add-ins.

    One of my favorite finds over the past few months has been my Beurre Shea Butter Face Cream. The face cream has become my go-to for moisturizing my face in the morning and at night. I will admit it is a heavier formula — it combines ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and jojoba oil — but I prefer more weighty moisturizers because my skin typically feels more hydrated after using them. It also mixes in perfectly with my serums and face oils, which is a huge plus. Sometimes I'll mix a few drops of my fave face oil into my face cream before applying it. And other times I'll layer my Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil or Josie Maran Argan Oil on top of it for a little extra moisture and nutrients boost.

    After just a month of using the beauty oil, my skin feels softer and its texture is smoother. It's nice to know I can pamper my skin with a moisturizer that is formulated with a handful of quality and NATURAL ingredients I'll have NO problem pronouncing. —Treye Green, Market Writer

    Get the face wash from AHAlife for $36 and the face cream from LeBeurre for $12.

    3. Erin pulls out a supportive pair of Spanx made for expecting mamas on days she wants to feel more like her ~old self~, even though she loves being pregnant and all the celebration-worthy body changes that come with it!

    Erin Phraner / BuzzFeed

    I LOVE being pregnant. Your body changes in so many incredible ways and for the most part I've really enjoyed it...but some days, I just wasn't feeling like myself! As bits of my body started to look, feel and move a lot different than I was used to (where did this jiggly butt come from!?!), I noticed that I wasn't wearing things that I really liked in the past — not because my bump was too big but because I didn't feel good in them anymore. So I decided to try out my very first piece of shapewear!

    These Spanx are designed specifically for expecting mamas. They have plenty of room for baby. I bought size B which goes all the way up my bodice, I can even tuck it under my bra for a super-smooth look. And the thigh and booty support is just phenomenal. I don't wear these every day but when I want to feel a little bit more like the "old me" again, these tiny shorts give me a big confidence boost. —Erin Phraner, Nifty Supervising Producer

    Get them from Amazon for $28.50+ (available in sizes A-D and two colors).

    4. Sara ~traded~ in her Trader Joe's face wash for Drunk Elephant's Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, which has made her skin feel so much clearer, more hydrated, and more balanced — luxurious ~and~ effective really is the best combo!

    Before this, I used basic face wash from Trader Joe's. The Beste No. 9 is one of the cheaper options from Drunk Elephant, which definitely leans towards the "no way in hell" price range. It's really cleansing and gentle, AND you only have to use it at night, which cuts down the amount of time I need to spend in the morning getting ready and not sleeping. My face feels and looks so much more balanced and acne-free. I was experiencing really bad, dry skin but also oily skin (HOW?) and now it seems to be balancing out. Also the product itself is slightly luxurious, so it makes me feel like a fancy lady. —Sara Rubin, Senior Video Producer

    Get it from Sephora for $34.

    5. Essence rocks a colorful head wrap to make her Afro puff (and overall vibe) look ~extra~ regal for a very literal ~boost~.

    Essence Gant / BuzzFeed

    I recently started wearing head wraps more often, and I never could've imagined how much I'd love them. I would initially just fold them into a thin band to secure my Afro puff, but they'd get lost in my hair and not show. But then one day by accident, the wrap unfolded and covered the entire back of my head, pushing all of my hair forward.

    It looked so regal, and I've been wearing my head wraps like that ever since. My hair stands so tall this way, and the extra height just makes me feel like the cool, stylish princess-daughter of a queen. My friend Bim's mom brought her a bunch of African head wraps, so she gave me one and I'm wearing it in this pic! —Essence Gant, As/Is Beauty Editor

    Check out some cool online shops like Royal House of Wraps, The Wrap Life, and Fanm Djanm for all your head wrap inspo!

    6. Gyan gave her favorite Chelsea boots some much-needed TLC at the cobbler's shop, so she can happily strut around in them without feeling self-conscious about all the ~love~ they've endured over the years.

    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

    I took my fave pair of Chelsea boots to the cobbler to get resoled and polished. They're the most comfortable boots I own, so I wear them all the time, but they were starting to look scrappy and I was feeling self-conscious about wearing them to the office. When I picked them up, they basically looked brand new and I was so excited to wear them. I was so surprised how much more confident I felt wearing fresh shiny boots into the office, even though on the inside they're still my worn-in favorites. —Gyan Yankovich, Senior Goodful Writer

    For more shoe fixes, check out 23 Shoe Hacks You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner!

    Gyan's boots aren't available anymore, but check out other similar boots on Madewell and Nordstrom!

    7. Patrice knows that confidence can be found in the tiniest of forms, like keychains that proclaim ✨Black Girl Magic✨ loud and proud — and when they're attached to something you use multiple times a day, it's a constant reminder that you're a beautiful, swaggy, and resilient force to be reckoned, even when you're not expecting it!

