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    25 Gifts That Will Make All Makeup Lovers Swoon

    Lipstick is red / Lipstick is also blue / Makeup is sweet / And so is more makeup.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2017, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2018 version of this post!

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    1. A couple of sunset-inspired liquid blushes for the most darling pinch of color/glow and best "Yes, I've been awake and bustling around for hours, and you?" impression.

    2. A not-totally-plain-white tee that goes with everything and, more importantly, speaks your truth.

    3. A travel-friendly makeup bag that makes "Where did I put that one lipstick?" an issue of the past — everything lays flat for you to see and then neatly closes up via drawstring after you're done!

    4. An engaging, eye-opening book brimming with details, facts, and interesting tidbits about the history of makeup and how different trends, cultures, and technological innovations have influenced makeup lovers throughout different eras.

    5. A larger-than-life phone case for devoted lipstick lovers who don't settle for only ~wearing~ their favorite reds.

    6. A curved mini spatula to scrape every last drop of foundation or serum out of the bottle — because this shit is expensive and you're resourceful.

    7. A lighted tri-fold makeup mirror because not having natural light (hello dark winter mornings, my old friend) should never stop you from putting together a flawless lewk.

    8. Colorful contoured sponge brushes that marry two of your favorite makeup applicators into one convenient and kinda quirky utensil.

    9. Or a set of rare mermaid brushes to make every makeup session feel like a musical scene from a Disney movie.

    10. A chic makeup organizer with layers, drawers, and slots — oh my makeup-loving heart, be still!

    11. And a rotating organizer just for their lipsticks, all 64 of them! No judgment if they buy more for themselves later on.

    12. A treasure trove of matte lip creams you'll affectionally pat every morning when you inevitably have to pick just one to wear.

    13. A cute mini tattoo stamp when your cat eye needs a little extra something — or anywhere else on your face, collarbone, arms, whatever!

    14. Or a personalized pouch that perfectly captures the woe of every eyeliner fiend without the ~steadiest~ of hands.

    15. An ingenious brush spa — aka, a cleaning mat wrapped around a brush cup and a drying/shaping stand — because washing your brushes is as common of a task as doing laundry (no matter how much you openly hate it).

    16. A Prime subscription for gentle yet effective Yes To makeup removing wipes for the nights when a full skincare routine 🙅 just 🙅 isn't 🙅 happening 🙅.

    17. A fond-of-rhyming mug that displays your morning mantra — don't even think about sleeping in!

    18. A gorgeous rose gold mirror that's not afraid to give you lip — or at least, let you know when your lipstick is creeping outside the lines.

    19. A cozy and perfectly slouchy beanie with the most enviable (and rhinestone-encrusted!!!) lashes in all the land.

    20. A hefty 42-pan BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette because you need options on options — and blending is basically a cardio workout anyways, so it's simply what's best for your health.

    21. An adjustable nail polish holder so you have the perfect tilt to keep the supply of colors and sparkles flowing — or for the most enticing bait to date.

    22. A box of no-dent hair ties, because washing off makeup is the best way to unwind after a long day and hair certainly isn't gonna get in the way of that.

    23. A custom engraved lippie that is anything but a ~vice~ — if you liked it, you should've been your name on it, amirite?

    24. A gorgeous gold wire vanity because makeup is an art form and deserves the very best and most elegant setup possible.

    25. And finally, a Sephora gift card if you just don't know what their makeup preferences are because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, you're not a mind reader.

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