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    I Tried Frank And Oak's Style Plan And Will Never Pick Out My Own Clothes Again

    My style preference? Having more stylish people help me choose what to wear.

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    Hi, my name is Sarah, and I'm still pretty much the worst at picking out outfits.

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    And make no mistake: my closet definitely can't compare to Dionne's. I tend to stick to the same outfit pairings, hoard outdated pieces I definitely never wear, and every morning is basically me being an indecisive mess because I literally have NOTHING TO WEAR. *cue freakout*

    But not to worry, because clothing subscriptions like Frank and Oak's Style Plan exist! For those who don't know, they're a Montreal-based brand that prides themselves on ethically sourced and sustainably made clothing in classic styles and modern cuts.

    Frank and Oak

    Ooh! Ahh!

    Yes, you can let ~expert stylists~ build out your closet for you. It's almost TOO easy! All you have to do is take a lil' quizzo that asks for your size/fit/style preferences, like so:

    Frank and Oak

    It also asks for your budget preferences for every category (blouses, sweaters, dresses, footwear, etc.). And!! It even asks you to pick out some colors and patterns you'd ~never~ wear, as well as other brands you actually like to wear:

    Frank and Oak

    BTW, you can always change your preferences with just a few clicks within your profile!

    After that, Frank and Oak stylists will carefully pick out three to five items for you, and you'll get an email 48 hours before the box is shipped off, during which you can preview/confirm their picks, or choose different pieces from a curated selection!

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    You can even skip the month’s box altogether if nothing catches your eye! And/or change the date of your next box if a month is too soon.

    After all of that is confirmed, here's the timeline + other important info:

    1. Once you receive your Style Plan box, you have 10 days to try on the items from the comfort of your own home. You'll only pay for the items you decide to keep, and any items that don't earn a glowing YES from you can be shipped back with a prepaid return label!

    2. However, if you decide to return ~all~ the items in your box, you'll be charged a $25 styling fee.

    3. As a Style Plan member, you benefit from exclusive member pricing (up to 20% off; prices noted as such below) and free standard shipping site-wide all the dang time!!!

    4. A monthly box is typically $150-$250, but can be slightly less or more depending on what your style preferences, seasonal changes, etc. Each item ranges from $29-$149, and you will be charged for the items when the box is confirmed.

    Psst: if you sign up now, you'll get $35 off of your first box with code BUZZFEED35!

    Now onto the fun part! Here are some of the pieces I've gotten over the years to help you get a sense of what they offer:

    Note: Items seem to sell out pretty quickly (because ~fashun~ waits for no one!), so the items below are either totally gone or certain sizes are out of stock (you can sign up for a waitlist though!) — but I linked to similar pieces whenever possible!

    1. A stunning deep green chiffon belted dress with pockets (!!!) that I will definitely wear all year — it's very silky, flowy, lightweight, and will layer up very nicely in cold weather.

    Claudia Mei / BuzzFeed

    This is my favorite piece by far, and it definitely coincides with a newfound appreciation of forest green or whatever you call this color. It's silky, lightweight, and feels like butter! Which might be a weird way to describe a dress, but I don't care!! It's cool enough for the summer (NYC heat is brutal and you're bound to be a little hot, no matter what you're wearing) but the color is so striking and sophisticated that I already can't wait to wear it into fall/cooler weather! It falls right at my preferred above-the-knee length and the belt cinches my waist just right, but since it's all chiffon, it never feels tight or uncomfortable (even after a big meal). I'M IN LOVE.

    Get it for $89.50 (originally $99.50; currently only available in sizes XS–S. You can also get a very similar khaki dress made out of Tencel lyocell fibers for $89.50 (available in sizes XS–XL), or check out their entire dress and jumpsuits section!

    2. A breezy V-neck cami decorated with a cute leaf print and buttons to boot — and bonus: it'll save you from sweating buckets during the summer!

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    I have a thing for silky material, if that wasn't obvious by now. This cami is super breezy and pairs well with casual and formal pieces alike, and the straps are easily adjustable (so I was able to make the V-neck appropriate for work, lol). It looks a little shapeless on its own, so I'll either do a French tuck or tuck it all the way into shorts, skirts, pants — you name it! The buttons add a nice aesthetic touch and bring the top together, even though you don't actually use them — I love that you can just slip this on and go — no hassle! The little leaf print is also adorable and adds something noteworthy to an otherwise neutral, off-white top. I'll definitely be whipping it out every summer from now until forever.

    This is sold out, but you can check out their other tops/blouses/tank tops!

    3. And a denim pinafore dress that's both playful and extremely functional (aka the perfect layering piece!).

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    I liked the blue one so much that I got another one in brickish red (I don't have personal photos of it)! Yes, I sometimes low-key feel like a kindergartener in this, but with the right pieces and accessories, you can easily dress it up. Or just lean into the ~younger~ vibes and pair it with some cat flats!

    I tend to save any denim in my wardrobe for jeans, but this structured swinger won me over because of its layering capabilities! The dress cuts very low on both sides so you basically have to wear something underneath — say an extremely fitting floral body-con that I wouldn't be able to wear to work on its own. It's also the perfect canvas for all those quirky pins I buy and never know where to put. And, a forever bonus, it has pockets. Not flimsy afterthought ones, but roomy and sturdy pockets I can actually fit substantial things like my phone inside without them sagging or possibly tearing.

    Both are sold out, but you can get a similar light blue denim pinafore for $84.50 (originally $99.50; available in sizes XS–XL), or browse other denim dresses.

    4. I didn't get these in a box (yet), but I'm totally eyeing these striped wide-leg pants! They'd totally fit the bill for the ~perfect summer pants~ — lightweight and breathable (made out of cotton), loose-fitting, and comfy as heck!

    Frank and Oak

    Get them for $79.50 (originally $89.50; available in sizes 0–12).

    Overall, I was really impressed by Frank and Oak's Style Plan because the clothes feel well-made and are both classy and versatile in design, and the curated picks help ease my hopeless indecisiveness.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    From the first touch/wear, you can tell that all of their clothes are of excellent quality and made to LAST — so I know they'll be in my closet for years, but not in a gathering-dust sort of way. Again, they're all super versatile to the point where I've actually *gasp* gotten better at experimenting with outfits and wearing items with different shoes/accessories, etc. For the quality of their clothes and expert curation, Frank and Oak is definitely worth the moola. Case closed.

    BUT WAIT! If you haven't tried Frank and Oak before, now is the time. Get $35 off of your first box with the code BUZZFEED35! We're also talking a waived styling fee, peeps! Sign up now to take advantage of the best offer of the year!

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