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28 Fancy-Ass Foods On Amazon That Will Make You Feel Like A Real Adult

Satisfy your cravings in two business days.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

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1. Scrumptious butter stroopwafels (waffle-like cookies filled with caramel syrup) straight from the Netherlands.

To tide you over until you actually go to Amsterdam and get your hands on some warm, fresh stroopwafels.

Get four 10.6 oz packages for $25.99.

2. Vanilla espresso flavored almond butter for a PB sandwich that stands on its own.

Jelly, bye.

Get it for $13.99.

They also offer peanut butter in delicious seasonal flavors like Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin Spice.

3. Beautifully-packaged sea salt that's hand-harvested in the Camargue region of France.

Perfect as a finishing salt on roasted veggies and grilled meats.

Get a 4.4-ounce tin for $13.45.

4. Organic maple syrup with a rich flavor profile that pairs well with coffee (and even cheese!).

crownmaple / Via

Get a 12.7-ounce bottle for $16.10. Also comes in Bourbon Barrel Aged and Amber Color.

5. A trio of California red wines just waiting to be toasted at a dinner party.

Get the trio for $42.50, or separately for $18.99 each. Shipping costs vary depending on the state you're delivering to.

Other varieties from OneHope include their World of Good gift sets (wine + chocolate espresso beans + coffee) and Holiday Dinner II Mixed Pack (Sauvignon Blanc + Pinot Noir + Sparkling Brut).

6. Delicious cookies that are shipped the same day they're baked (via second-day air) for maximum freshness.

The cookies come in eight flavors, including an assorted tin (pictured).

Get a one pound tin for $24.95 (or a two pound tin for $33.95).

7. A collection of sweet and spicy jams for toast or crackers that are anything but plain.

Get them for $31.80.

8. A savory sampler box of sausage and cheese for a perfect housewarming gift.

...or just for yourself.

Get one for $42.99.

9. Dark chocolate sea salt caramels that are a delicious midnight (or any time) snack.

drogachocolates / Via

Get a 16-ounce bag for $29.

10. Ghee butter infused with white truffle salt for decadence you didn't know you needed.

Get a 9-ounce jar for $16.95. Four other flavors available.

11. A baking kit that comes with everything you need to make an adorable apple pie for one.

No such thing as sharing here.

Get one for $14.99. Also comes in berry pie and pumpkin pie.

12. Zombie Cajun hot sauces that are out to terrorize your taste buds.

Get four 6-ounce bottles for $27.53.

13. Uniquely flavored teas that provide educational opportunities for kids around the world with every purchase.

Get a 4-ounce tin for $24.95 each. 16 flavors available.

There are also three-pack varieties available in Breakfast Tea, Dessert Tea, Chocolate Tea, and Spring Tea for $59.95 each.

14. Chewable coffee cubes that pack in half a cup's worth of caffeine each.

Drinking coffee is so last year (ok, just kidding, but how cute are these??).

Get a 20-pack for $42.

15. Gourmet spices that will take your veggies to the next damn level.

Get a set for $21.50.

BBQ and seafood seasoning sets are also available.

16. Heart-healthy algae oil for everyone who hasn't already broken their "eat out less" resolutions.

Algae oil has 75% less saturated fat than olive oil, true fact.

Get a 16.9-ounce bottle for $11.99 (or two bottles for $23.99).

17. Sea salt caramel popcorn that you'll probably polish off in one sitting.

Get a 19-ounce canister for $27.

18. Almond flour mixes to satisfy any savory or sweet carb cravings.

simplemills / Via

Get the Artisan Bread Mix here ($6.99), the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix here ($6.99), and the Banana Muffin & Bread Mix here ($6.15).

Each variety is available in three-packs as well.

19. An all-occasion basket filled to the brim with fruit, cheese, crackers, and nuts.

Get one for $37.95.

20. Intriguing mushroom coffee for a much-needed update to the ol' morning routine.

Get a 10-pack for $10.95.

They also offer mushroom hot cacao mix.

21. Hot chocolate with a kick, courtesy of renowned pastry chef Jacques Torres.

Wicked is their classic hot chocolate blended with allspice, cinnamon, ancho chili peppers, and smoked chipotle chili peppers! And if you want to make Jacques' hot chocolate from scratch, check out this recipe.

Get a 18-ounce tin for $29.99 (makes 8-10 cups).

22. Juicy, fresh steaks that'll creep into any meat lover's dreams.

What, you don't dream about juice oozing out of the center of a medium-rare steak? Weird.

Get the set (includes two filet mignons, four steak burgers, and four stuffed baked potatoes) for $19.95 (+$15.99 shipping).

23. Packets of potent tea crystals that look like a cascade of miniature jewels when poured.

Get a variety pack of 14 for $8.54.

24. A box of heavenly chocolate truffles that will most likely cause a sugar coma.

"Just one piece" is always a lie.

Get a 24-piece box for $45.

25. Vegan drinks for a quick, nutritional breakfast on days you're basically sprinting from your bed to the door.

Get 12 bottles of Original for $32.30 or 12 bottles of Coffiest for $37.05.

26. Flavored olive oils for a different spin on dinner every day of the week.

Get the set for $36.99.

27. Dried meat sticks for an on-the-go snack packed with protein and flavor.

Get a 24-pack for $24.99 (uncured pepperoni) or $32.95 (cracked pepper).

28. And finally, a chocolate frog that may or may not jump out at you when opened.

You've been warned.

Get one for $24.80.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

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