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    Your Eyelids Deserve The Shimmery Goodness That Is Glossier Lidstar

    Take these little test tubes of eye magic for a spin!

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    Hello. Glossier, you've heard of it? Ah, so you have. Well, we — Mallory Mower and Sarah Han — are here to tell you why we love one particular product oh so much: Lidstar cream eyeshadows ($18 each; available in six colors).


    Their buildable, multidimensional formula strikes the perfect balance of shimmery — not ~too much~, but they enhance your lids with enough oomph for people to take note. 👀 See the difference between the Fawn Lidstar lid (left) and the naked lid (right)? Now that's classy.

    Mallory Mower

    "Glossier’s Lidstar eye shadow is the only reason you’ll ever see a sparkle in my eye (unless I’m staring at dessert). My only beauty routine is beauty sleep and although I don’t think anyone has to wear makeup to look like they care about their appearance, there are days when I like to add a little something more to my traditionally clean slate of a face. Glossier’s Lidstar introduced me to a makeup routine I can manage with no makeup skills whatsoever, and that I can do with the seconds of time I have while brushing my teeth (no, really, I have put this on while brushing my teeth before…and it goes on great)." —Mallory

    The angled doe foot applicator is super easy to use — just dab with the wand and blend with your fingers to achieve the intensity you want. Easy peasy. No fallout! Super lightweight! What more could you ask for in a product?

    Mallory Mower

    And did we mention their ~softlock technology~ guarantees 12 hours of non-smudging, fading, and creasing wear? Yep, you don't even need primer! Lidstar is ready to party — or just get through the workday.

    "I’ve been intimidated by makeup for far too long, and I often felt like makeup would dry out my skin and take away from the cleanser and moisturizer I put on each morning. But this stuff is the Tinder of the makeup world; all you have to do is swipe right to get it on. I absolutely love the ease of this product, the time it saves, and the glowing look it gives my eyelids. This stuff goes on in the blink of an eye and looks fantastic every time I blink. It stays on all day, comes off easily when washed, and is absolutely a product I’ll wear every time I want to shine." —Mallory

    I was intrigued about these silky test tubes as soon as I saw photos emerge of Lidstar's Oscars red carpet debut — like, it doesn't get more baller than that! If Tiffany Haddish and Tracee Ellis Ross are rocking Lidstar on such a big night, I obviously have to as well...

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Jean-baptiste Lacroix / AFP / Getty Images

    ...except for the red carpet part. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look a little glam while getting a bagel!

    I love, love, love the subtle sparkle Lidstar lends me. And! I love how much time Lidstar saves me — a perpetually slow, sloth-like human — without sacrificing said sparkle or quality of product.

    Sarah Han

    "I love eye makeup but I also love taking my sweet, sweet time with it to really make it pop — I usually keep adding different colors and hoping that they're blend/play together nicely. With Lidstar, I don't need to spend 20 minutes on my eyeshadow. Instead, I just swipe on a few layers of two shades — one color is also totally enough; I'm dying to try Cub by itself (see the photo on the left below) — Lily, a gorgeous sheer lilac all over as a base and in the inner corners of my eyes, and then Fawn over Lily, concentrating on the outer half of my lids. And that's it! And it feels like BUTTER, so that's always a treat. I never have to pull on my eyelids to make it blend evenly." —Sarah



    These ultrafine reflective pearls look damn good from every angle!

    Sarah Han, Glossier

    "Because the texture is unlike my usual powder eyeshadows, I did have to get used to the feel, but the shimmer is out of this world, that I didn't even mind. This is the real deal! I can't wait to test out other combos in the future." —Sarah

    Don't skimp out on sparkly lids and get shopping now. Get them from Glossier: $18 each or two for $30 (available in six colors).

    Yes, we are so ~lucky~ that Lidstar exists in our lives:

    Jive Records / Via

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