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    26 Impossibly Cute Pieces Of Decor That Need A Home

    Your home, specifically.

    1. A family of googly eye planters to keep you company while catching up on the latest gossip. 👀

    2. A precious bunny-eared tape dispenser totally ready and alert to serve all of your office and stationary needs.

    3. Studio Ghibli character pillow covers to add a little magic to your home (and coziness to your couch).

    4. A simple but sweet mantra, which will conveniently find a home on your wall and in your direct line of vision (lest you forget).

    5. Delightful Batman or speckled globe string lights to make any indoor or outdoor gathering truly ~lit~.

    6. A heated (wireless! up to four hours per charge!) smiling heart pillow to add a little warmth and lots of cuddling to your potato life.

    7. A silly print that won't fool real Pokémon fans, cause WE SEE YOU Ditto, trying to imitate Pikachu.

    8. Illustrated mini prints of Disney's royal lineage for a lil' female empowerment.

    9. A heavy-lifting desktop clock to motivate you to meet all of your deadlines.

    10. A chubby bulldog who really wants a solid belly rub but will settle for your smartphone.

    11. Cat drink markers so everyone else keeps their paws off what's rightfully yours.

    12. Self-watering cat and panda planters to grow mini strawberry and basil plants without breaking a single sweat.

    13. A parade of butterfly wall decals that will flutter their way into your home and heart.

    14. Magnificent lion bookends to guard your shelves with (baby) ferocity.

    15. Cheerful flower wall hooks that will actually motivate you to hang your things up...instead of flinging them to who knows where.

    16. Mini donut and cactus tea lights for a little morsel or prick of light.

    17. An innocent bunny who wants to fool you into thinking it's just there for show.

    18. An entire litter of kittens just popping by to say hello!

    19. Charming tea towels featuring gardening gnomes and their critter friends and harvests.

    20. A bite-sized pineapple neon light for a little extra tropical flair to your room.

    21. Adorable critter coasters you might actually feel sorry for covering.

    22. Big-nosed cotton canvas storage bins that will easily turn your messes into a cute affair.

    23. A magical hand-painted unicorn to brighten up an otherwise drab wall (you know it's true).

    24. A long-tailed cat who is more than happy to provide a resting place for your numerous rings.

    25. An unconditionally sweet plush cloud for your next cozy-it-up-at-home rainy day.

    26. A perfectly whipped ice cream table lamp that will most likely cause IRL ice cream cravings/eating sprees.

    You, me, and everyone right now: