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    18 Reasons Why K-Pop Star Jessica Jung Can Do It All

    With the release of her second mini-album Wonderland, Jessica is soaring higher than ever before.

    1. She's not just a singer. She's a songwriter, co-composer, actress, entrepreneur, and creative director, but knowing her, there's still so many avenues left to explore.

    2. She was born and raised in San Francisco before being scouted and moving to Seoul at 11 to become a trainee.

    When BuzzFeed asked what she misses about SF Jessica replied, "everything! My home, the beach, Golden Gate Park, the smell of the mall, the drive to Napa Valley."

    3. She debuted in the K-pop scene in 2007 as a member of Girls' Generation, but is now very happily a solo artist.

    4. She has an ethereal voice, which really gets to shine through in dreamy, upbeat tracks like "Fly."

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    Jessica's a veteran in the music industry, but she tells BuzzFeed says that "as a solo artist, my desire is to express myself through my music. I want to continue to show who I am, what I like through my different projects. There are so many different types of music I haven’t explored yet."

    She recorded an English version of "Fly" as well. Since "Fly" featured a ~fly~ rap (sorry, had to) by Fabolous, we'll keep our fingers crossed for collaborations with other American artists in the near future!

    5. She wrote the lyrics to four songs off of her debut solo album With Love, J and co-composed three out of those four, including her singles, "Fly" and "Love Me The Same."

    6. Her second mini album Wonderland was released at midnight KST on December 10th and features six brand-new tracks.

    7. Her title track "Wonderland" is the much-anticipated sequel to "Fly" and its accompanying music video transports you to an ~airy winter wonderland~.

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    Parts of the music video were filmed in France and Switzerland. Jessica wrote and helped compose "Wonderland," along with three other songs: "Dancing on the Moon," "Celebrate," and "World of Dreams."

    8. In 2014 she launched her own fashion/accessories/cosmetics brand called Blanc & Eclare, which just opened its first U.S. store in ever-trendy Soho.

    9. When it comes to beauty she prefers a natural, minimal makeup look, which is only enhanced by her flawless complexion*.

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    Vogue / Via

    Jessica goes through her entire skin care & makeup routine in this video with Vogue. The most fitting quote: "A lot of my friends say, 'did you even put on makeup?!' And that's exactly what I want."

    *Trust me, I've seen it up close and in-person. Literally, 👌.

    10. Jessica also co-hosted this year's Beauty Bible, a talk show where she shared her ~coveted~ personal beauty tips and showcased the latest Korean beauty trends.

    11. She's an actress on the rise and recently teamed up with Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee for a short film produced by JW Marriott, Two Bellmen Three.

    12. She has others projects in the works, including a leading role in Chinese-American sports biopic My Other Home, which tells the story of ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury.

    Jessica plays Marbury's agent and the film is set to be released in China later this month (international release date TBD).

    BuzzFeed asked Jessica what it was like working with Marbury and she said that "Stephon was a blast. His genuine personality is so contagious! We had a lot of fun on set and he always looked after me like an older brother."

    13. She totally nails the effortlessly cute and elegant look.

    As if you didn't already know, but her Instagram is a gold mine of casually stunning photos like these.

    14. She always has something fun prepared for her fan meetings, like this sexy cover of "How Deep Is Your Love."

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    WORK IT.

    15. She's super tight (and silly) with her younger sister, Krystal (from f(x)).

    They have your typical, always-teasing sister relationship.

    But then you see them being absolutely stunning together in magazine photoshoots and you're like, "WOW."

    16. Her giggles might be the cutest (and most elegant) ones I've ever witnessed.

    17. And in regards to her ~ice princess~ rep, it's more like she's cautious when it comes to people she doesn't know well (like, you know, most other people).

    18. But in the end, despite all the obstacles she's faced, Jessica always keeps the positivity going for her Golden Stars.

    Keep slaying, Jessica!