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    Throw Away Your Worn-Out Undies, Because Aerie Is Practically Giving Undies Away

    10 for $25 on *clearance* undies with our special code! Just for you snaccs. 🍑

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hi, BuzzFeed shoppers! Have you put off getting new undies in hopes of a Good Deal? Well, have I got GREAT news for you.

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    That's right, you can snag 10 pairs of Aerie undies from the *clearance* section for $25 with promo code BUZZFEEDAERIE!!

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    The offer's so simple, you could do it in your sleep. (But please don't.) Anyways, here are some of the super cheap, super comfy, and super cute undies you should buy RIGHT NOW:

    BTW, since this deal depends on having a *specific* amount of items in your cart — and maybe you don't want 10! Live your life! — the prices listed below are what they'd normally cost.

    1. A staple low-rise cotton boybrief with no cheek peek, because it shouldn't be a struggle to find a bottom that covers your entire booty!!


    I own this pair and it's the perfect basic undie — can't stress it enough! Like a reviewer points out, the band does crease in the wash, but it only takes a second to re-straighten. And this reviewer below brings up an Excellent Point. Take note, people who get periods!

    Promising review: "You need to get yourself a pair of these super stretchy, soft undies. They are especially useful as period undies, since the pad sticks properly and stays well without getting smushed up. I love these and I'm ordering seven more for my period days :)." —Mona

    Price: Normally $9.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL)

    2. A lace trim boybrief designed with a flirty lil' cutout because sun's out, bum's out, hips' out — everything's out to party!


    Promising review: "These are SO cute and comfortable!! I really wanted some nicer panties and these are exactly what I wanted! They’re really simple with just a few details that elevate them and make them so much cuter than normal cheap panties. Would definitely recommend!" —BSCHUGAR

    Price: Normally $9.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and six colors)

    3. A seamless ombre thong reminiscent of warm summer sunsets, just as the sun dips into the lake that you're picnicking by — umm, I think it's time to start blocking off all of your weekends.


    Promising review: "Please keep making the seamless undies with the cotton gusset!!! I love the feel of the seamless, however the majority do not have the cotton crotch — I never write reviews, but I had to for this because these are perfect! Fits true to size, does not dig into the sides, very comfortable. Will buy more!" —Mary

    Price: Normally $12.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and three colors)

    4. And if the ombre theme strikes your fancy, grab the boybrief version too. Because it's just as cute and insanely comfy, so what else must I say?? The reviewer below gets it, as do you.


    Promising review: "These are the most comfortable panties I've ever worn! The colors are bright and vibrant. I am going to get every other color in these. I also bought the same color and material in the thong, and they're just as comfortable if you were wondering." —Kayla

    Price: Normally $12.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and three colors)

    5. A floral cheeky undie you have no choice but to buy! The season demands it! It's for the earth! So the flowers reach peak bloom!


    Promising review: "I’m a longtime fan of the cheeky and this new style seems to sit slightly higher on my hips. But I appreciate the eyelet on the sides, since I have a bad habit of over time poking my thumbnail through that exact spot anyway!" —Lexi

    Price: Normally $9.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and six prints)

    6. A cute shroom-themed bikini stitched with ~Real Soft~ stretch cotton that feels like your butt is being cushioned by a soft blanket — and I'm not just saying that; I can personally attest to this, and all Aerie undies, for their utter softness.


    Promising review: "This undie is very soft, covers everything just as I like it. It is also not super tight, which I love, because I hate when undies cut into your skin. And I love the flowers and the lace! " —SHRL15

    Price: Normally $9.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and five other clearance styles)

    7. A sweet n' simple logo boybrief with a stretchy waistband and seamless stitching that would never cut into your flesh or legs, because we are 👏 freaking 👏done 👏 with subpar undies!!


    Promising review: "I love how these feel! They are so smooth and soft, and have just right coverage without feeling like granny panties. They are also very nice and cool, which is great when the weather is getting warmer." —Smartash

    Price: Normally $12.50 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and two colors)

    For more options, check out the rest of the clearance section's offerings and fill that cart up — remember to plug that sweet, sweet promo code BUZZFEEDAERIE after you drop 10 undies in your cart!

    Then, proceed to have a dance party in your new undies à la Cameron Diaz:

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    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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