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    21 Of The Best Korean Beauty Products You Can Buy On Amazon

    From cleansing oils to sleeping masks to bunny-shaped lip glosses, these Korean products are the real deal.

    1. A gentle rice water cleansing oil that'll remove all the gunk off your face without stripping your skin bare.

    2. A deeply hydrating gel mask to calm irritated skin and make it look extra refreshed and plump upon waking up.

    3. A variety pack of sheet masks with a whole bushel of skin-loving benefits — and each mask comes out to less than a dollar each, so time to stock up for eternity!

    4. A set of über-adorable bunny lip glosses that provide a subtle flush of color perfect for everyday wear.

    5. A gentle foaming cleanser perfect for peeps with oily and combination skin formulated with amino acid-rich egg whites to deep clean pores but is mild enough to use every day.

    6. A skinny mascara with a lightweight formula that's perfect for people with super thin, straight, and sparse lashes looking for a boost.

    7. A refreshing, no-nonsense essence that's a seriously good dupe for SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence (which is three times more expensive, yeah, no thanks.)

    8. A double-ended eyebrow pencil for naturally soft brows that last all day and actually give off the illusion of full, born-with-it brows.

    9. An exfoliating rice wash-off mask if you want a super gentle and soothing exfoliant that totally softens your skin in just 10-15 minutes.

    10. An illuminating primer that's basically the equivalent of your favorite Instagram filter, but way more natural.

    11. An easy-to-apply brow tint gel for everyone who loves a strong brow game but doesn't have time to pencil in their brows every day (me!!!).

    12. Mini popsicle-shaped lip tints that are a real sweet treat for the senses — trust me, you'll want them all.

    13. A petite powder compact for all your sebum control and pore-minimizing needs – the last step towards makeup perfection, amirite?

    14. A super mild cleansing balm that melts down to an oil as you massage it into your face and and remove all of your toughest makeup.

    15. A 90% marine collagen ampoule to keep wrinkles and acne scars at bay, where they belong — hello, supple and firm skin!

    16. A wine-themed eyeshadow palette that will surely inspire about 20 gorgeous day-to-night lewks.

    17. A cooling volcanic clay mask to penetrate deep within your pores and remove all of the oil and dirt that accumulates just from living your life.

    18. Concentrated wine gauze pads that give you immensely satisfying results right away — aka, the AHAs exfoliate so much dirt off of your face and deep clean your pores so well, that you can't help but admire your face afterwards.

    19. A lightweight BB cream loaded with SPF 42 that's perfect for when you want super natural coverage and a chance for your skin to actually breathe.

    20. An all-day liquid eyeliner that's as sharp as Buffy's stake and provides easy access to a clean line (even if your hand is clumsy and shaky like mine).

    21. Adorable brachiosaurus-themed blotting papers to make your perhaps-all-too-frequent oil-absorbing breaks during the day a little more exciting.

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