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26 Impossibly Cute Pieces Of Decor That Need A Home

Your home, specifically.

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1. A family of googly eye planters to keep you company while catching up on the latest gossip. 👀


5. Delightful Batman or speckled globe string lights to make any indoor or outdoor gathering truly ~lit~.


7. A silly print that won't fool real Pokémon fans, cause WE SEE YOU Ditto, trying to imitate Pikachu.

11. Cat drink markers so everyone else keeps their paws off what's rightfully yours.


12. Self-watering cat and panda planters to grow mini strawberry and basil plants without breaking a single sweat.

16. Mini donut and cactus tea lights for a little morsel or prick of light.


19. Charming tea towels featuring gardening gnomes and their critter friends and harvests.

Maybe you'll finally be motivated to cook! After all, they've grown all these veggies and fruits just for you.

Get a pair from Amazon for $12.99 (available in a variety of designs).