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Which 2019 K-Pop Song Was Your Favorite?

Which of your ~obsessions~ were the most ~hip~?

With the end of 2019 in sight, we have another year of K-pop bops to reflect upon.

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So, tell me: What was your favorite K-pop song released this year?

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I'm sure you have a ton of favorites, but try to pick *one* that reigns supreme because I'd love to know *why* as well! I'm noisy like that.

Was it "Icy" by ITZY?

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Say hello my favorite rookie girl group of the year. This song is perfectly sassy and hypes me up every time I listen to it. "They keep talkin', I keep walkin'" is iconic and reminds me to not worry about what other people say.

"Obsession" by EXO?

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This entire EXO vs. X-EXO concept is genius. It's so EXO, so SM, and so visually stunning. Chanyeol's raps! Chen's high notes! Literally everyone's charisma!! All of these looks make me...weak. The wait for a full-group comeback was worth it (Miss you, D.O, Xiumin, and Lay!).

"Feel Special" by Twice?

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I loved TWICE's evolution this year into more ~mature~ concepts. Don't get me wrong, I love my "Likey" and "Heartshaker," but "Fancy" and "Feel Special" just really do it for me. (GIVE ME CONFIDENCE, GIVE ME GLITZ.) Plus, you can't deny the impact of the heartfelt lyrics in "Feel Special" — s/o to Mina's verse in particular.

"Wave" by ATEEZ?

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Since they're known for their intense (and mind-blowing) concepts, I wasn't expecting this sort of summery sound from them — and I think that's the reason why I'm still not over this song. Whenever I need a mood-booster, this is *that* song. They don't lose their edge either, even when the song has lyrics like "Hakuna matata ya."

"Hip" by Mamamoo?

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I already wrote an entire post about this "bye haters" anthem, but I really think Mamamoo is headed into their own special and relatively unmarked territory of K-pop. Confident, vocal queens and amazing performers — we love to see it!

Or "Boy With Luv" by BTS featuring Halsey?

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Do we even need an explanation for this one? Our happy bois blessed us with this charming, lighthearted bop, and I especially love the ~growth~ from "Boy in Luv," which is one of my favorite songs from their entire repertoire (I'm a sucker for angst, ok!). BTS and Halsey's friendship is also so, so pure.

Let us know what your top K-pop jam of the year was, and why, and your answer might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

P.S. I'll also be writing up a list of ~my~ favorite K-pop songs, so I'm curious to see how much mine and yours will match up (or not, haha)!