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    53 Life-Changing Tips For A Better Beauty Routine

    Straight from the experts and beauty hackers, aka our readers!

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    We asked the BuzzFeed community to share their most prized, life-changing beauty tips — and y'all, are you READY for the amazing results? Be ready to take notes.

    1. Slap a pimple patch on any emerging breakouts and watch those suckers deflate within a matter of hours — or wear it overnight on clean skin for extra reassurance. Microneedle patches are better for treating deeper-rooted or cystic acne because acne-fighting ingredients actually penetrate into your skin.

    2. Or another pimple remedy involves mixing tea tree oil and moisturizer and leaving it on the suspect overnight. Super easy!

    3. Make your toothbrush go the full mile and exfoliate your lips with its bristles every night to get rid of dead/rough skin, and then follow up with some good 'ol Vaseline to seal in moisture.

    4. Or make your own scrumptious lip scrubs with some basic pantry staples. Either way, save your pennies!

    5. Speaking of Aquaphor, did you know that in addition to being a dry skin lifesaver, it's also a bomb highlighter?

    6. So is Vaseline because we all need to ensure that we have a most ~extra~ highlight.

    7. If you struggle with puffy eyes or redness in the morning, store your contacts in the fridge overnight.

    8. Or store a jade roller in the fridge and massage the puffiness away first thing in the morning!

    9. Line your waterline with a nude eyeliner to open up the eyes and conceal any redness caused by lack of sleep.

    10. Use Aveeno Foaming Cleanser to clean Beautyblenders and makeup brushes. There won't be a drop of residue, which will help reduce future breakouts. Yay!

    11. Treat your naked lashes to a healthy dose of castor oil before bed so they can grow uninhibited in both length and fullness, as they should.

    12. Blast your eyelash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds before curling for added lash oomph.

    13. Maximize lash volume by brushing ~down~ first so you don't neglect the back sides of your lashes — that way, when you brush upwards as usual, you'll end up with double the product and double the volume!

    14. Dust on some baby powder — a Q-tip works well for this — in between coats of mascara, so your lashes can reach their fullest potential. *bats eyes*

    15. Use a comb with tiny, precise bristles to separate and define each itty bitty lash before you attack it with mascara for even more noticeable, falsies-like results.

    16. Or skip the mascara altogether and give your lashes a lil' boost by gently swiping some hair conditioner on your lashes using a disposable wand — 'cause who said moisture and lift have to be mutually exclusive? Just be sure to not get it *in* your eye, of course!

    17. Nail down an everyday makeup lewk that you love and keep the same set of products in a few different bags, so you're never caught off guard with misplaced items.

    18. Use Neosporin on razor bumps, stretch marks, cuticles, and even bleeding pimples to help heal and restore — the possibilities are endless!

    19. Start off your makeup routine with a lip stain, and when you're done with the whole face, you can wipe some of the intensity off and top with a lip gloss for a more natural lewk.

    20. Instead of buying new lipsticks every time you get bored of your current rotation (too often to count, oops), just dab colorful eyeshadow over your fave nude lippie for fresh, money-saving shades!

    21. Don't automatically give up on a lipstick that doesn't totally suit your pout. Try mixing it with other shades to mastermind a color that DOES work, pick up a lip palette designed specifically for mixing and matching, or top off one of your existing lipsticks with lip gloss!

    22. Or, if it's a liquid lipstick, give it a whirl on your eyelids instead! Long-lasting, pigmented, can't lose. You know what they say: one facial feature's loss is another's victory!

    23. Ditch shitty bathroom lighting and opt for a lighted mirror (or just plop down next to your window and let that sweet, natural sunlight guide your way to a beautiful visage).

    24. Brighten and even out your skin by applying a teensy bit of apple cider vinegar before bed (the smell is worth it!!!) and washing off in the morn' for a week.

    25. Transform into a glow queen with some setting spray and quick hands.

    26. If your skin needs an extra pick-me-up on the quick and cheap, apply and leave on an enzyme cleanser for a few minutes while in the shower — et voilà, mini facial!

    27. Instead of applying primer and foundation in separate steps, mix an ~illuminating~ primer and your fave liquid foundation for an extra luminous and yet somehow natural-looking base that looks amazing without additional makeup.

