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    BTS Are Featured On Lauv's New Song "Who," And 6 Other Pieces Of K-Pop News You Might've Missed

    ~Yeah, let me introduce you to some new things.~

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    1. NCT 127 released their second full-length album β€” Neo Zone β€” today, and it's a whole bop from start to finish. Oh, and they brought Bruce Lee vibes in the music video for their lead single, "Kick It."

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    We have some ~original content~ for the 127 squad β€” whatchu waiting for? Test your NCTzen status with our NCT 127 quiz, and then read the full interview to find out ~some new thangs~ about the group β€” including their favorite songs off of Neo Zone, favorite parts of the "Kick It" choreography, and secrets most fans wouldn't know. 🀫 Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go practice my bass kicks and straight punches.

    According to Soompi, NCT 127 set a personal record at 530,000 stock preorders, and I'm sure there are many more records to come!

    2. BTS earned a fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with Map of the Soul: 7, and the lead single "On" debuted on the Hot 100 at No. 4 β€” a career best for the megastars.

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    According to Billboard, it's the highest-debuting Hot 100 entry for a K-pop song and ranks four spots higher than "Boy With Luv" did. πŸ‘ Always πŸ‘ setting πŸ‘ records πŸ‘! Jungkook's "My Time" and Jimin's "Filter" also debuted on the Hot 100 at No. 84 and No. 87, respectively.

    Because they like to keep ARMY on their toes, BTS also surprise-dropped the second and official music video for "Black Swan." It's obviously amazing.

    3. BTS is also featured on Lauv's song "Who" off of his latest album, How I'm Feeling.

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    Lauv featured on a digital version/remix of BTS's "Make It Right" last year, and I haven't stopped thinking about just how wonderfully their vocals complement and uplift each other's β€” even more so with this song, which I didn't think was possible. ✨

    In other feature news, V is in discussions to contribute a solo to the Itaewon Class OST β€” if you didn't already know, this JTBC drama is currently airing on Netflix (in the US) and stars V's good friend, Park Seo-joon.

    4. Exo's Suho and Gugudan's Sejeong have both announced upcoming solo albums.

    Suho of @weareoneEXO to release his very first solo album "Self-Portrait" on Mar. 30 featuring six tracks. SM says he was heavily involved in every step of the making of the album.

    @Kpop_Herald / Via Twitter: @Kpop_Herald

    Sejeong's album Plant comes out on March 17, and Suho's album Self Portrait comes out on March 30. Despite both releasing solo singles (give "Flower Way" and "Dinner" a listen!), these are the ~first ever albums~ for both of them. We're so excited to hear their lovely voices in the spotlight once again!

    5. F(x)'s Luna opened up about former groupmate Sulli's passing on MBC's Human Documentary People Is Good.


    You can watch a clip of the segment here.

    According to Soompi, Luna said that she hadn't seen Sulli after she left f(x) in 2015 and said: β€œ[When I heard the news of her passing], I sat down in the street and cried. She contacted me [before she passed away]. For the first time in 15 years, she used informal speech with me and said, β€˜Unni, I want to see you.’ I could tell that it was a message that she sent after holding it in for a long time. I felt so apologetic as her unni. I should have approached her first to talk. I should have said something, I should have told her I loved her more.”

    Luna also talked about losing her close friend and roommate, who died not long after Sulli, as well as her own depression and panic disorder. After the segment was broadcast, she thanked fans for their support and positive responses and revealed that she is "working hard on preparing my next album" and has "plans to continue doing musicals."

    6. AleXa released her super-fierce single, "Do or Die."

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    ZB Label / Via

    AleXa, winner of the 2016 Soompi "Rising Legends" Contest (fun fact: I, Sarah, was a guest judge for the semifinals!), debuted with the explosive (literally) "Bomb" last October and more recently signed with talent agency ICM Partners for expansion into the global (and particularly US) market.

    Through a press release, AleXa said: β€œThrough my β€˜Do or Die’ promotions, I hope more people learn who I am and become invested in not only my music, but also in the lore of the Zanybros cinematic universe. The music video is the dark chapter of the storyline from 'Bomb,' signaling the existence of multiple versions of myself β€” both good and bad β€” which brings in the element of danger.”

    7. Countless actors and K-pop stars, including BTS's Suga; Exo's Suho and Kai; Twice's Dahyun, Nayeon, and Tzuyu; as well as IU have all donated funds to help thwart the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Korea.