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed

    I moved into my first solo apartment last summer, so finding the perfect keychain for my new set of keys was very important. I wanted something that not only represented my personality, but would also make me feel all warm and happy inside whenever I looked at it (which would be pretty often considering they're my house keys!). And that's exactly what this super cute Black Girl Magic keychain from Adorned By Chi does! Whenever I open my door, lock my door, and even when I take her out to show my club card to the cashier, I'm reminded of my power, my beauty, my swag, and my resilience. Like India Arie said, it's the little things! —Patrice Peck, As/Is Beauty Writer

    Get it from Adorned By Chi for $15. It's currently sold out, but shop their other pins, patches, and keychains, including this adorable pupper!

    8. Sarah signs up for classes to 1) check things off her bucket list 2) feel *less* anxious and *more* confident and badass in a particular area 3) learn a totally new skill 4) look and feel like a boss lady who can do anything she puts her mind towards!

    20th Century Fox

    I keep myself out of the anxiety zone by taking classes to fulfill my bucket list! Most of my list has to do with self-improvement, meaning learning new things — not just, "I jumped out of a plane! Check." Years ago, before it became a fad sold as an exercise class (btw, it totally is), I wanted to learn pole dancing. It wasn't popular, so the nearest studio was over an hour away. I was also a little hesitant because the girls in the photos and videos on the website looked pretty intimidating. But I really wanted to do it, and I's a class, right? You're supposed to be terrible when you first try it! So I signed up, and just by putting my credit card info down, I was like, "I'm gonna do this and look good and feel great!"

    And I did it. And I looked good. And I felt amazing. Since then, I've found the best way to start something new is to just accept being a beginner, find a good teacher, and show up (which is a small victory in itself)! Also since then, I've learned to ride a motorcycle, get on stage and perform with a bunch of improvisers, and, ok, land a parachute solo. —Sarah MacMillan, Freelance Copy Editor

    Check out a crazy plethora of online classes at Udemy!

    9. Emily loves treating herself to a weekly blowout at Drybar because one, she deserves it, and two, it makes her stand taller and feel all-around more put together. #hairgoals

    Emily Erhart / BuzzFeed

    My "made me feel more confident" activity for the month would be getting weekly blowouts at Drybar. It's not the cheapest activity (sorry not sorry, bank account), but it really makes me feel so much more put together. I walk a little taller on blowout days, and it saves me the time and hassle of having to do my hair (which is a 3+ hour process for mediocre results). I have naturally super thick, frizzy, and wavy hair. What were once thicc curls are now sad and lifeless — I've sacrificed them in the name of my blonde addiction (no regrets). So it makes me feel just a little less overwhelmed to let the pros handle this ball of fuzz at Drybar. :) —Emily Erhart, As/Is Video Producer

    Emily also uses Drybar's Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner at home to help maintain her fabulous blonde color!

    If you want to learn more, check out another BuzzFeeder's Drybar experience review! And for tips on maintaining your presh blowout, read 23 Ways To Maintain A Blowout For So Much Longer!

    10. 2.5 years after moving to NYC (and being broke from the sheer living costs), Sarah finally delved into thrift shopping, which has been such a "why didn't I do this sooner" moment, as well as a "wow, I can save money and still look FAB" one.

    Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

    Ok, to preface, it's not like I've NEVER been thrift shopping and experienced the joys of such — I've done just that in Wicker Park, Chicago during my college days, but "adult life" tires the fuck outta me and all my shopping is pretty much done online in the comfort of my PJs. Plus, thrift shopping isn't necessarily synonymous with wanting to buy the newest and trendiest stuff OR ~investing~ in high-quality pieces.

    So you might be wondering, "how does thrifting make you feel more confident?" Well, finance is a constant source of both insecurity and paranoia for me, thanks to being well aware of my family's economic status growing up — my parents know firsthand of those troubles as immigrants, and I want to follow their example (to a degree). Yet my job means I'm exposed to eye-catching products literally 24/7. Beauty and fashion have become my dearly beloved means of self expression, but it's money I usually have a hard time justifying (especially when I want to save up for more experiential things, like vacations!).

    Thrift shopping proves that I CAN find stylish clothes I won't feel guilty purchasing after the fact! So even though I had to force myself to stick around after the first round of dressing room duds — yay for patience testing! — the euphoric feeling I had seeing my grand total of $20 for a dress, silky shirt, and lacy casual top at L Train Vintage was so WORTH IT. I feel especially proud when I get compliments on my dress — even from my mom, which is kinda a miracle — and high-key bragged about how it only cost me $6. $6!!! Take that, insanely high NYC living costs! —Sarah Han, As/Is Beauty Writer

    For more affordable clothing inspo, check out 27 Inexpensive Clothing Stores To Bookmark Right Now!

    Yes, let's all GET IT.

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