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    Pentagon Played "Who's Who" And Was Extremely Divided On The Most Good-Looking Member

    You can't say "humph" to these boys — it's physically impossible.

    From "Gorilla," "Shine," "Sha La La," and all the way to "Humph," Pentagon has delivered addictive hit after hit...

    ...and they most definitely delivered these bops during the US leg of their Prism World Tour. But that's not all they did during their stay in New York City, 'cause they also stopped by the BuzzFeed office to play a classic game of "Who's Who."

    As you might know, their most recent comeback was "Humph," and Pentagon picked Kino and Jinho as the two members who fit the current ~fun and youthful~ concept the best.

    Then they picked Yeo One as the member who's most different on and offstage, and Jinho straight-up roasted him with just three words — so you can tell that the love and respect they have for each other is very, very palpable.

    When it comes to who's the strongest, Hui chose himself. But not in terms of physical power. Actually, before he could explain himself, his members jumped in to point out his ~financial~ strength.

    And as for who can sing the highest note, it was a battle between Wooseok and Jinho. Wellll, less of a battle and more of another lil' roast.

    For more hilarious instances of Pentagon members calling each other out, watch the entire video below:

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