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    Twitter Is Rooting For Lana Condor In Response To Noah’s Centineo’s "Charlie’s Angels" Casting

    Leading roles for Lana!

    Hello. I'm sure you're familiar with Netflix's smash rom-com, To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

    We're all totally smitten with the pit-a-pat, heart-squeezing pairing that is Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean Covey, and Noah Centineo, who plays Peter Kavinsky.

    Right off the heels of TATBILB, we saw Noah leading in another Netflix coming-of-age rom-com, Sierra Burgess is a Loser. And two days ago, we found out that he will be in the new Elizabeth Banks directed Charlie's Angels reboot as one of the Angels' love interest!

    All of this is awesome, HOWEVER, Twitter was super quick to point out the differences between Noah and Lana's post-TATBILB acting opportunities.

    you know what would be cool is if lana condor gets just as many opportunities as noah centineo


    This is *not* to say that Noah doesn't deserve the opportunities he's received, but Lana's role and performance was not only impactful for the movie, but also for many audiences during #AsianAugust.

    Lana Condor needs to be booked all the time too! Congrats to Noah tho...


    You can't help but think...

    To All the Boys Whose Careers Have Been Advanced Before Mine


    As an Asian American woman, I can't help but wonder, "When is Lana's Hollywood blockbuster role coming along?"

    I know she has a SyFy show right now, but that, you know, isn't quite a Charlie's Angels movie.


    Of course, I don't know Lana personally! Maybe it's her dream to be in sci-fi movies and TV shows like Alita: Battle Angel and Deadly Class! I just hope the ~range~ of roles she's being offered or getting a chance to audition for is as varied and rich as her talent.

    Not only that, but I also hope that the Internet celebrates her new roles and media coverage the same way we’ve seen them cover Noah’s.

    GO, LANA! WE RECOGNIZE YOUR TALENT! And we're waiting for Hollywood to do the same.