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    7 Life-Changing Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

    Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed editors and writers!

    1. Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer really holds its weight, even though it only weighs 1 pound! It cuts way down on drying time and actually refreshes and smooths out your hair‚ instead of leaving it frazzled and in need of extra heat styling.

    2. Etude House Dear Darling Get Lip Tint naturally stains your lips like a cherry ice pop would — plus it feels cool and refreshing when applying and lasts for hours.

    3. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream gives your skin an instant ~glow up~ because it's packed with energizing ingredients like citrus fruit extracts that make your skin look brighter (and way less tired).

    4. Milani Stay Put Matte Liquid Liner in "Coffee Matte" highlights your eyes with a rich, dark brown color (one that's not as ~harsh~ as black) and makes it incredibly easy to draw a precise wing.

    5. Too Cool For School Coconut Milky Mist might turn you into a spritzing addict whose skin always looks glowing and calm.

    6. TheBalm Mad Lash Mascara has a curved wand that blesses your lashes with serious volume and length — and it might just question your dedication to a cult favorite like Too Faced Better Than Sex.

    7. Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask smells good enough to eat, but it's even better for your face! With skin-nourishing ingredients like raw organic honey and real fruit, it'll leave your skin gently exfoliated, smooth, and hydrated as can be.

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