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    24 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say, "Wow, Me"

    Selectively social since [insert year of birth].

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A standard definition mug that every introvert is basically obligated to use. And for good reason — some people need it to be broken down for them.

    2. An interactive create-your-own-world book to put their innate creativity and imagination to work, because introverts have some of the busiest minds out there.

    3. A loose, slightly weathered tank top for people who, unlike Ariel, would rather just be a part of their own world, by themselves, with their gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.

    4. A heartwarming three-wick candle that understands staying home and staying warm is always the best choice — choose from vanilla, pumpkin, and marshmallow or smoked cedar, clove buds, and warm rich embers, or just get both!

    5. A doormat with a very simple and very real message to all who dare disturb your alone time.

    6. Awkward tees with a sorta triumphant feel to them, like yeah, I'm awkward and I'm awesome at it!

    7. A petite 2.5-quart slow cooker that's just the right size for one person, one mouth, one heart — did I mention one?

    8. A cozy, enveloping, and hug-like fleece blanket to bury away all your people-interacting and public-speaking stress in.

    9. Heated narwhal slippers (via desktop and laptop USB ports!) that are 100% better alternatives to real shoes and going outside.

    10. A simple and calming reminder (solid brass with 14-karat gold plating, FYI) inspired by one of American poetry's most renowned and brilliant introverts.

    11. Lightweight, high-quality noise-canceling headphones so they can create their own bubble of privacy and calm, even in the midst of a crowded street or café.

    12. A mini (or bigger) bottle of prosecco delivered right to your doorstep because you're not about checkout small talk.

    13. A discreet and stylish monochrome oval flask for a few sips of liquid courage when you're brave and venture out to a Real World Party.

    14. Two books to fuel their desire to move to a totally remote corner of the world and never speak to anyone again — bye, cell signal and Instagram FOMO!!!

    15. A curved body pillow for fluffy comfort and support from all sides — and, most importantly, it doesn't talk or nag like another human being! Brilliant.

    16. An awkward giraffe plush with an adjustable neck that's basically a carbon copy of introverts placed in most social situations.

    17. An ingenious hooded travel pillow to give chatty plane/train/bus neighbors a very clear message — sorry Carol, I'm not interested in hearing about your kids' talent show.

    18. An extremely important pin that proudly shows off an introvert's membership to their favorite and totally not elite club. Their motto? Everyday we're shuffl—functioning.

    19. A dotted journal for jotting down overly-caffeinated musings, pre-planned comments for class participation grades*, and accomplishments of the day.

    20. A punny necklace that will make them chuckle and then say, "Yes, actually, please do."

    21. A darling stackable tea set and tension-relieving, caffeine-free tea to cozy up with allll winter long — and fyi, sharing's not in the protocol.

    22. A zany yet inspiring activity book that lets the reader become a co-author through doodling, lists, paper-craft projects, writing prompts, and lots more — solitary projects = A+.

    23. Plush onesies to prance around the house in 24/7 because what else would one wear? Separate tops and bottoms just aren't full coziness potential.

    24. And finally a book that pushes you to do something outside of your comfort zone on a small, manageable scale — because whatever you do, be happy and proud of it!

    But for now, we'll just hide out for a little longer.

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