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    Jake Gyllenhaal Singing Blackpink's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" Is Honestly So Pure And Relatable

    "I have something in common with Jake Gyllenhaal." —every K-pop fan right now

    So by now we all know that Jake Gyllenhaal is in Spider-Man: Far From Home (amazing!), but I need to talk to you about something else because ummm, I just found out he listens to Blackpink and now I'm like, "OK JAKE!! I see you stanning talent!!"

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    But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! Here's the Instagram story I'm referring to in all of its glory:


    @rosieoutsold / Via Twitter: @rosieoutsold

    Yes, 10 sweet seconds of the beginning of "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" playing while Jake stares peacefully out the window...until he suddenly turns to the camera and shouts the iconic "Blackpink!"

    @rosieoutsold / Via Twitter: @rosieoutsold

    He's so pleased with himself, like he can't even contain it!! (Jake, I won't tell if it took you a few tries to get the timing right.)

    This is the look of pure joy, folks!!!

    @rosieoutsold / Via Twitter: @rosieoutsold

    Was he secretly at Coachella this year? Did he catch Blackpink's set? How did he find out about them? What's his favorite Blackpink b-side? Who's his bias? I have QUESTIONS.

    Inside Blackpink's (@ygofficialblink) U.S. takeover: how the K-pop queens are changing the game #BLACKPINKxBILLBOARD

    @billboard / Via Twitter: @billboard

    But like, in between their Billboard cover, GMA performance, The Late Late Show with James Corden appearance, hanging out with Ariana Grande, and a string of other U.S. press appearances, you'd have to really try to *not* hear about Blackpink. They're, as we say, killing it.

    Fans quickly flocked to the tweet with their own reactions, offering up fancams, memes of Jake himself, and generally applauding his great taste.

    @medranolovely_ / Via Twitter: @medranolovely_

    Job well done, Jake. After all, you're in ~Blackpink's area~, so it's the perfect opportunity to reveal to the world who you really are — a Blink!

    YG Entertainment / Via

    Blackpink's area = Seoul, South Korea, where he's doing press for Spider-Man: Far From Home with Tom Holland, 'cause I guess that's relevant information! He's also having a damn blast from what he's shared on social media — yes, even apart from Blackpink.

    Will he and Blackpink meet up? Will they all shout "Blackpink" together? Will Blackpink teach him choreo? We need this viral content, plz!


    *repeatedly refreshes Jake's, Lisa's, Jisoo's, Jennie's, and Rosé's Instagrams*

    Anyways, this has been your daily reminder to stan Blackpink. And Jake too — the man knows a bop when he hears it. I rest my case.

    YG Entertainment / Via

    *waits patiently for another two-minute radio segment about Blackpink*

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