    28. Clip bobby pins on your strands after you wash 'em so they stay straight overnight and well into the next day — better results than a straightener *and* no heat damage!

    29. For full and natural eyebrows, mist a bar of soap, rub a spoolie across so there's a waxy and white (but not wet) consistency to it, and brush your hairs up — then apply your product your color brow product of choice and aha, the illusion of thicker hair!

    30. If you're looking to switch out your primer for something gentler, aloe vera gel is a great option — it smoothes out your skin, makes makeup appear less cakey, and helps calm down redness/inflammation.

    31. For cracks-in-the-desert-dry hands, slather on a supple layer of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream before bed, so your hands stay calm no matter how many times you wash your hands the next day.

    32. Erase any irritation you might have self-inflicted via pimple popping by dabbing some nasal decongestant spray on a freshly popped victim. Important meeting coming up? HA, you've got it covered.

    33. Make your own DIY face masks with white kaolin clay — there are lots of recipes to follow, but the simplest one is just mixing two teaspoons each of white kaolin clay and filtered water. No questionable ingredients!

    34. Use your moisturizer as an "eyeshadow guide" to easily remove any smudges or fallout.

    35. Instead of dashing to the bathroom for makeshift oil blotting solutions, keep a personal stash of end papers in your purse and desk drawer to fight shine in a few seconds flat.

    36. Pop on your fave powder highlighter with a damp Beautyblender for ~enhanced~ shine people can spot from a mile away — because go big or...settle for average glow!

    37. Organize your makeup palettes in a letter holder so everything's always organized and in your line of vision for peace of mind and a full range of creativity.

    38. Just call coconut oil our knight in shining armor! First off, it's a fab soap-free, gentle, and moisturizing cleanser/makeup remover that gets rid of stubborn AF makeup (looking at you, waterproof mascara) — and it's safe for all skin types, but especially great for oily, acne-prone skin.

    39. And in addition to removing makeup, coconut oil excels as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner (especially for frizzy hair!). Warning: you might not be able to stop touching your hair! Too addictingly soft!

    40. Banish unsightly deodorant marks with a quick swipe of a dryer sheets — they don't just belong in the dryer!

    41. Pop on cream or liquid makeup if you have drier skin for an overall radiant glow that doesn't involve makeup eventually slipping into cracks or dry spots.

    42. Soften up harsh eyeshadow lines with translucent or skin-matching setting powder for MUA-level precision.

    43. The same trick also applies to harsh eyebrow color — push translucent powder ~into~ your brow, let it set, and brush through to remove the excess. Hello, lighter brows!

    44. Or for something that lasts a tad longer, try dyeing your eyebrows with Just For Men Beard and Mustache Color for a snappy 10 minutes to reveal a set of put-together face framers that last ~weeks~. Talk about payoff, folks!

    45. Be sure to dab some concealer (with a precise brush) around your brows after filling them in — that way they'll be so clean and sharp, they could (and will) kill.

    46. Replace your normal conditioner with a thick hair mask for extra hydration and nourishment that conditioner alone doesn't always provide enough of — plus, it'll really help repair your already brittle strands.

    47. Toss your towel after you've dried your body and opt for a T-shirt (cotton, preferably) to dry your hair, because ain't nobody got time for unnecessary frizz and static.

    48. Follow up a good ol' hair wash with volumizing dry shampoo to keep oiliness at bay (or at least for a few extra days before it inevitably takes over and you need to wash again).

    49. Swap your pinching hair ties for comfy and cute scrunchies that don't leave dents and harshly tug at your strands (because we lose too many strands as it is!).

    50. Use almond oil to remove your most stubborn eye makeup — no synthetic ingredients, just all-natural, fragrance-free, and non-irritating goodness.

    51. Get your ZZZs! You know, that seemingly obvious thing called sleep we always say we're gonna be better and more consistent about, but then keep sacrificing night after night. Enough! Sleep more for the sake of your skin!

    52. And when it comes to sleeping more, don't think you can sacrifice washing off your makeup properly or relying on makeup wipes all the time. 👏 Double 👏 cleanse 👏 to ensure everything — and I mean, everything — is off for good! Your face (and other skincare products) will thank you.

    53. And finally, surround yourself with people who don't bring you down for the things you love or experimenting with different products and looks, because it's fun and also your own damn business, end of story.

    So...the only question that's relevant now is:

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