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    Updated on Jan 14, 2020. Posted on Jan 13, 2020

    I'm So Darn Happy Reading Fans' Heartwarming Tweets Following EXO's Chen's Marriage Announcement

    Wishing all of the happiness to Chen and his loved one!

    This week definitely started off with a bang. Why? K-pop super idol Chen (real name: Kim Jong-dae, aka EXO's power vocalist, OST king, and a solo star) surprised us by announcing that he's getting married to his girlfriend!

    SM Entertainment / Via


    Chen penned an emotional letter to fans, stating, "Although these words are not enough, I’m writing this letter because I want to honestly tell our fans, who gave us so much love, first." He then followed up with this simple heart-stopper, "I have a girlfriend whom I want to spend my life with."

    SM Entertainment / Via

    *clutches my heart*

    He also hinted that he and his fiancée are expecting a little one with the line, "Then, a blessing came my way." He said that he is "taken aback...but this blessing has given me more strength."

    To no one's surprise, a plethora of hashtags, including #CongratulationsChen, #CongratulationsJongdae, #AlwaysWithEXOChen, #종대응원 (#SupportJongdae), and #우리종대 (#OurJongdae) started trending as soon as the news broke.


    Here are some of the sweetest tweets congratulating the idol on his upcoming marriage and the next chapter of his life:

    I love seeing my timeline being flooded with positive and frickin' cute messages like this:

    Congratulations to Jongdae and his fiancé! These past 8 years, you have brought me nothing but love, joy, and amazing memories. You are our angel, and now I'm so happy you have found yours. I will be by your side until the end of time 종대 ♡♡ #우리_종대 #우리는_언제나_아홉소년

    @askjsikcindyyy / Via Twitter: @askjsikcindyyy

    And I also love seeing myself in funny video reactions:

    It's been 5 hours since the news but I'm still #CongratulationsChen #CongratulationsJongdae

    @parkride61 / Via Twitter: @parkride61

    I've been like this since I woke up, OK? Accept it!

    Y'all, can you believe he's a whole man now? *tears start welling up again*

    @soompi You’re telling me this child is going to be a dad?? Congrats Chen! You deserve all the happiness in the world! #congratschen #exo #EXOL

    @yeaheemansu / Via Twitter: @yeaheemansu

    Chen sang at his friend's wedding, so naturally fans got emotional thinking about what he'd sing at his own wedding:

    I really do wonder what song jongdae will sing at his own wedding #CongratulationsChen

    @PopRockShawty / Via Twitter: @PopRockShawty

    Instead of a first dance, maybe a first song? Or both, because Chen can obviously do that — no problem.

    And even though SM Entertainment's statement says that only the two families will be attending the wedding, I can't help but HOPE maybe a fellow EXO member (or multiple members!) might sing for him.

    He has such a natural way with kiddos, so my heart is truly bursting at this throwback clip of The Return of Superman:

    Chen gonna be a great dad 😭❤️😭❤️ #عرس_تشين #CongratulationsChen

    @EntpELF / Via Twitter: @EntpELF

    EXO fans, known as EXO-Ls, wasted no time cracking jokes about the other EXO members reacting to the news:

    exo members arguing over who is going to be chen’s baby godfather 🤣

    @cottondaeux / Via Twitter: @cottondaeux

    Like, this chart is incredibly detailed and true:

    [Exo babysitting Chen's future child] #CongratulationsJongdae @weareoneEXO

    @_ExoFakeSubs_ / Via Twitter: @_ExoFakeSubs_

    Here's a ~real life~ example of the uncles-to-be demonstrating their top-notch babysitting skills:

    I can totally imagine chanyeol and baekhyun playing with chen’s kid like this in their dorms 🥺

    @cottondaeux / Via Twitter: @cottondaeux

    And Kai is definitely gonna fulfill his duty and gift Chen's bb their first crop top:

    Kai is gonna buy the baby it's first crop top! #AlwaysWithEXOChen #CongratsChen @weareoneEXO

    @DmvSc2 / Via Twitter: @DmvSc2

    Learning to walk and talk is great and all, but have you heard of ~fashun~?

    Everyone needs to watch this touching segment of EXO talking about the importance of their individual happiness:

    As long as you’re happy , I’ll always love and support you, through everything. #엑소지켜 #우리_종대 #EXO #CHEN @weareoneEXO

    @flappybyun_ / Via Twitter: @flappybyun_

    Look at Chen nodding along! He gets it! He knows it!

    This fan shared their touching perspective about being a ~true~ fan:

    Every single EXO member deserves happiness. They have given us their youth & made so many beautiful memories with us. True fans will grow old with EXO & adore them in all phases of life, celebrating their new eras. #CongratulationsChen #CongratulationsJongdae #종대응원 #우리종대

    @at1stsoo / Via Twitter: @at1stsoo

    This fan not only showed respect toward Chen, but also to his bride-to-be, who's been suddenly thrown into the spotlight:

    @soompi He is the perfect person to be a dad. I’m so proud of him. I’m crying he said he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. I’m a proud exol. I will support in all ways. Please be happy love. I know you will treat her right and take care of her. Thank you for years of love🥺

    @mxnstaxbby / Via Twitter: @mxnstaxbby

    That's that on that!

    And this fan spit some much-needed truth for fans who aren't anything but happy for Chen:

    I’m a very understanding person, but if you are upset that your idol has found someone they love, someone that makes them happy, and wants to spend their life with them, then you don’t love your idol, you just love the idea of them. #CongratulationsChen

    @army0705 / Via Twitter: @army07051

    In conclusion, we give all of our congratulations to Chen! We'll be right here continuing to celebrate with you, every step of the way!

    ⚡️Congratulations to @weareoneEXO’s #Chen on his upcoming marriage and family! 😍 We’re so happy for you and wish you all the joy in the world and more! ⚡️ #CongratulationsChen #CongratulationsJongdae #종대응원 #우리종대

    @BuzzFeedDaebak / Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedDaebak