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    We Tried Laura Mercier's New Foundation And It's The Beauty Product Of Your Dreams

    "It just looked like my actual SKIN was good — not that my 'makeup' looked good."

    Laura Mercier just launched a liquid foundation called Flawless Fusion that promises oil-free, weightless, and medium-to-full coverage that lasts up to 15 hours.

    It comes in 24 shades, but would the range live up to our expectations and ~actually~ match our individual skin tones?

    Here's a shot of Anamaria wearing foundation on *her* left side, while the right side is bare.

    Anamaria: It gave me *none* of the typical problems I typically run into with foundations (oxidation, feeling heavy, not lasting a whole day)—hooray! I believe in splurging on good foundation, and this one is honest to goodness really perfect for my skin.

    Ignacia: All in all I’d definitely buy the foundation because I spend about the same amount for NARS; plus it would be a great summertime foundation that won’t make me feel like my face is melting!

    Maitland: It's a bit splurgey, but if you really want that natural look in a tone that matches your skin, and you can afford it, it's worth a try.

    Sarah: I'm willing to spend even more than $48 for a high-quality foundation because I literally wear it every damn day, so I know I won't be wasting a single drop. And this Laura Mercier one fits the bill — it feels like skin, lasts throughout the day after it's set, and flatters my natural skin tone. Totally worth trying out!

    Get Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation from Sephora for $48 (available in 20 shades)!

    P.S. a few more helpful hints:

    Special thanks to Laura Mercier and Jerry Johnson for helping out with this post!